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Saturday, December 20, 2008

One man’s villain is another man’s freedom fighter: Democratic Talk Radio.com releases 2008 Villain & Hero Awards

Democratic Talk Radio.com, launched in 2004 by host Stephen Crockett to spread the message of the Democratic Party, has released its 2008 Villain & Hero Awards.

Knowing who left-wing statists like Crockett regard as villains might give those of us in the freedom movement some insight into who’s fighting the good fight on our side.

It’s been a particularly villainous year apparently as Crockett has selected three “Villains of 2008.”

His first choice is Fox News. The left loves to hate Fox News.

Less predictably, his second winner for political villain in 2008 is George McGovern. The former Democratic president has allied himself recently with anti-union forces.

Crockett’s third choice is Senate Republicans including Corker of Tennessee, Shelby of Alabama, McConnell of Kentucky, and Vitter of Louisiana for their opposition to auto sector subsidies and bailouts.

Fox News, George McGovern and Senate Republicans have clearly distinguished themselves in 2008.

Crockett’s 2008 Hero Award goes to Al Franken. The noisy Saturday Night Live comedian, Franken, is still trying to win the 2008 Minnesota Senate race against Republican opponent Norm Coleman. Franken and Coleman have been in a politically charged recount process since the November vote which originally gave the race to Coleman. A report today by the Weekly Standard suggests Franken may be trailing by as few as two votes.

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Thieves are heroes? That's so Democratic. They tried to steal the 2000 Presidential Election of course. What's Minnesota compared to that?

Posted by: Charles Martin Cosgriff | 2008-12-20 11:00:50 AM

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