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Monday, February 23, 2009

What's coming up on Political Animals?

The Political Animals radio show hasn't been on hiatus, but we have had problems with the Internet feed. I'm told those have been fixed now, so we're back on the air/in the 'tubes today, at 4 pm EST.

You can listen to us here. Gerry Nicholls should be calling in around 4:15 for another frank discussion about the apparent demise of conservatism in Canada and the United States. Is libertarianism the future?

And why has Barack Obama been annoying self-styled progressives lately?

Now that porkulus has risen, why is the economy still tanking? Why is the government ripping off responsible home owners to bail out those who got mortgages they couldn't afford?

All this and more at 4 pm, EST, on Political Animals. Click here to load a player that will allow you to listen live, over the Internet.

To chat, call in at 1-888-7-WBGUFM.

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