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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cannabis Culture magazine to go online only

According to Marc Emery's facebook status, Cannabis Culture, the pre-eminent libertarian marijuana-focused magazine, will follow the Western Standard and shut off its printing presses in favour of an online-only publication.

Here is his status, as well as his comments on the status thread:

"Marc Scott Emery has decided to no longer publish Cannabis Culture Magazine on paper because each issues loses about $40,000 and advertising & circulation is falling off."

I'm not that sad. The store has to sell so much to pay for the losses every issue. We printed 62,000 of issue #73. Then Anderson News went out of business. They handle 25% of our magazines. Because they went under last month, our distributor ordered 9,000 less for #75 and the distribution will be chaotic and our sales on newstands will be much lower, raising losses even more. Of the 62,000 printed, 38,000 sold, meaning 24,000 got destroyed each issue. Now our potential sales would drop to 30,000 - 35,000. The circulation revenue for that is a disappointing $38,000 per issue. Advertising is only providing $30,000 per issue. It costs $56,000 to print 62,000, another $10,000 to ship to distributors, stores and subscribers. Those costs are covered by revenue, but the cost of producing the magazine is $16,000 for material (writers and photographers), $32,000 to produce the magazine, $4,000 an issue in promotion, posters, cards, and much more. Losses are approx. $42,000 to $55,000 per issue...

And magazines don't have the impact they once did. All information is available faster and free online. If we put the effort into our online presence, we can raise revenue there and lose much less and be more efficient and competitive with information. We are always being quoted, but the quotes come from our online web material, our videos, movies, TV interviews and multi-media. Our magazine is rarely quoted because people had difficulty finding it, the media don't quote magazines anymore and our feedback has dropped from readers...

So our energy is being put into a revamped online presence. Our cannabisculture.com got 24 million hits last month from 300,000 individuals so thats where we should put all this effort. And that's the future for all magazines and newspapers. Many magazines you are currently familiar with will go out of business by the end of the year, including The National Post, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and so many others. Check out the latest Sports Illustatred, it has only 10.5 pages of advertising in the entire issue. Time Magazine has only 8 pages of advertising. It will save alot of trees but many forestry workers and pulp mill workers will be laid off permanently...

Unfortunately, subscriptions never made money, and we never had more than 1,400 at any one time. Each magazine cost about $2 each to produce, plus 60 cents to ship in Canada, $1.50 to ship to USA, $3.00 abroad. Envelopes and packing took another 25 cents per issue. Then we sent a free copy to all Canadian MPs and Senators, and a copy to all newspapers in Canada and many in the USA, which was all cost and no revenue...

Ultimately, all subscribers will get goods they want or their money refunded.

This is a shame. Cannabis Culture was much loved amongst those of us who believe in liberty, and think the war on drugs is a disaster.

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Only 1,400 subscribers? So much for that groundswell of liberty seekers!

Face it: you people never could must anything close to what was necessary for major change.

As they say, drugs are for losers.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2009-03-23 10:45:22 PM

Drugs may be for losers, but prohibition is for statists.

Just say no, ZP.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-03-23 10:50:40 PM

When are the "no extradition for the BC 3" T shirts going on sale?

Mint condition back issues of CC - published by the #003 freedom hero of Canada and possibly the world - will be worth a fortune soon.. esp. the more thoughtful rare early issues

------ advertisement--------

Welcome to the exciting new world of Freodomercials- with oil and gold prices going skyhigh, its only a matter of time before old magazines will reach similar high prices..aka retro lit
Thats why we have lapsed alternative cuture good$ offered for $ale at deep di$count$. Why? thats a good question...when we do it we are altruistic underground heros==, when the dollar store does it, it's because its because nobody really wants.the stuff in the bins with the red stickers..See? thats non linar thinking - Congratulations !

These alternative goods are not special, better, or cheaper products, and are neither sustainable or ecologoical- but they are made by intensely stoned people and thats why they are special// Buy now before they are all in jail, rehab. pr both...

Hurry- quantities are not exactly limited, but the shipping dept. may not be into the warehouse trip by summer so act now or - act later- whatever- its up to you - you're the activist, right.-- uh-- I mean left?

everybody loves old magazines- they have that old smell like favourite sports shoes and wet pets-- heck the municipal authorities knows we love old magazines and even hands out free blue boxes to keep them in..- Our experts, at least the ones who didn't bail from the CC headquarters and join the NDP only to be kicked of of that last place org. - whatever they know everything & tell us retro insider eletes that old magazines will be worth a lot of money in a few years- .So invest your narco dollars >> now in old magazines,that you just might get around to reading some day- maybe even tomorrow, or the day after that- it's entirely up to you-because thats what freedom is all about-- choices- even bad choices

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-23 11:10:45 PM

It stayed in print longer than the Western Standard did. I wonder if their blog section has a lot of heavily worded debate on the status of things in the world. Like how to skin-up with your ski-doo mitts on in -30C weather.

Posted by: Buddha Chan | 2009-03-24 12:47:49 AM

Funny, when I travelled to the Golden Triangle, I didn't see any heroin junkies, or meet anyone who toked. I think it had to do with the 1200 extra-legal killings of drug dealers in that country in the preceding two years, and the on the spot drug tests they do at tourist bars, but I can't be sure. Ask anyone who has been through SE Asia lately if what I am telling you is true.

To the extent the "war" on drugs has "failed", it has done so only due to the limits of liberal democracy, a failed system. It represents a failure of liberal democracy, not of the very reasonable prohibition on drugs. Let armed militias do their thing and we can clean up all gang related crime in a week, forever. Execute them.

Posted by: Liberal Democracy Is Fail | 2009-03-24 2:27:22 AM

Well that just sucks but.....
One problem I've always had as a retailer(and the reason why we quit carrying the magazine in our shops)is because of the no return policy.
We paid to ship the mags out to us. The mags sold to us retailers at 60% of the sticker price, leaving only 40% to pay shipping, taxes etc..
If there were 15 extra copies at the end of the month...the retailer got stuck with them.(and was forced to eat the cost...therefore losing money on each copy sold)
I liked the magazine but I think they could have used some better publishing management.
I'm shocked that barely anyone bought this magazine. The way Emery always talked there were millions of people reading his mag. No wonder this never translated into actual sales.
He's a damn fine marketer, but not much else.

Posted by: jim bender | 2009-03-24 3:31:22 AM

In case there is any problems in reaching Marc, You can reach him at [removed] .

Posted by: escapegoat | 2009-03-24 12:11:46 AM

Anyone who calls that number or uses that email address should realize the likelihood of police surveillance. Emery is a trouble magnet, best to stay far away.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2009-03-24 4:08:20 AM

Zebulon Pike, you are a chickens**t troll. afraid to use your own name, probably too ugly to show your face, living in your basement apartment or your dad's attic. what a loser....

Posted by: Russell Barth | 2009-03-24 4:35:47 AM

I feel bad that Marc has to stop printing Cannabis Culture. I have to say though that another marijuana related publication called HEADS did the exact same thing and went to online only and it failed. Advertisers just don't support online only publications and I have stressed this point to Marc but he disagreed with me. I wish him all the best in all of his future endevours. I guess that our Marketing Director Michelle Rainey will be intouch with those advertisers affected. Our publication has always made our previously published issues available online for FREE at http://www.treatingyourself.com/dhtml/issues.php

Take Care and Peace
Marco Renda
Federal Exemptee
Treating Yourself
The Alternative Medicine Journal

[email protected]

Posted by: Marco Renda | 2009-03-24 5:29:13 AM

Drugs may be for losers, but prohibition is for statists. - Drugs aren't prohibited. They're restricted, available by prescription to those who need them.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-24 6:26:06 AM

I am sad to hear that CC is doing so poorley that they have NO choise but to shut down publication. I am one of the MANY subscribers to this wonderful publication! I have taken MANY of the articles to heart and started activism myself due to the LEADERSHIP of the EMERY'S!

RIP CC! much loved and will be greatley missed!!
Southern Alberta Cannabis Club.

Posted by: Tamara | 2009-03-24 10:13:02 AM

Wow! Citizen Barth is no longer interested in dating some people on this discussion site- mayday ! mayday !

Who's next to feel the wrath of .... the popcorn people ?

-----advertisment -----

Popcorn People is the unregistered trademark of Whatever Inc
non action figures sold separately

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-24 11:34:57 AM

Zebulon Pike, you are a chickens**t troll. afraid to use your own name, probably too ugly to show your face, living in your basement apartment or your dad's attic. what a loser.... - Yes, unlike people content to have their pot floated to them across lakes of blood. It's always amusing to watch potheads justify blood for pot even as they cry bloody murder over blood for oil.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-24 11:46:54 AM

P.S. Zeb is right. Calling the number of a known criminal is the number one way to attract the attention of the police. Maybe some people thrive on it, the way Marc Emery thrived on it...until it got serious, and with all his bridges burned behind him.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-24 11:48:14 AM

Hey Marco-
Etobikoke Ontario based pubisher of Mistreating yourself magazine-- your website is on big pot seed ad-- and you feature Blonde Bombshell Michelle Rainy on the cover of two of your issues issues--

isn't she in serious trouble for selling pot seeds as financial officer. accused money launderer to the Prince of Pot l- and together they are facing extradition to the USA? Wasn't she warned to keep away from that sketchy business of marijuana seed sales and here you put her on your cover, twice? This seems as if Ms Rainy is a little too close for being legal to marijuana seed sales, once again-- that is, if your own advertising links are correct..

Don't you have _any _other _advertisers other than pot seed merchants? really, there is nothing BUT offers to sell marijuana seeds on the link you shared above..
no bedpans, no therometers, no yoga lessons, no spirolina tablets-no other healing agents at all save some wipehead mushrooms

... just pot ....

maybe consider some motorcycle ads ...

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-24 11:52:10 AM

Tamara, the reason pot is getting such a rough reception with the general public isn't so much the drug itself, but the people who promote it. Even a positive message will fail if it's overly plastered with all caps, exclamation points, or other traits that make one sound like a starry-eyed flower child. Whatever they may say in public, most people privately prefer a stodgy but thoughtful lawmaker over an effervescent but reckless one. Those places where this does not hold true wind up with mayors like Toronto's and New Orleans's: loud and highly animated, but stupefyingly incompetent and utterly helpless in the face of crisis.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-24 11:53:33 AM

Yes, Marco, perhaps they'll let Marc take up gardening in prison.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-24 11:57:58 AM

Poor Shane Matthews. Mommy drank a wee bit too much while Shane was in vitro(FAS)and now Shane just has his DEA/DARE message of lies and untruths to spew.

But he does find those cops with their big 'billies' somewhat stimulating.

Shane Matthews, face down on his keyboard, in an alcoholic induced stupor, a pile of vomit and a pantload of Santorum, his only recollections of another day/night?? of too much alcohol and Oxycontin, fuelled by the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show.

'Yo 419! I did it for you', cries Shane! 'Tonight, you're wearing the Cheney Mask'.

Shane Matthews. Puritanical Punk.

Posted by: jeff franklin | 2009-03-24 2:07:09 PM

hey Jeff--
you are just -so wise, happening and right on about some things,

has anyone ever told you that?

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-24 2:51:40 PM

Thanks for proving my point, Jeff: The pot lobby's main obstacle is the people who smoke pot, and to a lesser extent, their sympathizers. Juvenile, petulant, contemptuous to the point of sandbox hostility, always ready with an insult or a catcall, whee, wotta witty guy, here's what we look like being impressed. (crickets) Meanwhile you add absolutely nothing to the discussion, and therefore harm rather than help the very aim to which you supposedly aspire.

Isn't your mother calling you?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-24 11:46:26 PM

There really is no great protest from the general public against legalizing cannabis, just a few annoying blowhards like zebulon pike, shane matthews and 419. Just because you post your same rubbish repeatedly in every thread concernong Marc Emery or cannabis, doesn't mean anyone agrees with you. 5 repetitions from each of of the same disproven bullshit propaganda are not indicative of the general population's opinion.
You have nothing useful to say because your tiny little brains are entirely filled up with hate.

On almost all comments sections of websites running a pot story the pro legalization comments far outnumber the bigoted trash that you spew.

Also support for legalization in polls is consistantly over 50%, and decrim is usually between 70 and 80% support, so I don't know where you get the idea that there is such massive public opinion against cannabis OR its users.

Posted by: DrGreenthumb | 2009-03-27 6:35:07 PM

Dr Greenthumb, -
your defense of the wipehead credo is once again, underwhelming

You have delivered here for our ridicule, another popcorn wipehead fantasy projection
even you don't believe, but seem compelled to share
with those of us who have already called your bluff

party pot will never be legal in your lifetime
and you know it

If you want to marginalize yourself, thats your business
but please don't advertise your drug problems in public

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-27 10:17:14 PM

I don't have any drug problems, you are the one who seems to have a problem with drugs. You also don't seem to mind advertising your own douchebaggery here. Just another weak cowardly little bitch kissing the ass of authority. You may need a nanny state to protect you from your own stupidity, but the rest of us are quite capable of making our own decisions. Go suck on a beer bottle to practice up for when you get your chance to suck off the fascists you worship.

Posted by: DrGreenthumb | 2009-03-28 6:23:48 PM

the ever sweet and gentle Wipehead apologist Dr Greenthumb is pushing beer at us now-

- well do you suggest a domestic brand or the higher price imported?

and maybe tell us noobs how you stared you career as belt buckle level loverboy to the stars of your nightmares?

pot beer and sodomy- are you living in BC or am I mistaken?

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-28 10:04:01 PM

A little groggy from all that pummelling, Greenthumb? You've gone from the attitude that the legalization of pot is all but inevitable to having to shout defiantly in a cracked voice that there "really is no great protest from the general public against legalizing cannabis." To what a state have you fallen! And of course, it's completely escaped your notice that there is no great protest from the general public against keeping it illegal, either. What you are missing, my friend, is momentum.

You should know that the number of people weighing in on one side or the other of an issue on an Internet forum isn't a scientific poll. Hell, it's not even a poll. It's a debating forum. And which way the wind blows will have much more to do with the type of people who are attracted to a particular blog than with the merits of the opposing positions. Support for the death penalty usually polls over 50 percent, too, going up to 75 percent for tougher sentencing.

By the way. You might try to avoid chucking grade-school, neener-neener-neener, up-yours-too-grade insults in the same sentence when you accuse everyone else of being filled with hate. It's clear from your frustration that you're tired of being a pariah. So put down your tokes and stop being one.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-28 11:22:05 PM

Hey kids, remember what DrGreenthumb says about sharing the love with folks trying to harsh your mellow:

"...advertising your own douchebaggery here..."
"Just another weak cowardly little bitch..."
"Go suck on a beer bottle to practice..."
"...suck off the fascists you worship."

Remember, if they legalize pot we can all be as mellow and happy-go-lucky as as DrGreenthumb is. So call your MP now... at her home number...

Posted by: Steve | 2009-03-28 11:32:47 PM

"I don't have any drug problems, you are the one who seems to have a problem with drugs."

Right. You just grow them and smoke them and hope no one finks you out.

"You also don't seem to mind advertising your own douchebaggery here."

Oh, snap. Now I feel really bad.

"Just another weak cowardly little bitch kissing the ass of authority."

That's better than a petulant little punk who sounds like he slapped his tongue over his father's genitals so he wouldn't get his ass kicked on the numerous occasions when he mouthed off. You going to show up here when they start talking about legalizing incest, too? Oh wait--it doesn't count as "sexual relations."

"You may need a nanny state to protect you from your own stupidity, but the rest of us are quite capable of making our own decisions."

Meaning you're an anarchist. Well, there's a big surprise. I think I'm going to have heart attack and die from that surprise. For a drug that's supposedly used by "all kinds of successful people," it sure does attract more than its share of loudmouthed losers.

"Go suck on a beer bottle to practice up for when you get your chance to suck off the fascists you worship."

This from the guy whose tongue got so much exercise when he was younger that he could probably suck a bowling ball through a garden hose.

P.S. How's that peace and love thing coming along?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-28 11:36:43 PM

Wouldn't it be great if the cops focused on Jamaican gangs and the Mob? Too many resources are wasted on the drug war (which only adds business to the above).

Posted by: Realist | 2009-03-29 12:29:08 AM

It's not enough for you to say it, Realist. You also have to prove it. I could say "No, it wouldn't be great," and "No, the resources directed at the drug war are appropriate," and we'd both be right back where we started.

This tactic works only if your opinion is worth more than someone else's. It isn't.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-29 12:41:07 AM

You are the loudest of the loudmouth losers on this forum shane mathews and you are the antipot douchebag that wants to control how other people live their lives. All the prohibition lovers like yourself have are insults and personal attacks and not a shred of evidence to support your positions, yet you get all bent out of shape when your own shitty attitude and debate? style are returned to you.

Go jerk off to some more steven harper, rob nicholson posters and dream of your daddy.

You can't have your daddy's cock no more so now you want your harper-daddy to be the dominant to your submissive? Keep your incest fantasies to yourself you creepy little weirdo.

Posted by: DrGreenthumb | 2009-03-30 10:59:19 PM

Oh, now I feel really bad, Greenthumb. Bad Shane, bad! Are you utterly blind to the foulness you spew, even as you loudly call out others whose writing is far less caustic than your own? Accusing others of getting bent out of shape when you're foaming at the mouth? Classic projection, highly indicative of narcissism and disrupted higher brain function. Sounds like a pot habit to me. Yup, with advocates like you, the ascendancy of pot culture is all but assured.

Not. That's actually sarcasm. S-A-R-C-A-S-M. "Sarcasm." I realize it's more than one syllable, but if you slur it a little you can get it down to two. That's your word for the day. Mustn't overdo it. By the way, "douche bag" is two words. Which in any case is better than being what the douche washes out. I may get my hands dirty, but you're the dirt. :-)

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-03-30 11:48:20 PM

No you are just a friendless loser who gets his jollies from being an intolerant bigot. Using "wipehead" to describe an entire culture is not far removed from calling black people niggers.

You are just a sad little loser with no friends and a lot of anger.

Posted by: DrGreenthumb | 2009-03-31 8:09:00 AM

Lets all chip in and buy Dr Greenthumb a
" No Extradition for the BC 3 T Shirt " all we need to know is his size and how big his pot induced man boobs are as of March 31 2009.. Our guess is they are twin peaks of considerable size

He can wear this T Shirt it proudly, a tribute from his surrendering internet foes when he buys rolling papers at a convenience to impress the clerk he is such a -serious rebel--

& one day soon , when Marc Emery is hauled away in chains. Dr Greenthumb- the always always belicose drugged up out of working class hero can be the new leader of the cannabis people- he will tell it like it is, or should be, or even tell like it might be..or how it was, or how more likely to felate father figures he seems to fear
We have under estimated his pure savage streetwise power as a Wipehead oral gratifier of the highest order


" ...Using "wipehead" to describe an entire culture is not far removed from calling black people niggers.... "

you're completely welcome Dr Greenthumb-- at your service

is there a capital " W " on wipehead, are they actually proper nowns or are they still improper nowns?
While we are at it, is it proper form that Dr Greenthumbs" term of choice " nigger" is not capitalized?

Posted by: 419 | 2009-03-31 9:34:27 AM

Wipehead time to thaw out those frozen eyeball distorted cartoon characterizations of Emery and ease up on the sour grapes of wrath. Ok so Mark ripped you off, he didn't pay for the drink sitting on the crayon drawing. You bent over, take it like a man he gave you what it was worth to him, nothing. Did Chris Doty use a hemp rope, do you?

Posted by: Chris Clone | 2009-04-07 8:32:20 PM

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