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Monday, March 02, 2009

Manning Centre: bringing together the conservative family

The Manning Centre is hosting the Manning Networking Conference & Exhibition 2009 from March 12th to 14th. This is a rare opportunity in the Canadian conservative movement. Too often conservatives are divided into factions that have little to do with each other outside of political parties. The Manning Centre is giving a forum for not just members of the provincial and federal parties to interact. Small c organizations and organizers from across the country that usually have nothing to do with each other will be there; and they will be networking.

The Manning Centre is offering more than what the usual partisan conference can offer. The Networking Conference will be bringing speakers from both the United States and the United Kingdom. As activists we will have the chance to learn how things are done outside of Canada and perhaps find some tactics or strategies that could be used to strengthen conservatism in this country.

From the United Kingdom we have Tim Montgomerie founder of the Conservative Home, and we have Mathew Elliott the Executive Director of the TaxPayer’s Alliance. Both of these speakers will give attendees a window into what is working in Britain and what can be applied here.

From the United States we have Liz Mair, the director of online communications for the Republican National Committee. It is undeniable that American politicians are ahead of any Canadian political party in this area. You will have the chance to learn firsthand how the Republican Party is able to utilize social media.

The most exciting foreign speaker will be the legendary Frank Schubert. Mr. Schubert is one of the most successful issues campaigners in the United States. He has a ballot initiative record of 27-31 and he is the only person to twice receive the prestigious award from the American Association of Political Consultants as the country’s most valuable public affairs professional. According to his website, Mr. Schubert has worked on issues such as, “land use, insurance policy, education reform, tort reform, taxation, environmental issues and healthcare.” Mr. Schubert will be speaking Friday during the ‘practical politics’ section of the conference.

This is a great opportunity for young activists that want to learn and for more seasoned activists to encounter new members of the conservative family. Check out more details here, and register!

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