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Monday, April 13, 2009

Minister Day introduces Canadian capitalists to Chinese communists; new contracts signed

I’ve always been sceptical of government trade missions. I love trade, but the idea of government officials supervising introductions among business leaders -- like parents at a debutante ball -- collides with my uncorrupted vision of laissez faire capitalism and my idealization of ruggedly independent entrepreneurs going it alone.

Wouldn’t it be better if the political class left the business of trade to the capitalists and keep itself busy...umm...doing...ummm...busy doing...well wouldn’t it just be better if the government left the business of trade to the capitalists?

But when you’re trying to do business in a place like China, you’d likely not get very far without a little political help. And seven Canadian construction companies got that help recently from Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway.

Day announced that seven construction contracts between Canadian and Chinese companies were signed today in Beijing:

“Canada and China enjoy a growing commercial relationship, and construction is one sector where we see particularly strong opportunities,” said Minister Day. “Canadian expertise in construction-sector goods and services is recognized around the world. Our companies have a stellar record of constructing high-quality buildings with minimal environmental impact, and this trade mission will help create even more opportunities for Canadian business. I was pleased to be a part of these ceremonies to celebrate our successes.”

The reason freedom-loving people should celebrate this growing trade with China, besides the profits to be enjoyed by private Canadian companies, is because trade is a liberalizing force in society, a case I’ve made often (you can find an example here) to a somewhat sceptical Western Standard readership.

Here are the companies heroicly serving their own private interests while bringing trade and liberalism to China:

•         GenesisTP, a division of Genesis Worldwide Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, will provide its green building products and technologies to China Perfect Machinery Industry Corp., Ltd. for all its six-storey-or-less building projects.
•         China National Materials Industry Import and Export Corp. will become the Hebei province distributor for the soft foam insulation and air barrier system manufactured by Icynene Inc. of Mississauga.
•         Y+S International Design Ltd., of Markham, Ontario, will provide its ecological, integrated design services to Beijing Haigang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
•         Soprema, of Drummondville, Quebec, will supply its waterproof membrane building material to Beijing Engrand Technology and Development Co. Ltd.
•         MHKW Architects Inc., of Toronto, Ontario, will design a mixed hospitality and residential development in Tianjin for the Tianjin Supply and Marketing Co.
•         MHKW Architects will also design the Guangzhou Tian Ze Sheng Royal Hotel.
•         ACICC Trading International Co., of Surrey, British Columbia, will supply western red cedar, hemlock and SPF (spruce-pine-fir) lumber to the Longfor Group; Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation helped facilitate the contract.

“I am pleased that this trade mission is leading to concrete results that will inject millions of dollars into our economies and help create new jobs in Canada and China,” said Minister Day.

Day is in China as part of an April 8 to 17 visit to China and Japan to open doors for Canadian businesses and strengthen trade and investment ties.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Where did Minister day find Canadian capitalists?
OH! I know! The Parliament Buildings...those guys capitalize on everything!

Posted by: JC | 2009-04-13 5:33:02 PM

Mathew, you frankly sound like Mo Strong, Power Corp, and the Bay Street shills who told us trade with China would cause reform. Instead we have a fascist state that displays its assassinated political prisoners on an international circuit, spies on Canadian citizens, steals our trade secrets, and breaks international patent laws on a daily basis. A freedom loving person would not support selling out to the ChiComs. It is no better than those self interested American Firsters that lobbied for better relations with the Nazi regime. Day took a principled position of the CPC and turned us into a national Charles Lindberg. Shame on the CPC.

Do trade with China but beware - the ChiComs have jailed foreign businessmen and are known to steal manufacturing trade secrets.

Posted by: Faramir | 2009-04-15 9:07:51 AM

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