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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elliott talks some sense on the HST?

I've heard from a few people this weekend that at an event in Windsor Christine Elliott, in conversations with members, revealed that were she premier she would not stop harmonization of the provincial sales tax, but would instead simply cut the rate.This is, of course, the right thing to do. It's what should be done when the harmonization is brought in.

It is also not what her announced position on the policy is, and her campaign should formally announce this positive development if it's true. If Elliott believes that harmonization itself is good, but the Liberals are bringing it in at the wrong time (believable from her quote in this story), it wouldn't be inconsistent of her to want to only cut a few points off, rather than moving away from the reform.

Should Elliott make this announcement there's going to be a lot more head scratching than there already has been over people wondering whether Elliott is the "red" Tory candidate. This would be good, common sense fiscal conservative policy.

William Joseph also reported that Tim Hudak was back peddling on his position on the HST:

He said he would be willing to propose eliminating it, but he did not say that this would be in his platform and that it will depend on how it is working. I followed up with saying I wished he would be attacking the spending in the budget more than the HST since pretty much every economist thinks it's a good idea. He claimed he does also talk about this, but his website seems to only focus on the "DST," or "Dalton Sales Tax".

Since Hudak has been unbelievably vocal about "stopping the DST" (see his website for an idea of how strongly it's emphasized) it's going to be so terribly typically political of him if he later decides that he's for it, now that he's been against it.

It would be nice to see the candidates clear up their positions on this important issue. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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I disagree and would suggest that you and William Joseph are guilty of selective quoting.

If you propose a hypothetical, and someone answers, "If it's good, I'll keep it; if it's bad, I'll eliminate it," which is basically what Tim Hudak is saying, then how is that sitting on both sides of the fence or backpedaling? It's a hypothetical question. Tim Hudak is solidly on record saying he thinks it's a bad idea for all of the reasons on those websites you provided.

I'm not sure I understand Joseph's critique that Tim Hudak hasn't been addressing McGuinty's budgetary spending, since Hudak seems to bring this up in just about every speech he makes. Remember that part about $14 billion (at least) in deficit? Who do you think is spending all of that money and where?

Posted by: RedTory2009 | 2009-04-30 12:59:50 PM

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