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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah Palin named "Most Controversial Celebrity" of 2008

Sarah Palin has just been named the “Most Controversial Celebrity” of 2008 by Showbiz Tonight, beating out two-time winner Britney Spears.

The Western Standard covered Palin as closely as good taste would allow and I can’t really understand what’s so controversial about the Alaskan governor and former Republican vice presidential candidate.

Was it that sexy college t-shirt photo?

Perhaps it is her down syndrome son Trig who she chose not to abort?

Her expensive campaign wardrobe, which she says she never asked for and didn't keep?

What about her rather conventional Christian views?

Or could it be her love of guns and hunting?

There's nothing controversial here.

Although she did have nice things to say about controversial Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul – and then there was her association with Alaskan libertarians and separatists.

Troopergate, of course! I almost forgot about Troopergate.


OK. Fine. I guess she is somewhat controversial.

But is she really a celebrity?

And is this new obsession with the political class healthy? I think I like the Hollywood-obsessed America better than the politically-obsessed America, an era ushered in by President-elect Obama and the attractive and fashionable Palin.

I wonder if Lindsay Lohan said anything stupid today?

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