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Monday, April 13, 2009

NLX (Natasha Alexandra): New CD I can't wait for

NLXPromoBW40072dpiChristopherWadsworthHere's a random post about a wonderful musician whose new CD was released last week at live shows in Toronto and New York. Sample tracks from NLX's (that stands for Natasha Alexandra) new, full-length CD entitled "Bitch get Fit" are up on MySpace and NLX's Facebook fan page. Also, they are being played around the clock on my office computer.

My sister introduced me to Natasha's music about three or so years ago, and I had the chance to catch her play live while she was still calling Toronto her home. Her CDs, now released as "In your face" and "Behind your back" (both available on iTunes) made it onto my personal regular rotation. Since then, she's moved to New York to play gigs and work on her music full time.

If the tracks I've heard are any indication, the New York scene has given her music a more complex feel, without losing the edgy, occasionally aggressive and terse, mood and lyrical content (truth be told, that's my favourite kind). She likes to describe herself as "[Nine Inch Nails' frontman] Trent Reznor with t*ts." She might add "and a piano," but that's her call.

Give NLX a listen. But be prepared to wait anxiously for her new CD. That's what I've been doing for the last two weeks. Which should help explain this random post. Sort of cathartic, in a way.

UPDATE: Here's one of my favourites from NLX:

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