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Saturday, December 06, 2008

We are part of the 74 per cent majority

Today is protest day. Across our country, people will be getting together to demonstrate against the Dion-NDP-Bloc coalition.

The coalition are broadcasting their case using a website called 62percentmajority.ca. You can see the ads for it on NationalNewswatch. The site is so named because Dion claims that he has the support of the 62% of Canadians who didn’t vote Tory. It’s an absurd claim and one that a lot of Christian Heritage supporters, Libertarians, and a fair number of Libs, Dippers and Blocquistes would find hard to swallow.

We at the Western Standard have put together a response. The site is called 74percentmajority.ca. Why 74%? That's the number of people that voted "against" Stephane Dion.

Take some time to check it out and see why we can’t let this preposterous man rule over us.

Also, of course, take some time to attend your local rally and speak up.


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"The CBC has reported that there is a "consensus building that [the Liberal Party] cannot go forward with Mr. Dion as leader.""

If even the CBC is willing to turn against its leader, what does that say about the coalition? Canada just dodged a bullet.

Thank you, Mr. Harper for your principled stand against the fascist coalition.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 10:01:43 AM


It is a good idea not to fight a silly claim by making an equally silly one. You say Christian Heritage supporters and Libertarians might find the 62% claim hard to swallow. But in the last election the Christian Heritage, Marxist-Leninist, Libertarian, Progressive Canadian, Communist, Canadian Action, Marijuana, Neorhino.ca, Newfoundland and Labrador First, First Peoples National, Animal Alliance Environment Voters, Work Less, Western Block, and People's Political Power Parties collectively got about 0.45% of the vote. Even if you add all that to the Conservative vote (37.65%), you get 38%. That leaves 62% left over, without having to offend CHPers or Libertarians of any of the other fringe parties. The 0.69% who voted for independents might have a gripe, but it's a less than 1% gripe.

Furthermore, to claim that the votes for the Libs, NDP, BQ, and Greens don't count as pro-coalition votes because they did not run on that platform means you also have to agree that the Conservative economic update was not legitimate, since it contained significant changes that they didn't run on. Also, by counting all those who did not vote for the Liberals as agaisnt Dion for PM you are just buying into their premise of how to count, so at best you fight to a stalemate.

The best response is to use polling data on what Canadians, no matter who they voted for, say about the coalition. Several polls have all placed opposition to the coalition at between 60% and 70%. So one of those numbers would be the one to go on. Since, obviously, you would want a number bigger than 62%, I'd say go with 70%. Coming yesterday, it is the most recent one (that I've seen, anyway) and it is the biggest number. It also has the legitimacy of being the actual number of actual Canadians who have actually expressed a view specifically on the coalition.

Is 70percentmajority.ca still available? That's your winning number.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-12-06 10:24:01 AM

I understand that feelings against the coalition are strong in the west, but I think it's a shame that the Standard has moved from opinion and commentary into advocacy.

Posted by: Matt | 2008-12-06 10:50:31 AM

Libertarians and CHP's?

HAHAHHAHA. Absolutely irrelevant!

Posted by: epsilon | 2008-12-06 12:05:51 PM

I vote that he, and his love interest Lizzy, be sent to a mental asylum where they belong.

Posted by: Werner Patels | 2008-12-06 12:44:15 PM

Matt I think it is pretty clear that the Western Standard has always advocated for certain things. I don't think that this is out of step with its traditions at all.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2008-12-06 2:25:34 PM

No argument with your claim Hugh. I just enjoy the less-partisan direction that has generally been taken by the new management.

Posted by: Matt | 2008-12-06 3:05:00 PM


I appreciate your appreciation for the lack of partisanship around here lately. We're not going to abandon that. If Harper pulls it out of the fire, we're still going to get on his case about all kinds of things, like abolishing Section 13, as even his own party seems to want.

But the coalition represents, at best, a distraction. There's a chance -- albeit a small one -- that Section 13 will be reformed if Harper maintains power. If the coalition gains control, that chance will vanish, and probably for a long time.

That's one reason to oppose the coalition, at least for the time being.



Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-12-06 3:14:49 PM


Let's take this percentage of people who did not vote for Harper argument to its logical conclusion.

78% of Canadians did not vote for Dion.
82% of Canadians did not vote for Layton.
90% of Canadians did not vote for Duceppe.

Add all three and you get the indisuputably logical fact that 250% of Canadians did not vote for the coalition.

Sounds pretty convincing to me and now that Ontario is part of the west, we can move onto making Canada a stronger country.

The second-highest level of support for the Conservative Party, behind Alberta, is Ontario.

Good for them. They're finally tired of this crap, too.

And, the majority of Ontarians are against the bailout of the Big Three.

Just days ago, a Toyota Prius plant was opened in Woodstock, Ontario.

And, something I just learned last night ... a Nissan plant opened in Tennessee this week.

So, who's in trouble ... the auto sector or the Big Three unions? Just watch.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 3:14:57 PM

Canadians don't vote for PM, they vote for an MP and a Party. Dion is only PM because he is the current leader. He won't be for long and even if he is still leader until May, it's still the Party and the politics that *I* and 62% of the rest of Canada care about...

Imagine if both the Liberals and the Conservatives got rid of their unpopular and/or divisive leaders... now that would make things interesting.

Posted by: Chris Alemany | 2008-12-06 3:45:08 PM


I don't know whose idea it was to allow them in the first place, but it was a big mistake. They have been skewing our elections ever since. That is why we have such assholes running this country.

An the only reason there is the 1.95 per vote extortion going on is because Jean Chretien and the Libranos were unable to continue the brown envelope ad scam thefts that were funding the Liberal Party up the the time they were stopped.

If he cannot steal it, he decide to simply extort it. Very clever and we are very stupid. Harper did the right thing by trying to get rid of it. His timing was bad ... that's all.

Posted by: John V | 2008-12-06 4:43:52 PM

John V, right you are. Do not forget that not only is the Bloc a provincial party (Quebec) but it is a separatist party. The collectivists want us to forget that the coalition is made up of three equal partners and that the Bloc is one of them. They also do not want us referring to the Bloc, as separatist, although that is what it is. It reminds me of the MSM not wishing to link the terrorists in Mumbai, India to Islam and some are now calling them youths.

You are also right in that the Bloc should never have been allowed to sit in Parliament, but we seem to be addicted to doing stupid things in this country.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-12-06 6:19:06 PM

I'm with setyoufree:

Dion was to lead a Liberal-NDP coalition. 74% did not vote Liberal, and 82% did not vote NDP: a total of 156% who "voted against" the Liberal-NDP coalition government.

For that reason, for a lark, I set up the "I'm a part of the 156% majority" group on FaceBook:


Posted by: Paul McKeever | 2008-12-06 8:20:13 PM

Fact Check,
Answer for yourself (if you can find it possible to follow Shakespeare,s dictum from Hamlet "This above all to thine own self be true")what is the Coalition? does the Bloc Quebecois belong to the Coalition? are Jack Layton and Dion only planning to borrow their votes? Now ask yourself if the Bloc Quebecois is not part of the Coalition, how can they petition the Governor General to grant them power to govern with only 114 seats? If you say they are part of the Coalition you must accept all the legitamate criticism that the Liberals and NDP are full cohorts with a Party whose clearly stated objective is to break up Canada. Please give this blog your answer.

Posted by: Bob Wood | 2008-12-07 2:24:33 PM

The East can police the west any time they want to and even out vote them now too..

Thus the whole west can protest all they want but Loser Con man Harper cannot win relection or a mjoirty without Quebec or Ontario's support in reality etc.

Harper is the loser...

Posted by: thenonconformer | 2008-12-08 9:09:50 AM

Once Dion steps down or is removed, doesn't this website become obsolete? This numbers game doesn't seem like a strong argument against the coalition, unless we're advocating for none of the parties to take power. (Which, frankly, I'd be OK with.)

Posted by: Janet | 2008-12-08 10:07:42 AM


My name is Terrence Deagle and I'm from the Maritimes and probably one of the few people from there that supports Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper was elected as Prime Minister of Canada albeit a minority government. The notion of an un-elected group of people being handed over power by the Governor General is simply a coup'd-etat (an overthrow of the state.

In other countries weapons and mass murder are used to carry out a coup. However, in Canada, we are so civilized,we hurl paper airplane bombers instead to pound people into submission.

If the opposition (an unelected government) is given power that means that the people's vote didn't matter in the least. Therfore, it's time to have a term-limit system imposed in which politicians can only serve 5 years and then they are booted out.

Best regards,

Terrence Deagle

Posted by: Terrence Deagle | 2008-12-08 6:35:37 PM

I did not vote for a Prime Minister. I voted for my local candidate., the one who best respresented my views.
Quit distorting facts.

Posted by: mynalee johnstone | 2008-12-09 3:43:48 AM

The notion of an un-elected group of people being handed over power by the Governor General...

Posted by: Terrence Deagle | 8-Dec-08 6:35:37 PM

I'm sure the Liberal, NDP and Bloc caucuses will be surprised to hear that they weren't actually elected in the last election.

If you support Stephen Harper, and/or oppose the coalition surely you can come up with a real reason to do so.

Posted by: Janet | 2008-12-09 6:17:23 AM

Janet, you know perfectly well that the Canadian expectation is that the party with the most seats will form the government, and that people vote with that result in mind. There has not been a coalition government in nearly 100 years and the case today is much weaker than it was in 1926, because the two actual members of the coalition, the NDP and Liberals combined, still have fewer seats than the Tories. They would need to be propped up by the Bloc vote by vote (since the latter refused to formally join the coalition). Maybe it's me, but that doesn't sound like a recipe for a stabler government than we have right now.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-12-09 7:20:37 AM

What so many people are overlooking is that the whole idea behind this coalition is to take the decision making process away from ALL citizens in this country and concentrate it in the hands of a very few.

Like it or not, the Conservatives were given a Mandate to govern this country. That Mandate has often been given to the Liberals, but not this time. It has never been given to NDP, the Bloc or the Green Party although they all asked for it (and yes mathematically the Bloc could win the country).

We as a nation made our choice

The Coaltion is not intent on bringing the government down on a non confidence motion and then asking us for a Mandate, they are intent on defeating the Government and assuming control of it despite the fact they have no madate from the people to do so.

This is not about Liberals versus Conservatives versus NDP as the coalition would like you to believe, this is about seizing control of our duly elected government.

Am I the only one who sees the absurdity of the possibility that the Leader of the FOURTH party would end up in Cabinet and the Leader of the first party would be in Oppostion?

Posted by: Dennnis Wharton | 2008-12-09 10:06:51 AM


Easy, killer. All I said was that they were elected. They were. Not only that, they were sworn in and everything!

The whole argument here is whether the coalition would be democratic (it would), elected (they are - we elect representatives and not parties. if you want to move to PR and vote for parties I'm cool with it.) and constitutional (it's also that).

If the argument is "are Canadians comfortable with the coalition idea?" or "would this particular coalition be good for Canada?" then the answer to either would be no - but those weren't the questions at hand here.

Posted by: Janet Neilson | 2008-12-09 8:13:47 PM

What so many people are overlooking is that the whole idea behind this coalition is to take the decision making process away from ALL citizens in this country and concentrate it in the hands of a very few.

Posted by: Dennnis Wharton | 9-Dec-08 10:06:51 AM

D-e-triple-n-is: That's the general idea behind all governments that do things in any way other than referendum.

Also: mandate ≠ proper noun.

Posted by: Janet Neilson | 2008-12-09 8:20:03 PM

The best Xmas present I received this year was from PM Harper(thank you, thank you) for motivating the Liberal party to finally get rid of Dion. I have been trying to get rid of this political pariah since he became the leader of the Libs. It is a new dawning for the Libs so I would suggest you get over Dion and enjoy Xmas, the "Dion Advantage" is over for the Neo-Cons.

Posted by: Reg | 2008-12-27 3:02:30 PM

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