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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Western Standard’s “Liberty 100” Top 50 for 2008

The Western Standard’s “Liberty 100” Top 10 can be found here.

The Top 25 can be found here.

And below are an additional 25 Canadians who distinguished themselves in 2008 in advancing economic and personal liberty to complete the Top 50 list.

Of course, we still have 50 more names to come to complete the Liberty 100, so there is still time to nominate your favourite freedom fighter.

“Liberty 100” Top 50 for 2008:

26. Gerry Nicholls

Gerry Nicholls is the author of Loyal to the Core: Harper, Me and the NCC and a prominent political observer and pundit.

27. Mark Milke
Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Mark Milke is director of research with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a researcher with the Fraser Institute, an author and a lecturer in political science at the University of Calgary.

28. Karen Selick

Karen Selick is a lawyer in Belleville, Ontario and a libertarian writer who has had her work published in many publications including the Western Standard. In fact, Selick was a regular columnist with the Western Standard from 2004 to 2007.

29. Lawrence Solomon
Urban Renaissance Institute

Lawrence Solomon is a free market environmentalist and author of "The Deniers." He is the executive director of the Urban Renaissance Institute.

30. Marni Soupcoff
National Post

Marni Soupcoff is a columnist and editorial board member at the National Post.

31. Janet Neilson
Institute for Liberal Studies

Janet Neilson is a director with the Institute for Liberal Studies, and a reporter and blogger with the Western Standard.

32. Nadeem Esmail
Fraser Institute

Nadeem Esmail is director of Health System Performance Studies for the Fraser Institute.

33. Fred McMahon
Fraser Institute

Fred McMahon is the director of the Centre for Trade and Globalization Studies at the Fraser Institute.

34. Niels Veldhuis
Fraser Institute

Neils Veldhuis is director of fiscal studies with the Fraser Institute.

35. Gerry Angevine
Fraser Institute

Gerry Angevine is senior economist in with the Fraser Institute's Centre for Energy Studies.

36. Lisa-Diane Fortier
Fraser Institute 

Lisa-Diane Fortier is associate director of School Performance Studies, a program of the Fraser Institute.

37. Diane Katz
Fraser Institute

Diane Katz is director of risk, environment and energy policy studies with the Fraser Institute.

38. Brett Skinner
Fraser Institute

Brett Skinner is a Fraser Institute policy analyst.

39. Michael Thomas
Fraser Institute

Michael Thomas is program director with Children First: School Choice Trust, a project of the Fraser Institute.

40. Colby Cosh
National Post

Colby Cosh is a libertarian columnist with the National Post.

41. Raeann English
Fraser Institute

Raeann English is a media relations specialist with the Fraser Institute.

42. Dean Pelkey
Fraser Institute

Dean Pelkey is director of communications with the Fraser Institute.

43. Leonard Peikoff
Ayn Rand Institute

Leonard Peikoff, born in Winnipeg, is an Objectivist philosopher and the founder of the Ayn Rand Institute.

44. Matt Bufton
Institute for Liberal Studies

Matt Bufton is a director with the Institute for Liberal Studies.

45. Krista Zoobkoff
Libertarian Party

Krista Zoobkoff was the Libertarian Party candidate for the federal riding of Wild Rose. She owns hemp stores in Canmore, Banff and Airdrie and opposes marijuana prohibition. For a first time candidate, she demonstrated excellent media and communication skills. Expect more from Zoobkoff in 2009.

46. Brian Lee Crowley
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

Brian Lee Crowley is the founding president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

47. Martin Masse
Quebecois Libre

Martin Masse is the publisher of Quebecois Libre, a Quebec-based online libertarian magazine. Masse's columns have appeared in the Western Standard.

48. Avril Allen
Canadian Constitution Foundation

Avril Allen acts as counsel to and serves on the Advisory Board of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

49. Scott Hennig
Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Scott Hennig is the Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

50. Lee Harding
Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Lee Harding is the Saskatchewan director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Congratulations to the Top 50 of the “Liberty 100.” Stay tuned for the next 50.

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Colby Cosh?

Is 'being a libertarian' the primary criteria?

Posted by: lwestin | 2009-01-04 7:20:06 PM

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