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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poor Ron Paul

As much as I disagree with Ron Paul and his supporters about some things, I don't think the guy deserved this.

Presidential candidates will do almost anything for publicity. But Ron Paul's appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming Bruno movie suggests he draws the line at making sex tapes with gay Austrian TV hosts.

In a five-minute scene, comedian Cohen tries—and fails—to seduce the Texas congressman and former Republican presidential candidate in a Washington hotel room.


The scene with Paul, filmed in early 2008, occurs about halfway through the movie, after Bruno gets the idea that you have to make a sex tape to become famous. (Stop reading here if you want to see the movie unspoiled.)

Cut to a nondescript hotel suite where Bruno sits across from Ron Paul. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, a light blows out on the set. Bruno apologizes for the technical difficulties and suggests that he and Paul wait in the other room while the crew fixes the light.

The other room, it turns out, is a bedroom. The lighting is low, and the film is now grainy—not unlike a sex tape—as it cuts to a hidden spy camera. There's a spread of Champagne and strawberries and caviar on a table.

Bruno tells Paul to make himself comfortable. Paul sits down on the bed. Bruno turns on some music and starts dancing. Paul is visibly uneasy but doesn't say anything at first. He picks up a newspaper and pretends to read it. "You can tell at each weird gay detail, he [chalks] it up to, This guy is European," says one of the attendees.

Finally, Paul asks what's going on. "Don't worry about it, Dr. Paul," says Bruno, who then unbuckles his belt and drops his pants. At that point, Paul snaps up and storms out of the room.

As Paul is walking away, you can hear him say, several times, something like, "This guy is a queer!" "The word queer comes out of his mouth three or four times," says an attendee.

Question: if you're a Ron Paul supporter, will you be boycotting the movie?

Posted by Terrence Watson on March 18, 2009 | Permalink


Okay. That's just funny.

Posted by: Mike Brock | 2009-03-18 1:50:26 PM

This made me very angry when I heard about this. Not only because Dr. Paul doesn't deserve this, but it's plain, just not funny. It's disgusting.

Posted by: Tiffany | 2009-03-18 2:28:18 PM

I am disgusted that Sasha Baron Cohen would stoop to a level even this low.

Once again, Mr. Baron-Cohen has crossed the line when it comes to what represents acceptable community standards.

Posted by: epsilon | 2009-03-18 2:30:03 PM

they'll probably dub in epithets to discredit him.

Posted by: temjr.pgh | 2009-03-18 2:41:51 PM

I would not boycott the movie based upon this, but agree with the above comment that it is just not that funny from the sounds of it.
Flip it around - would it be funny if he dropped his pants in front of Nancy Pelosi? As much as I dislike her, that would be just as inappropriate and unfunny.

Posted by: Brian | 2009-03-18 4:08:28 PM

Maybe Bruno would appear on The Hot Air Room and discuss his take on libertarian fashion and Stephen Harpers sweaters. It could be great!!

Posted by: The Stig | 2009-03-18 4:08:54 PM

Boycott? This queer just pissed off Ron Paul Nation. I wouldn't want to be him. He will get rewarded for his low brow attempt to discredit the Honorable Congressman.

Posted by: tony | 2009-03-18 6:35:33 PM

I think this Borat guy, Tom Green, Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, and a couple more I can't remember, are the most idiotic morons I've ever seen. They make the Three Stooges look like Shakespearean actors.

There have always been silly acting entertainers, like Jerry Lewis, but this bunch is too hard to take. I boycott every movie they're in, always have.

Posted by: dp | 2009-03-18 7:01:59 PM

I am a Ron Paul supporter and am totally O.K. with this. It's called comedy folks. Where's your sense of humor? Lighten up we all need to laugh more. It's been going on ever since Candid Camera. As long as the person that the prank is being pulled on (in this case Ron Paul) doesn't do anything to make themselves look bad it's just funny. Besides Cohen has pranked a ton of famous people. Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump etc... Younger audiences will want to know who this Ron Paul guy is and try to find out why he is famous and important enough to get pranked by Cohen. Remember especially in this day and age there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Posted by: Danny | 2009-03-18 8:28:03 PM

This is totally unacceptable.

This is meant to demean and slander Mr. Paul. The guy (Cohen) should be prosecuted for assault.

Posted by: jds | 2009-03-18 9:34:12 PM

Well, the "comedy" does not bother me, but I wonder what Cohen's angle is? British. Anti-muslim? Anti-Paul? Who is this guy, Henry fat ass Kissinger? Seems a little strange to me, like the crap that Wonkette produces...message "comedy." Maybe Bill Maher should have him on the show, see what this guy is up to. And I'm not buying the bit about how Cohen sneaked into an Army camp...a little contrived.

Posted by: Scott Harmon | 2009-03-18 10:04:51 PM

I agree that Cohen's angle is the issue here. Its pretty much sabotage and ridicule right? And this time through popular culture not just media...

Posted by: Jezebel | 2009-03-18 10:55:09 PM

A public figure like Ron Paus should have had the sense to check out the situation before agreeing to appear on camera. He should also have had a rider on the contract giving him the power to have his part cut out of the film if he wasn't happy with the situation. Knowing the MO's of these kinds of entertainers would you allow yourself to be ambushed by people like Rick Mercer and Mary Walsh?

Posted by: DML | 2009-03-19 12:22:05 AM

Ron Paul does not seem to have hired support people to properly manage his appearances. Look at the mess that was created by his getting photo'd with Storm Front, and taking their donations... Also- I'm very creeped out by the newsletters he put out before he was in Congress. I think Dr.Paul is great, but he seems to surround himself with either incompetent people or gasbag racists. He needs better image management. If he saw Borat or heard about it, he should have realized he was going to be punkd

Posted by: MW | 2009-03-19 1:12:18 AM

Gee, you mean Ron Paul, unlike the rest of our so-called representatives, is actually approachable? Heavens forbid someone can actually get him to talk to them, thats how he got the grass-roots movement going...by being out there among the people LIKE HE ALWAYS HAS. Gee, Ron Paul has respect for people and expects them to behave as you would expect in polite society and look what he gets? No wonder we have the self-serving people we have in government, decent people cant make it.

Posted by: Bob | 2009-03-19 7:27:50 AM

Much ado about nothing. I love Ron Paul and agree with him on just about everything. I also enjoy Sacha Baron Cohen's low-level humor. Much like court jesters of the past, modern comedians are among the few who are allowed to get away with speaking the truth. A moment of lost dignity has not damaged Ron Paul's message or cause.

Posted by: Mike | 2009-03-19 9:50:03 AM

BOYCOTT the movie? Who would have been the least tempted to go to the movie in any event?

I think a boycott would be overkill, to put it mildly.

I'd see a movie with Ron Paul in it, usually, but only for the sake of seeing Ron Paul's views, not this.

Posted by: spinnikerca | 2009-03-19 10:34:21 AM

I really like Dr. Paul but I won't boycott the movie for this, it actually sounds kind of funny. I just hope that Dr. Paul is not remembered as "the guy who was in the Bruno movie" but rather as the true patriot that he is.

Posted by: Fill | 2009-03-19 10:39:20 AM

Ali G is a cool character because he's making fun of how white people co-opt black culture. But Borat and Bruno are just like the old black-face movies from the 20's. It's really just bigoted. No actual gay people act like Bruno.

Posted by: Ryan | 2009-03-19 1:10:19 PM

I will support Paul until the end...but that is pretty damn funny.

Posted by: pj mcflur | 2009-03-19 1:20:43 PM

The man (Ron Paul)calls it like he sees it..I love the man for that!!
queer has generally meant "strange," "unusual," or "out of alignment." It might refer to something suspicious or "not quite right," or to a person with mild derangement or who exhibits socially inappropriate behavior. Wiki

Posted by: jj | 2009-03-19 4:48:54 PM

Is it any worse than this?


Posted by: Jonathan | 2009-03-19 4:56:00 PM

Everything dynamic and very positively! :)

Thank you

Posted by: Joker | 2009-03-20 1:43:11 AM

Go to Spirituallysmart/Ron Paul to see what RP really

thinks about homosexuality. N

Posted by: Nobby | 2009-03-20 8:25:12 AM

OMG they disgraced our Reverend Dr Paul! He is above ridicule!!! He is Jesus!!!

Ok guys seriously? I actually always admired Ron Paul for standing up to the Republican party but after reading some comments from his over zealous followers I am completely terrified now.

If anything this scene in Bruno demonstrated Paul's hypocrisy. His image as a progressive who is easily scared off by one of "them queers."

All public figures deserve to be made fun of. I used to be all for third parties till I worked on the Nader campaign...anyone with the money to run for president is not "a normal person." They are all motivated by their ego, ambition, and lots and lots of money. Ron Paul also. My idealism has been dashed. And I now live in the real world. Wake up people. If you think Obama is a fraud but rally behind Ron Paul like a religious figure you are no better than the Obama voters you ridicule.

Posted by: Seriously | 2009-06-23 7:58:30 AM

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