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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Western Standard’s Liberty 100 (75-100) for 2008...the final 25

The Western Standard unveiled the first 75 of its Liberty 100 with the Top 10, Top 25, Top 50 and Top 75 lists of Canadians who distinguished themselves in 2008 with their efforts to advance economic and personal liberty.

Some of the names on the Liberty 100 – people like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn -- will be well known to Western Standard readers, while some have laboured for a free society outside the media spotlight – people like Dr. Glenn Fox and Dr. Janet Ajzenstat.

Some are scrappy and unconventional, like Jean-Serge Brisson and blogger Kathy Shaidle, while others are establishment figures, like Order of Canada member Dr. Jan Narveson and Conservative cabinet minister Rona Ambrose.

Some of Canada’s notable champions of economic and personal liberty are controversial, like marijuana legalization advocate Marc Emery, while some have a more conventional style, like National Post columnist Lorne Gunter.

Some are familiar, like the Western Standard’s own Peter Jaworski, while others might be strangers, like political newcomers Krista Zoobkoff and Melanie Simard.

The Top 75, like the last 25, defy easy categorization, except that they have all resisted the growth of government and are part of the rich tapestry that makes up the freedom movement.

Here are the final 25 (76-100) of the Liberty 100:

76. Kate McMillan
Small dead animals blog 

Kate McMillan is a free speech blogger who runs the popular "Small dead animals" blog.

77. Jacques Chaoulli

Dr. Jacques Chaoulli successfully took the Quebec government to the Supreme Court arguing that the state monopoly on healthcare violates the Charter right to security of the person.

78. Terry O'Neill

Terry O'Neill is a veteran reporter and freelance columnist. He's written extensively in defence of free speech, including columns for the Western Standard.

79. David Warren
Ottawa Citizen

David Warren is an entertaining, insightful and brave commentator on culture with a rare appreciation for free market Austrian economists like Frederick Hayek. His criticisms of libertarianism are harsh, but worth reading.

80. Rebecca Walberg
Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Rebecca Walberg is the social policy analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy with a special interest in health, poverty and housing issues. Her columns appear often in the Western Standard.

81. Joseph Quesnel
Frontier Centre for Public Policy 

Joseph Quesnel is a policy analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy who focuses on aboriginal matters. His columns appear often in the Western Standard.

82. Andrew Coyne
Maclean's magazine   

Andrew Coyne is the libertarian-leaning national editor of Maclean's magazine.

83. Craig Yirush

Craig Yirush is assistant professor of history at UCLA who has done policy work at the Fraser Institute and was a fellow-in-residence at the Institute for Humane Studies in 2000. Yirush also blogs for the Western Standard.

84. Jim McIntosh
Ontario Libertarian Party 

Jim McIntosh is on the executive committee of the Ontario Libertarian Party and a tireless advocate for liberty.

85. Sam Apelbaum
Ontario Libertarian Party

Sam Apelbaum is leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party.

86. Alan Mercer
Libertarian Party

Alan Mercer was the Libertarian Party candidate in 2008 for the federal riding of Scarborough--Rouge River.

87. Chester Brown 
Libertarian Party

Chester Brown was the Libertarian Party candidate in 2008 for the federal riding of Trinity--Spadina. He is also a successful cartoonist.

88. Andrea Mrozek

Andrea Mrozek is manager of research and communications for the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada and runs the prowomanprolife.org blog.

89. Marc Boris St-Maurice
NORML Canada

Marc Boris St-Maurice is executive director of NORML Canada. The organization aims to eliminate all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use.

90. Daniel Klymchuk 
Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Daniel Klymchuk is a policy analyst at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy who is working on housing and water issues.

91. Connie Fournier 
Free Dominion  

Connie Fournier is the tenacious publisher of the conservative website Free Dominion. Fournier is part of a no compromise cadre of pro-free speech bloggers and wisely took Free Dominion offshore to escape the reach of Canada's human rights commissions.

92. Don Sandberg
Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Don Sandberg is director of Aboriginal Frontiers Project with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

93. John Conroy 
NORML Canada 

John Conroy is a lawyer and president of NORML Canada. The organization aims to eliminate all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use.

94. David Schmidtz
University of Arizona

Dave Schmidtz is a philosopher at the University of Arizona and director of the Freedom Center.

95. Christopher di Armani
Bruce Montaque Court Challenge for Liberty and Rights

Christopher di Armani is a director with the Bruce Montaque Court Challenge for Liberty and Rights. He is a writer, filmmaker and long-time gun rights advocate.

96. Jason Burrows
Libertarian Party

Jason Burrows is a director with the Libertarian Party and was a candidate in 2008.

97. Calvin Helin
Calvin Helin Personal Law Corporation 

Calvin Helin is a new generation of aboriginal leader who has no time for failed welfare policies and establishment aboriginal leaders. Helin believes in free enterprise and self-reliance, and has written a blueprint for changing Canada's broken relationship with the aboriginal community with his book “Dances with Dependency.”

98. Mike Kennedy 
Smokers Choice

Mike Kennedy is the founder of Smokers Choice, an organization rooted firmly in its advocacy for property rights as the basis for tobacco freedom.

99. Melanie Simard   
Libertarian Party 

Melanie Simard, a high school teacher in High Prairie, was the Libertarian Party candidate in 2008 for the federal riding of Peace River. Simard is also a director with the party.

100. Blair Hagen
National Firearms Association

Blair Hagen is national president of the National Firearms Association (NFA).The NFA, which works for "fair and practical firearm and property rights legislation," has been less active since the passing of the organization's long-time national president Dave Tomlinson. Let's hope that changes in 2009.

Congratulations to the Liberty 100, and sorry to everyone I've missed who deserves recognition. The Western Standard intends to maintain this list into the future with features that allow our readers to vote for their own favourite friend of liberty.

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