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Friday, May 01, 2009

Hot Room 5: Immigration

Kathy Shaidle (FiveFeetOfFury.com), Renee Stephen (reneestephen.com), Peter Jaworski, Jay Currie and Mike Brock debate immigration for two hours. Very good debate, and one I don't think is yet over.

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Posted by Mike Brock on May 1, 2009 in WS Radio | Permalink


Correction for Renee, who, to her credit, says she is a "moderately...not 100%" open immigration supporter: she said, at 5:15 of the show, that "Canada has zero population growth, negative population growth"

That's false, Canada has the highest population growth rate in the G8, and positive population growth *independent of immigration*. If we cut immigration to zero today our population would continue to grow for many years, most say until 2025.

That's a pretty enormous fact to get wrong in an immigration debate.

Regarding bringing educated immigrants to Canada: everyone forgets the other side of the equation. We are poaching the best and brightest from poor countries who can't afford to lose them, doctors, engineers, and software developers.

It costs money to educate these people and when they leave for Canada it has a very negative effect on those countries. Sending money home isn't good enough, or sustainable, those people need to be leaders in their countries. We're draining their brains, and making up for it by shipping them barrels of wheat as a band-aid solution to the havoc we have wreaked.

Didn't think of that angle, did you? Canada's awful immigration policy hurts more than just Canadians.

Posted by: Your Better | 2009-05-01 10:47:34 AM

The numbers btw are as follows:

Birth rate per 1,000 population: 10.8
Death rate per 1,000 population: 7.9



Posted by: Your Better | 2009-05-01 10:52:44 AM

Couldn't catch the show last evening... Had to listen to it this afternoon... Good Show!

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2009-05-01 4:47:46 PM

Richard, you got your stats wrong. The numbers you quote reflect the increasing longevity of Canadians -- thank you doctor for this --, but a country cannot run on drooling seniles. We need children!

The critical stat here is the total fertility rate. Here is a quote from CBC, September 26, 2008:
"The total fertility rate — the average number of children per women — rose to 1.59 in 2006, up from 1.54 in 2005, [Statistics Canada] health statistic division said in its report on births. The replacement level fertility, or the level of fertility the population needs to replace itself from one generation to the next, is 2.1 in Canada."

Fertility rate below replacement rate = aging and, eventually, shrinking of the population. Get it?

We NEED immigrants to compensate for our baby deficit. Who should be allowed in our country -- and who should not -- is a whole different matter.


Posted by: Manny | 2009-05-03 6:37:11 AM

NEED immigrants?

How about reducing the cost of family formation?

Posted by: Duncan | 2009-05-03 9:15:03 PM

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