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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Western Standard poll: Conservative budget proves Tories are conservative in name only

Shotgun blogger Gerry Nicholls, following the release of the Conservative budget, wrote:

Well now it's official.

The Conservative Party is conservative in name only.

Makes me yearn for the days when we had relatively fiscally conservative leaders, like Jean Chretien.

Is he right?:


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Canada does not need a second Liberal Party. A functioning democracy works when parties compete, not when they capitulate. Talk about “consensus” is bunk; this was a case of selling one’s soul for political survival. Our Prime Minister has opened wide the national wallet and invited every eager hand to reach in and grab its fistful of dollars. He has given short shrift to conservative measures and to Canadian taxpayers who will foot the bill for this misadventure. Ultimately it is both his party and the country who will pay the price.

Posted by: Tasha | 2009-01-30 7:36:45 PM

Oh come on trasha....since the government is busy bailing everyone out, maybe we should just go stand in line with all the other Kamrades.
No point working in a socialist society anyway is there?

Its all just so pathetic.

Posted by: JC | 2009-01-30 7:57:41 PM

Gerry Nichols has an agenda all his own. Can he be trusted to represent my conservatives views any more? Nah, not so much.

Conservatives did not get sufficient votes for some reason to win the majority.

Canadians want big spenders, it does seem. Apparently Quebec voters want culture spending and lots of it, and have proven that votes depend on that. A whole lot of gimme, gimme, gimme.

Until the country goes into a whole lot of hurt, all politicians seem willing to shovel it for votes.

It might come down to what faces one can stand smirking back at us from the government-seats in Ottawa.

Posted by: rigormortis | 2009-01-31 8:24:10 AM

Looking for conservatism in action? I recommend that you try New Zealand. The center-right National Party was just elected there on a tax cutting and pro-business agenda. The National Party forms government with ACT. ACT is a party that is libertarian on economic and social issues but conservative on crime issues(and pro-American foreign policy). On the latest Heritage Foundation's guide on worldwide economic freedom, New Zealand ranks the 5th most free(even after 9 years of Labour rule). Canada ranks number 7. Also, they have a lot fewer restrictions on gun ownership. 15% of children go to private schools or homeschools(10% state funded religious schools, 4% private schools). Also, Auckland's temperatures really only range between about 40-80 F. New Zealand is largely a secular society with low church attendance(over 35% say they are not particularly religious). The new prime minister is an atheist. However, canadian libertarians might be surprised to find that christian traditions have a stronger public presence in New Zealand. School prayer is allowed. The Lords Prayer is used in parliment. There are religious classes in the public schools. Abortion is legal only in certain circumstances. Currently, the big social debates are over prostitution(whether to outlaw it again), spanking(Labor government outlawed it against people's wishes), and crime(no worse than Canada but people want tougher sentencing including death penalty). Also, you have more party choices in New Zealand. National is a pro-business party that allows free votes on social issues(though most mps are pro-life and lean socially conservative). ACT is a mix of libetarianand tough on crime policies. New Zealand First is centrist on economics(pro-tax cuts but anti-free trade) but conservative on social issues. In New Zealand, you have choices. In Canada, you have one choice and four socialist parties.

Posted by: Ian | 2009-01-31 4:08:10 PM

Canadians want big spenders, it does seem. Apparently Quebec voters want culture spending and lots of it, and have proven that votes depend on that. A whole lot of gimme, gimme, gimme.
Posted by: rigormortis | 2009-01-31 8:24:10 AM

The very nature of Socialism. Just like cancer, it will kill us too.

Posted by: JC | 2009-01-31 6:07:16 PM

Oh come on trasha....
Posted by: JC | 2009-01-30 7:57:41 PM

Oops. Should say "Tasha".
Its a typo and I meant no offense.
My Apologies.

Posted by: JC | 2009-02-01 7:31:15 AM

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