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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Southern Avenger: Mark Sanford vs. Bobby Jindal

Here's a new video from the Southern Avenger, an exceptionally eloquent U.S. political commentator, even if I don't always agree with him. But he really does get it right in the following video, put together for the paleo-conservative Taki's Magazine.

At least part of the problem (I'm inclined to say the major part) for Republicans is their complete and wholesale abandonment of small government principles. Whether it be massive spending, Keynesian bailouts, or creating new bureaucracies, Republicans under George W. Bush have put the Democrats to shame. They've doubled-down.

It's time for the Republicans to do some deep soul-searching. Do they want to continue along their most recent path of big government, or alter course and return to the free market, small government, and non-interventionist principles that used to animate not only the rhetoric of Republicans, but also their actions?

The selection of the next leader of the Republican Party will be a good sniff test. Choose Governor Bobby Jindal and the GOP will continue to reek of leviathan. Choose Governor Mark Sanford and maybe some of the stench will subside. That's the Southern Avenger's message. And if his message is missing anything, it's the fact that Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake would be an equally good pick.

Enjoy the video:

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Flake might be a good pick, but you don't go from Congress to a Presidential nomination. Flake needs to take over the McCain (nee Goldwater) Senate seat for a term or two. In the meantime, the GOP needs Sanford.

Posted by: Matt | 2008-12-17 7:36:58 PM

Sanford is fine. However, don't disregard Jindal so readily. The man is a fiscal and social conservative Republican who is transforming Louisiana. Other great Republican choices are: Tom Coburn(Senator from Oklahoma), Mike Huckabee, and Palin. All are economic and social conservatives. All are reformers. Coburn is a staunch opponent of excessive government spending and has the nickname "Dr. No"(Coburn is also a medical doctor). He has voted against all pork barrel spending. He has opposed the bailouts. He is a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment. He supports the death penalty and term limits. He opposes abortion, affirmative action, socialized medicine, and political correctness. In 1994, he won election to congress and promised to serve only 3 terms. In 1998, he left after completing his 3rd congressional term. In 2004, he won election to the senate. In his campaign, he said that he would either serve 2 or 3 terms(I can't remember which) and then leave.

Posted by: Jethro | 2008-12-17 9:00:50 PM


I agree on Coburn and would be able to see more hope for Palin (I'd take her for president over McCain, Obama or Biden any day) if she weren't such an ignoramus on foreign policy and a grasping opportunist.

But I cannot abide Huckabee. Huckabee is not an economic conservative (see http://www.reason.com/blog/show/130111.html for example). He is very much a 'compassionate conservative' in the mold of GWB and a nanny-statist; He supports agricultural subsidies, envisions a larger role for the government in alleviating poverty, improving people's health and saving the environment and is in favour of an actively interventionist foreign policy. I cannot think of a single example of an important policy he opposed from the big-government Republican GW Bush in the last eight years.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-12-18 2:04:19 AM

On economics Mark Sanford is not bad at all. He's not perfect, but I would take him any day of the week before 90% of the GOP leaders. I agree that Bobby Jindal is the GOP status quo. Sarah Palin really is as well, she supported the bailout and the auto bailout, and her views are very muddled and bland.

Tom Coburn is a smart guy as well, an expert on healthcare policy, he opposed the Iraq war (after the fact), and opposes permanence of the PATRIOT Act in principle.

Huckabee is a statist, I ditto what Kalim says there.

Chuck Hagel is not that bad but he is not really that big of an economic conservative.

I think the best hope for the GOP next time is for Mark Sanford to run.

Posted by: Omar Abu Hatem | 2008-12-18 3:57:51 AM

Mark Sanford on NPR talking about Obama's infrastructure plan: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=98046283

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-12-19 6:22:39 PM

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