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Friday, May 22, 2009

Maxime Bernier on the causes and solutions to the economic crisis

Maxime Bernier is among those handful of Members of Parliament who really understand economics and are committed to defending and expanding economic freedom. Here's a speech by the MP for Beauce given on January 22 in Calgary with his take on the the causes and solutions to the financial crisis. His explanation is among the most cogent and accurate I recall hearing from a politician:

Predictably, as a member of the Conservative caucus, Bernier tries to defend the indefensible Harper "stimulus" budget. Even so, I can't help but agree with Roy Eappen that returning Bernier to an economic portfolio is an excellent idea.

Posted by Kalim Kassam on May 22, 2009 | Permalink


Too bad he wasn't as cogent and accurate when he decided to fray with that Couillard chick.

Posted by: Nothing New Under the Sun | 2009-05-22 7:55:14 AM

Yeah. And he's so stupid he actually leaves sensitive documents related to national security in her bedroom. What an idiot!

Posted by: epsilon | 2009-05-22 8:33:51 AM

An outstanding talk - it's unfortunate that Bernier has displayed such poor judgment in the past. I hope his time in political exile is drawing to a close.

Posted by: Janet | 2009-05-22 11:49:54 AM

It is too bad that his home provincial government, regardless of the political party, cannot grasp what he states.

Yes, the fellow demonstrated a lack of judgement in the past, but before jumping all over him for it, I suggest we do a bit of self-reflection for the flawless and perfect person is yet to be born.

Posted by: Alain | 2009-05-22 7:55:19 PM

Bernier is still a libertarian. That's great.

It's further evidence that Harper really killed the party with his authoritarian communications control and total control of policy. No one should support him.

And Janet, Bernier's political judgement is fine. Couillard was hot, he had power, and it was unlikely he would otherwise enjoy her company. He's just a man. Who can blame him?

Posted by: Robert Seymour | 2009-05-23 9:51:53 AM

Robert-Biker chicks are not to be confused with hot chicks. Even a momentary glimpse of their lifestyle would cause most regular guys to sleep in the fetal position for a week. The idea of bike parts inserted into every orifice, or pulling a train through every room in a filthy clubhouse just doesn't strike me as hot.

Bernier may have good political instincts, but his amoral approach to personal relationships is enough to turn most people against him.

Posted by: dp | 2009-05-23 10:38:58 AM

Isn't it interesting that half the comments by your readers show that they can't get over the fact that he might have been fooling around with a good-looking women.

Posted by: Jim Foster | 2009-06-04 6:34:18 AM

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