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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PC executive member defends the decision to have June leadership election

My blogging partner posted his criticism of the voting rules for the PCPO leadership race. Then one of the executives actually responded. The response was silly enough that I am devoting a whole post to it. The stuff in brackets is my commentary.

M. Wensley, Regional VP (GTA-W) said...

Not very sure of yourself, are you. (I’m pretty sure he was sure of himself.) Sitting behind an faceless anonymous blog bitching and complaining that you don't like the decisions made. (I’m not anonymous and my partner has published his real name, ‘Ken.’ Some people may not know who he is but many people do. So you can hardly call him anonymous.)

Did you stop to think that the executive carefully weighed a number of factors before making the decision? (The issue was that they made the wrong decision not how they arrived at that decision) Did you stop to think that just maybe we have the best interest of the Party at heart, not the best interest of any one candidate (I would buy that if someone could provide a real argument for having it in June. I have yet to hear one.) or any faceless bitch and moan artist? (Personal attacks? From a member of the executive? How very usual.)

The idea of the Markham convention is a new one (no it’s not) put forth by the Party President in an effort to generate some interest in the media and the average voter. (Not sure exactly how watching people wave signs around and yelling would hold people’s interests. Last time it was a bit of a bust. Besides, making policy based on earning a couple days of news is idiotic.) I have every confidence that anyone connected to a campaign will want to ensure that the hall is packed with people that wish to enthusiastically greet the new Leader and show the voters of Ontario that we are a dynamic Party that has what it take so form a government. (How do people shouting slogans prove that a party can form a government?) From your comments I assume that you have no intention of helping the Party put on a good face to the public. (How can you assume that? Because he thinks you are wrong suddenly he is against the party?)

Now, if you think that sitting on the couch by yourself and posting drivel on the internet is really helpful to the cause of electing a PC government in 2011, (hang on...isn’t that exactly what you are doing?) I can tell you right now that you are the reason that we did not win in '07. (Ken was the Track Right chair of his local campaign. How exactly did he contribute to the defeat in 2007?)

As for not supporting members of the executive that supported June, I guess you don't like any of us, (yep) because there were damn few hands that went up to choose a date other than June. (I like the people who put their hands up for that. In fact want to thank them for bravely going against the rest of the executive.)

Like it or not, many of the rank and file members that executive members spoke with prior to the meeting told us that they either wanted June or did not care. (How does this prove that it wasn’t stupid to have it in June? How would this prove it even if anecdotal evidence wasn’t meaningless?)

Making a decision not to your liking does not make us incompetent, (nope making incompetent decisions make you incompetent) nor does it mean that we are trying to help any one leadership candidate over another.

(All in all Mr. Wensley, I will be encouraging everyone I know in the GTA West Region not to re-elect you.)

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on March 25, 2009 in Canadian Provincial Politics | Permalink


That's tough. Nice work.

Give me the full context here, Hugh.

An election in June is too little time for candidates to organize, thereby favouring a front runner(s) and guaranteeing a mediocre race in the perspective of building the party and bringing in new members?

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-03-26 9:22:19 PM

You get most of the context by hitting the first link.

The problem with the June election is it takes away from the party building. The party is in shambles. There is no one on the ground anymore. Far from being devisive, a long leadership race will give supporters of the party a chance to come together. It will build excitement and give the membership a chance to judge the contenders. It would also encourage a wider field of candidates.

Posted by: hughmacintyre | 2009-03-26 9:32:20 PM

I think you're right.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-03-26 9:44:48 PM

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