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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Breaking: Israel has begun a ground invasion of Gaza

This has just come across the wires.  I don't yet have a link.  Will update with one ASAP.

Update: CNN has a banner up, but no linkable story yet.

Picture 1

Update2: The IDF claims their goal is to take control of the border areas of Gaza to deny Hamas areas from which to launch rockets from. Could this mean Israel is planning to indefinitely occupy these areas? 

Update3: Link to CNN story.

Posted by Mike Brock on January 3, 2009 | Permalink


Al Jazeera has a live Twitter of the invasion. You can see that here: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2008/12/2008122916531937971.html

It's in English.

Posted by: Robert Jago | 2009-01-03 1:04:39 PM

Thank god they've stopped bombing all those poor innocents.

(Sarcasm off)

You know, the innocents that knowingly elected Hamas, the ones that stand by while rockets are launched illegally, and in contravention of , international law. The ones that choose to stay in Gaza when the UN agencies there on the ground are only too happy to help them immigrate to more congenial climes. Those innocents.

My concern is saved for those that cannot/ do not have control over their personal situation. Gazans can and do, they merely choose not to. You reap what you sow, and if that's dead "civilians", well, unfortunately, so be it. This is one member of the evil west that will sleep just fine tonight knowing that the IDF is on the ground and cleaning house.

Posted by: Dave | 2009-01-03 3:13:51 PM

I don't think this is a good idea. Israel has the upper hand from the air. Switching to ground troops will only jeopardize and lose soldiers' lives. Just keep bombing them until they give up and return to the ceasefire agreement.

Posted by: Werner Patels | 2009-01-03 7:00:10 PM

May God bless the Israeli Defense Forces. The Israelis are entering an area where Hamas radicals have created miles of underground bunkers and tunnels. They also claim to have mined many areas. They intend to create a Stalingrad-like setup. Finally, Hamas will be using women and children to hide behind. My advice is to go in there no holds barred. If Hamas militants are firing from a building then take it down. Be ready for any kind of trickery. Remember the lessons of Black Hawk Down in Somalia. Hit them with overwhelming force. More U.S. rangers lives might have been saved in Somalia if air support from jets instead of choppers had been available. The rangers with limited numbers and few heavy armaments(no tanks or armored vehicles) badly damaged Adid's organization. However, a few jets could have incinerated Adid and all his sympathizers. This garbage with Hamas(same with Hezobollah, Al-Qaeda, etc.) is because Israel and the west have not been tough enough with these islamic fundamentalist psychos. I realize that the blame U.S. and Israel crowd in the west(which unfortunately includes some libertarians) will call for Israel to stop its actions. They will ignore the attacks on Israel and say that Hamas is not at fault. I often get the idea that many of this crowd would have no problem watching Israel disappear into the sea. I wonder if they are descended from the same people who over 60 years ago thought the Nazi concentration camps were being overreported.

Posted by: Jacob | 2009-01-03 7:19:22 PM

I think trying to figure out who's fault the situation in the Gaza is would take too much of a study in history that for the moment is irrelevant. The Israeli's are there and they intend to stay, the Palestinians are there and they intend to stay as well.
So when one side attacks the other with rockets, they should expect retaliation. And when they hide among civilians there will be innocents killed.
Change the names of the groups and the situation is still the same. So it isn't about morality or fault. Its a conflict in the nature of all human conflicts.
Israel's have always held their own. Since the day they had to shoot it out with Brits and Arabs to gain some sand, they've done pretty damn well at taking care of themselves.
And with the money, technology and resouces they
have, I really have to wonder if they need our help, our permission (or moral support) at all.
And as a Libertarian, I think they have a right to defend themselves and I think we have a right to mind our own business.
I'm just a little tired of sending money away so one group I don't know can kill another group I don't know.
However, if any individual wishes to voluntarily take up arms or open their wallet to support one side or another...your call, it's your right.

Either way Israel needs to stop these bastards with the rockets. God help them.

Posted by: JC | 2009-01-03 9:23:48 PM

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