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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Motorhome Diaries interview U.S. Libertarian Party founder David Nolan, and chat with Canadian libertarian Sean Morley

My good friends Jason Talley and Pete Eyre (both former Bureaucrash.com crashers-in-chief) are on the road spreading the message of liberty in a motorhome. With Adam Mueller, who they picked up along the way, they are in the midst of a trip across North America (including Mexico and, in the next few months, Canada). Their trip is being chronicled on MotorHomeDiaries.com.

They've been on the road for some time now, meeting with prominent libertarians, video camera always at-the-ready.

This past week, Jason, Pete, and Adam met up with Sean Morley (of World Wrestling Entertainment fame) in Arizona. Sean, a Canadian, moved from Ontario to Arizona after he'd had his fill of paying high taxes. Way back in my undergrad days, I found out that Sean was a libertarian and arranged an interview with him for my campus newspaper, The Queen's Journal (it was titled "The Val Venis School of Libertarianism"). Here's Jason chatting with Sean about liberty:

More recently, the crew of the Motorhome Diaries took an opportunity to talk with David Nolan, founder of the U.S. Libertarian Party. In the following interview, Nolan expresses some disappointment with the current direction of the Libertarian Party under former Congressman Bob Barr. The conversation is interesting and worth watching in full:

David Nolan was not only the founder of the Libertarian Party, but also the man behind what has come to be called the "Nolan chart." The Nolan chart is a two-dimensional test to see whether you're a libertarian, an authoritarian, a conservative, a liberal, or a centrist. You can take the test yourself, and see whether or not your political philosophy squares with how you describe yourself (apologies for the America-centric questions, I can't find one for Canadians). After taking the quiz, why not pop back here and tell us where you fall on the chart? I'm decidedly a libertarian.

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according to the chart, i'm strongly libertarian, with a slight rightward leaning because of foreign policy (the world has always had a cop with a protectorate and always will) and some nationalist tendency toward economic protectionism, i guess.

Posted by: shel | 2009-05-06 6:57:24 PM

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