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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No Al & Mike Show this week, or next

Due to the holidays, we will not be having an Al & Mike Show either today or next week, since Wednesday falls on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve concurrently.  We will return on January 7th for a whole new year of Al & Mike at Western Standard Radio.

This downtime will allow us the time necessary to complete the technical upgrades to the A&MS studio which will be the springboard for a brand new show we'll be launching at WS Radio in the new year.  

For the technophiles/audiophiles: next week we are going to strip down the studio for rewiring, in order to expand the amount of mix-minus channels available to us, as we are maxed-out with the phone system taking up both available channels (1 for the guests, and 1 for the caller pool). In order to facilitate remote studio linkups, we need a third channel, so we're installing an outboard secondary mixer; a fairly expensive upgrade. But it should be worth it!

We'll keep you posted, as we head into what is going to be our best year yet!

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