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Friday, February 20, 2009

Controversial radio host to give keynote address at NDP revival: Is Minister Faust anti-Semitic?

Malcolm Azania, also known as Minister Faust, will deliver the keynote address at the February 27 & 28 conference entitled Geography of Change: Alberta Revitalization & the NDP.

The conference is being organized by the Alberta NDP to “broaden the base, rejuvenate the membership and elect New Democrats.”

Given the objective to “broaden the base,” the radical Minister Faust may be the wrong choice as headliner.

According to Wikipedia:

On June 7, 2004, National Post columnist Colby Cosh posted an entry to his weblog referencing one of Azania's posts to Usenet in the 1990s. Although signed with his pen name Minister Faust, the post was written under Azania's name and e-mail address. Titled "JEWS: ENEMIES? FRIENDS?," the post argued that while "anyone who asserts that all Jews at all times are either our friends or our enemies in all that they do is obviously wrong... the group that is defined as 'Jews' in the USA is most notable for their relations to... [black people] in that they are white... and overall, the aggregate of white actions and inactions is Whitesupremacist", meaning that they "tend to defend or extend the interests of Whitepower in the arts, the economy(ies), politics, society, academia (etc)".

Azania, an author and radio host, issued an apology for the comments. He will be joined at the event by Edmonton Strathcona New Democrat MP Linda Duncan.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Anti-Semitic? Based on this small bit of information, he just sounds like most leftist (and some rightists) moonbats. When anyone tries to lump all Jews together as though we are all the same, think the same, act the same and vote the same, it tells me this person is either very simple-minded or has a serious problem. It is the same when people claim all whites, all blacks or all whatever group are the same. It is wiser to judge others by their actions and behaviour rather than by label. No matter I would still defend his right to free speech.

Posted by: Alain | 2009-02-20 4:21:24 PM

The man is a mental case. The NDP is a group of far left nuts. The Alberta NDP is a pack of far left nuts that no one normally pays attention to. They are a pack of losers and so is he. What a perfect combination!

Posted by: David | 2009-02-20 6:27:55 PM

Well, it was an unfortunate simplification of a pretty important problem - namely racism in North America. Basically, the argument was: all whites enjoy the advantage that being white gives them in a white majority, and this advantage necessarily occurs at the expense of (ie. oppresses) the black minority; jews are white; therefore all jews enjoy the advantage that being white gives them in a white majority culture, and this advantage necessarily occurs at the expense of (ie. oppresses) the black minority.

Malcolm Azania (the fiery university student and not the milder family man of today) unfortunately, put it more bombastically, simply, and provocatively (rhetorical tricks often employed by the Western Standard).

The argument generalized and stereotyped a cultural group, but to call Azania an anti-semite is ridiculous. And, knowing the history of the Western Standard, the aphorism about those who live in glass house springs immediately to mind.

Posted by: Mark | 2009-02-22 9:49:14 PM

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