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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

US Congressman Ron Paul talks libertarianism with Pete Eyre

Last week on Western Standard Radio's flagship show The Hot Room, Pete Eyre, Jason Talley and Adam Mueller joined hosts Mike Brock, Jay Currie and Peter Jaworski from the road to talk about their Motorhome Diaries project where they're documenting their trip across the US (with a couple jaunts into Canada) in search of liberty and those who defend it. Among the topics discussed were the merits of US Republican Congressman Ron Paul's approach to constitutional government and libertarianism and specifically his approach to immigration.

Today, in an interview with the country doctor-turned-political superstar at his home in Lake Jackson, Texas, Pete Eyre had a chance to ask Paul more about his views on immigration and also to talk to him about monetary policy, civil disobedience, anarchist supporters of voluntaryism, and how to make the case for and build towards a freer society.

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Very cool, thanks! I went to the YouTube pages to watch the videos so I could rate them.

Posted by: Jackie | 2009-05-13 11:05:25 AM

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