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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Steve Horwitz, member in good standing, Sound and Solid Thinkers Club

Steve Horwitz, professor of economics at St. Lawrence University, and a man I've had the good fortune to eat Chinese food with, has a glorious fisking up of a blog post by Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning New York Times columnist who manages to regularly infuriate free market economists.

The discussion is about the Great Depression, and whether or not FDR managed to prolong the depression courtesy of his policies. Horwitz, an Austrian economist, is part of my Sound and Solid Thinkers Club (SSTC), membership requires radical pro-liberty positions on everything, plus a generalized distrust and aversion to anything and everything run via political, rather than market, incentives. (You, too, can join the club. Just read some Austrian economists to shore up your economic thinking, and some public choice economics to do away with your tight grip on the theory of politicians as a breed apart from the rest of us schmucks who are solely interested in the "public good." It'll remove that sacharin-sweet taste from your mouth just as soon as you do!)

Read the whole thing (of course) but here's a lovely taste:

So congratulations Professor Nobel Prize 2008, you have very successfully pushed over a strawman, making it abundantly clear you have no clue what people who you disagree with actually argue, and illustrated the fallacies of thinking in terms of "across-the-board solutions that have to be implemented." And you did it all in one short blog post. That might be a record for idiocy, even for you.

(Ha! "Professor Nobel Prize 2008." Just perfect.)

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