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Friday, April 10, 2009

Libertarian Party: 47% of Americans reject capitalism

In a fundraising letter from the U.S. Libertarian Party published by the Independent Political Report today, Director of Communications Donny Ferguson writes:

Somewhere, Barack Obama is smiling – and your freedoms are in greater danger now than perhaps at any other point in our nation’s history.

You see, a new national poll finds only 53% of Americans say capitalism is better than socialism.

Another 27% aren’t sure which one is better. Really.

And it gets even worse when you talk to people under 30.

Only 37% say capitalism works better than socialism. 30% are too ignorant to know which one works better.

One third of them, 33%, proudly claim socialism is the way to go!

These are the people who will be picking elected officials for the next 50 years.

And as Barack Obama, and Republicans in states like Indiana and California, continue to expand government, more and more Americans will simply give up and join the 47% who think the rubble of the Soviet Union is a blueprint for freedom.

They only need to convince 3% of Americans to give up to have their anti-capitalist majority.

If that doesn’t make you angry, I don’t think you realize what that means.

It means politicians can jack up their war against our economic freedoms with no fear of losing their seats.

When barely a majority of all Americans support capitalism – and two-thirds of younger voters either back socialism or can’t see the difference – your property, your prosperity and your liberty are now on a death watch.

Politicians are now going to go after your paycheck, your property and your fragile freedoms with no fear of retribution.

I say we strike that fear right back into them.

The only thing these power-hungry politicians understand is the pain of Election Day defeat.

And the only way to do that is to build a Libertarian Party that can win elections and fight for liberty, capitalism and free markets.

I have said before that America will never recover from its current recession and is in a state of permanent economic and cultural decline. This letter does little to convince me that my fatalistic conclusion for America is incorrect -- and Canada is not in much better shape, at least culturally speaking. (Our Conservative Prime Minister openly decries the excesses of capitalism.)

Perhaps supporting the Libertarian parties in Canada and the U.S. can turn things around for the continent, as Ferguson believes. While I’m doubtful, I’ll renew my membership with the Libertarian Party of Canada today just in case.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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America will triumph.

Matt, you are a defeatist and a loser. Smarten up.

Posted by: epsilon | 2009-04-10 2:24:16 PM

OK, Epsi, I’ll smarten up. I just wish I had something substantive on which to hang some optimism.

I love America, but she seems terminal from my vantage point.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-04-10 2:52:06 PM

It's hard to be an LPC member when you can't even buy a membership online. In this age of internet convenience, no one is going to mail in a membership form with money. If they want members, they have change that -- _no_ exceptions.

BTW America has few if any cultural problems. Their problems are mostly institutional. Further, even if its economy collapses in this recession -- and I don't think it will -- it would still a better place to live than Europe.

Posted by: Michael Cust | 2009-04-10 3:11:51 PM

The American people will see to it that Obama's power is severly curtailed in the 2010 election.

As for Canada ... we've had our Trudeau. It's taken 40 years to get over him.

When Putin's answer for the international financial crisis is to lower taxes and Obama's is to increase the role of Big Government, you know the world is temporarily upside-down.

Obama will now have to place his energies into negotiating with the moderate pirates ... when he actually wakes up to the fact there's been a ship carrying a US flag being held hostage and its American captain's life on the line.

Posted by: set you free | 2009-04-10 3:21:12 PM

Mike, almost half of Americans think socialism is better than capitalism. That’s a cultural problem. The cause of this cultural problem might be the corrupting influence of institutions – in fact, I think it is – but America still has a cultural problem.

America was once a bastion of rugged individualism. Can that be said today?

Maybe Obama’s next campaign slogan will be: “Hey, we’re still better than Europe.”


And you’re right about the LP website. I donate online to organization’s on impulse. I never mail anything anymore. They need to fix this, and I know they are working on it.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-04-10 3:30:35 PM

You should know better than to listen to polls, Matthew. All they prove is the stupidity of the common man and the biases of the ones doing the polling. Since Americans have never lived under socialism (nor have Canadians for that matter, although some, such as those east of Ontario, have had a taste), they have no way of knowing what is better. In fact, if you asked most of these "socialists" what socialism is, you'd probably get a blank stare.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-04-10 6:44:08 PM

I wager that the 47% do not even understand what capitalism is. Do not forget how the "education" establishment makes it a dirty word without being able to explain the meaning or even what socialism actually is.

SET, I have to disagree with your statement that it has taken us 40 years to get over Trudeau. He destroyed the basic fabric of our parliamentary system to such an extent that we are far from undoing the damage he did.

Posted by: Alain | 2009-04-10 8:14:46 PM

I would take this poll with a grain of salt until confirmed by other polls. The big number are the under 30 numbers (37% support capitalism, 33% support socialism). Many of these are college students or young adults who have had their parents picking up everything. I think that the numbers would change the longer that they are in the real world. Also, lets see how much Obama's failed policies knock down that socialism number.

Posted by: David | 2009-04-10 10:02:31 PM

Polls are for defeated politicians and dogs. I think Diefenbaker sadi that. If you are are not a socialist in your twenties, you have no heart. If you are still a socialist in your forties, you have no head. I think it was Churchill who said something to this effect.

Posted by: B | 2009-04-11 12:50:42 AM

I'd rather have no heart than no brain, B.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-04-11 9:40:02 AM

Increasingly the US is creating a class (low income)who pay no income tax yet receive all the benefits of being a citizen. This group have no incentive to better themselves when the government is going to give them all they want. It's no wonder the number of people that think socialism is good is rising.

Posted by: The Stig | 2009-04-11 10:41:17 AM

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