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Friday, January 30, 2009

Southern Avenger and why a Conservative Party loss might be good for Canadian conservatism

It's a Southern Avenger double-header today. But Jack Hunter's commentary on conservative Republican opposition to the U.S. bailout might be a salutary lesson for Canadian small government conservatives.

From Hunter:

House Republicans have put up a united front in opposing Obama’s stimulus package. Writes conservative columnist Robert Stacy McCain “Man, if all it took to get Republicans to vote conservative was to elect a Democratic president, this is a change I can believe in.” Indeed. Yesterday’s “we must support the president” big government economics is rightfully seen today as “socialism.” And whether out of principle or partisanship, it’s refreshing to see Republicans standing on conservative principle once again.

And maybe Canadian Conservatives, in the middle of a revolt, are beginning to think the same thing -- maybe losing to the coalition would have been a good thing. At the very least, Conservative M.P.s would likely have opposed a bloated, deficit-fueling coalition budget, rather than support a bloated, deficit-fueling Conservative budget. At the very least, Conservatives would have remained credible on fiscal matters. Besides that, they would have likely won a majority considering the wild unpopularity of the attempted coalition government, and the likely failure of a massive increase in government spending; they would also have avoided a grassroots revolt.

Watch Hunter's commentary:

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