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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rick Mercer: Conservative policy -- 20 minutes fresh. Always.

Worth a laugh. Too bad it's true:

Posted by P.M. Jaworski on January 29, 2009 in Humour | Permalink


I refuse to watch anything by the CBC.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2009-01-29 2:45:06 PM

R Mercer is an Arseloch, in my opinion.

Posted by: dewp | 2009-01-29 9:13:22 PM

That is Hilarious! and all too real.
Bye Bye PC's...it was nice knowing ya!
Look us up if you're ever on our side of the street again...

Posted by: JC | 2009-01-29 9:23:22 PM

Sorry JC, you're dead wrong. Rick Mercer has never been hilarious. insightful sometimes. never hilarious. The PC party hasn't existed for a few years already, so, when you get off your high horse and realize you're wrong side of the street, you'll stop being a trolling wanker. or not.

Posted by: Sam | 2009-01-30 8:26:34 AM

I refuse to watch also. Those codco hacks were funny for one season, now they're annoying. They should move home, and work for Danny Williams.

Posted by: dp | 2009-01-30 10:20:40 AM

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