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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The end of the Al & Mike Show

There are two more episodes left of the Al & Mike Show, before the show is retired into the depths of the internet.

But don't fret. Three weeks from now a new show will take it's place, and myself, Al MacDermid, and Jay Currie will be there.

The show will be re-branded and re-tooled, with the Toronto studio now being prepared to launch a second weekly show which will focus prominently on bloggers and media commentators. Some of the shows will be free-flow discussion focused, and others will be debate focused, with guests from opposing sides of various debates.

We are in the final stages of finalizing the name, exact scheduling, and mechanics of running the show.

At this point, I (Mike Brock) will be the moderator/host of the roundtable show. That may change. Or at the very least, we may alternate hosts going forward as I have a busy schedule that may limit my ability to carry the water of two shows. But we'll make it work.

As an aside: after speaking with Peter Jaworski here at the Western Standard, I know I speak for the whole team when I say that we at the Western Standard look forward to providing an ever expanding degree of innovative content which expands and raises the political discourse in Canada and around the world.

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Great to hear you guys are sticking with it, Mike. It's always an entertaining show.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-02-19 5:12:25 PM

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