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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle vs. Paul Potts

Politics can make for some cynical exchanges. Nothing like a lovely, real-life surprise to make you happy for a moment. So here are two wonderful and surprising videos for your viewing pleasure. (If you're here for nothing but politics, just ignore this post. Plenty of pro-liberty posts above and below this one).

So, hard-hearted cynics, take your pick: Which of the following two singers, Paul Potts or Susan Boyle, both from the British television program "Britain's Got Talent", do you like better?

Paul Potts:

Susan Boyle:

Stupid YouTube had embedding disabled...

Here's a Maclean's piece on Susan Boyle.

Posted by P.M. Jaworski on April 16, 2009 in Music | Permalink


These two are both so fantastic it would be crass to choose one over the other.
Such stunning talent is so wonderful to hear, the human voice never ceases to amaze.
Which is better, sorry, silly question.

Posted by: T Scantlebury | 2009-04-16 10:49:52 AM

You're right, Scantlebury. Both Susan and Paul blew my socks off, and made my day.

I think I've watched the Susan Boyle bit about a dozen times now. I could carry on watching it another dozen or so times, and probably will.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2009-04-16 10:56:02 AM

I cannot pick a winner, there both fantastic. So in that case they can share first place.

Posted by: M Denis | 2009-04-16 1:21:22 PM

Here's why I think we love Susan.


Posted by: nick b. | 2009-04-16 1:31:22 PM

I was watching the news about Susan Boyle I asked my daughter, what her voice was like? I wish they had Closed Captions, my daughter showed me website called YouTube. I wore my hearing aid and had to put the volume high to listen her voice at same time with Subtiles, She is Fantastic.

Posted by: R.Attard | 2009-04-16 4:19:03 PM

i think that susan and paul should do a duet

Posted by: paula | 2009-04-16 5:30:38 PM

She is so wonderful.

Posted by: yinna | 2009-04-16 7:39:30 PM

I love her

Posted by: yinna | 2009-04-16 7:41:20 PM

It would be a crime to pick between the two of them. Both are absolutly amazing. Paul won the first BGT. Susan should win this BGT hands down. They should stop the competition now and just name Susan the winner.

Posted by: Chris | 2009-04-16 8:17:03 PM

I prefer Paul Potts. Crime committed? :)

Posted by: Kyle | 2009-04-16 11:31:57 PM

They are both a bit weak at projecting in their lower registers, but with more professional training this can be overcome...

I understand that Paul Potts had professional operatic training, and he was a lot younger, so his performance was perhaps not quite as "out of the blue" as Susan Boyle's was. Her performance was therefore more surprising, and her back story more up-lifting.

These are the moments we should live for. It's too bad politics is so inescapable, and has to intrude most of the time. The contrast between disgusting political performance and heart-warming vocal performance is like black and white.

I wonder how it is possible that such talents can remain "undiscovered" for so long, by so many people whose only job is to scout singing talent. I also wonder what the secret ingredient is that distinguishes a superb vocalist from a superior performer. American Idol has had a lot of superb vocalists who just didn't seem to pan out as performers (Lil Rounds being this year's most obvious example). It is an amazingly competitive and mysterious world, is singing.

Posted by: Grant Brown | 2009-04-17 12:43:40 AM

They are both amazing singers. Paul's voice is different than Susan's voice. His is rich and powerful while hers is the sweetest voice i have ever heard.

I believe these people go unnoticed, partly because of themselves, but partly because of the image producers assume is important to customers.

Fortunately, things are changing and talent is finally dominating appearance in my lifetime, which is a sign of progress. this is truly good, because who really listen to a song repeatedly just because the artist looks good? we listen to music for enjoyment, and we as a world has finally looked pass appearance to embrace and promote talent.

They are both very good singers

Posted by: Milan | 2009-04-17 12:06:06 PM

A great performance. An even better lesson to others that one should not judge a Book by it's Cover.

The pre and post images are stunning and should be reminder and lesson to all of us.

Posted by: The LS from Sk | 2009-04-17 1:01:55 PM

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