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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Is Mulroney a Conservative?

The good folks over at the Women's Post have asked me to become a regular blogger over at their website. So check out my first entry, in which I consider the raging controversy as to whether or not Brian Mulroney is actually a Conservative.

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Mulroney was never a real conservative. He voted against the death penalty when it came to a parlimentary vote. It was under his administration that we got unrestricted abortion. We got more gun control under Mulroney. He did nothing to kill the human rights commissions. He did nothing to stop affirmative action programs. Taxes and debt went up under his rule. He only did a limited amount to strengthen the Canadian military. Also, he kept bending over backwards to every politically correct group(feminists, racial hucksters). As Margaret Thatcher stated in her autobiography, Mulroney was a Progressive Conservative who emphasized his progressivism a lot more than his conservatism.

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