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Friday, May 22, 2009

One concerned taxpayer's message to the Ontario PC Party

Derek Fildbrandt, the National Research Director of the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation shares some good policy advice in this open letter to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario:

I am glad that I am not able to vote in your contest, as I would be torn between competing ideas that you deserve to see melded together.  Try tying a bit from each candidate together, to build something larger, stronger and more able to win.  A kind of, err, good-looking Frankenstein.

1-Health Care Reform: Frank Klees was a champion of much needed health care reform in the 2004 leadership race.  We need to hear more of this now.

2-Tax Reform: Christine Elliott has bravely put forward a flat tax proposal that would be a major step forward for Ontario’s economy.  This is a common-sense measure that will win votes if property articulated, but it will also put real tax reform back on the agenda federally and in other provinces.

3-Freedom of Speech: Randy Hillier has put the oppressive Ontario Human Rights Commissars in his cross-hairs and has vowed to abolish this star chamber if elected premier.  Tim Hudak has commendably joined him in this call, and the other candidates should as well.  On an issue as fundamental as free speech, there can be not an inch of compromise.

4-Union Freedom and Freedom of Association:  Tim Hudak and Randy Hillier have put forward common sense proposals for allowing workers the right to decide if they wish to belong to unions or not. Freedom of association extends beyond our right to form and join organizations, they extend to our right to not be apart of organizations.

5-Adult Laws for Adult Drinkers: Both Tim Hudak and Randy Hillier have respectively put forward no-brainer policies on the LCBO and Beer Store that are long overdue.  If adults can buy alcohol, let them do it like adults.

Regardless of who you choose, there are ideas floating around that should not be limited to merely the victorious candidate.  For the last 6 years, you’ve squeezed as much daylight as possible out from between yourselves and the Liberals.  You’ve borrowed ideas from those outside of the tent and to what avail?  Stop reaching to your left and start reaching for the sky.


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Can someone please expand on what the mentioned "no-brainer policies on the LCBO" put forth by the Hudak camp are? I did a quick search for "LCBO" on timhudak.ca that returned one result due to one sentence in one piece.

I've also heard (second-hand but from sources I consider reliable) that when asked about his views on the LCBO, Mr. Hudak limited his response to support for Ontario's wine industry (commendable, but doesn't really say much about his plans for the province's liquor industry as a whole).

LCBO employees, fully aware that they're the only game in town, have given their union permission to strike if contract negotiations fail. We need real action on this issue and we need it now. Socialism is a miserable failure.

Just so we're clear, I'm just asking what Mr. Hudak's policies on the LCBO are because I haven't seen any.

(Disclosure: I did not renew my PCPO membership when it expired at the end of 2008 and am not backing anyone in this leadership race. I am an advocate for the privatization or abolition of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and ran the now-defunct sellthelcbo.com.)

Posted by: Ker | 2009-05-23 7:56:37 PM

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