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Monday, December 01, 2008

Marc Emery: Creeping jackboots part two

Matthew Johnston, publisher of the Western Standard, has made it clear that, at least until the end of February, he's a "single issue non-voter." That single issue is preventing the extradition of our mutual friend, libertarian publisher and Western Standard columnist Marc Emery. I'm happy to be on-side with this single-minded activist pursuit.

Over the next several months, Matthew, myself, and the more liberty-minded members of the Western Standard community will be agitating for a political resolution to the threat of extradition being faced by Emery. If there is a positive spin that can be put on this NDP-Bloc-Liberal coalition, it really is the fact that preventing the unjust, shameful, and shocking extradition of Emery is made a little bit more likely.

But while we're focusing on Emery's personal travails, Emery isn't sitting idly by and lamenting his condition. He's steeled himself to the possibility of extradition, and he's agreed, as all civilly disobedient peaceful protesters do, to go to the U.S. and face the possibility of life in prison should Canada's government decide to send him south for the "crime" of selling marijuana seeds. Even so, he's also busy writing a great deal about the slow and steady growth of the anti-marijuana industry in Canada, and why the attempt to obliterate that culture is both ominous in itself, and something the rest of us should resist, whether or not we smoke pot, care to, or even like it.

In part two of Emery's three-part series entitled "Creeping Jackboots," Emery sheds light on the use of seizure and confiscation laws that are being used more and more often in Canada to impoverish and humiliate a significant number of our fellow Canadians.

The use of these laws is, occasionally, so absurd and outlandish, that it really does deserve to be called jackbooted thuggery. Take the most recent example that Emery sent my way. The short story is that a black man's X-Box was "confiscated" (read: stolen) because his car smelled of pot. The longer version you can watch here via CNN:

Here's an excerpt from Emery's column:

Civil forfeiture laws were instituted in Canada under pressure from United States drug war fanatics who insisted Canada was a supplier of illegal drugs to the U.S. In the U.S., forfeiture laws frequently pay the salaries of law enforcement, and keep police departments solvent. Couples have committed suicide over losing their homes to forfeiture; others have decided to go out with guns blazing (Rainbow Farm in Michigan). U.S. police have shot people dead in raids aimed solely at seizing homes and property because of marijuana. Seizing the homes and property of the marijuana culture has become a multi-billion dollar industry complete with its own resale catalogues and auction network.

Civil forfeiture creates a criminal mentality in police. There are cases where police who need power tools or a TV have seized them from victims’ homes during raids. In BC, there is a report of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers taking Robert Bateman paintings off the wall of a home they had raided. In New Brunswick, RCMP have seized microwaves from homes and called movers to take out all the household furniture. As the economy worsens, seizures allow police, politicians and their government agencies to continue enriching themselves and increase their budgets, firepower and manpower.

Read the whole piece. You can read part one here.

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"If there is a positive spin that can be put on this NDP-Bloc-Liberal coalition, it really is the fact that preventing the unjust, shameful, and shocking extradition of Emery is made a little bit more likely".

Oh yes sell the whole country down the toilet as long as we save the pot head Emery.
You people are a disgrace to this country and I am ashamed I ever associated myself with either Matthew or Ezra!!!!
To think I tried and sold the former mag to real Conservatives.

Posted by: Merle | 2008-12-01 5:48:34 PM

Merle, there are a dozen other posts on the Shotgun about the economy - Emery is a contributor to the Standard and I don't see a problem with discussing his case in an individual post or two. In fact, I think that the pieces that Peter and others have contributed about Marc have been interesting because they're fairly representative of the "drug war" in general, and I certainly feel that I'm being educated by reading about it -

If the only subject that you're interested in hearing about is how the coalition is affecting the economy, you're welcome to watch the TSX plummet with a ticker on your desktop.

Posted by: A | 2008-12-01 8:10:26 PM

So the DEA seizes the premium vehicle of a BC pot smuggler who stood to make a quick easy quarter million dollars if he didn't get caught at the border - risking his freedom and all his goods if he did get caught, Well he did get caught and lost everything..

what's so sad or unfair here Mr Emery? Even if pot was _legal this guy was still smuggling. He stood to lose everything even if he got caught with a " legal " product . Anyway you cut it, here he is, going down- a cheater who got caught cheating.. penalty for this sort of sneaky business is loss of all assets.. a spanking and a stretch in prison

We imagine this goes for grow-oppers as well who steal hydro to produce their cash drug crops, they win they get the big easy money- but if they get caught they get vacuumed out of everything.

Now we understand that grow-oppers favourite seed supplier got caught a few years ago and was pretty much emptied out financially , except for what he could hide from the forensic asset police. These are the clearly posted rules of the dope game, and the penalty for high sticking on the black market is losing all your toys to the other team who decent people applaud and sustain=

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-01 10:13:18 PM

419, who are you referring to here? It can't be Marc, or the Xbox guy.

"So the DEA seizes the premium vehicle of a BC pot smuggler who stood to make a quick easy quarter million dollars if he didn't get caught at the border - risking his freedom and all his goods if he did get caught, Well he did get caught and lost everything.."

Posted by: Jodie Emery | 2008-12-03 4:07:22 PM

jodie, for some reason 419 is going to argue that he knows more about marc and his situation than even you. he would probley argue the situations and motivations of marc even to marc.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-03 5:43:52 PM

The one, and only, thing wrong with Marc Emery is that he still clings to the naive belief that you Cons actually believe what you claim to believe in, which is freedom, instead of recognizing what you are and always have been, which is psychopathic fascists, as clearly shown by several of the comments above.
Now here's a reality check for you fascists: CANNABIS CURES CANCER. PROHIBITION IS GENOCIDE. And Marc Emery is the greatest hero in Canadian history.

Posted by: Kane Slater | 2008-12-09 1:00:13 AM

Wonderful comments Kane, you are one sharp young Canadian
that oughtta show those fascists when they check into reality
thats telling it like it should be
what comes around goes around
and five will get you ten

we note your bold statement " prohibition is genocide"
we guess then that " genocide is prohibition " ?
We are still looking into that on

and congratulations on your cancer clearing up.
marijuana is truly the Tree of Lice-
healing of the nations that other wonder drug,
aspirin, just couldn't lick

and yup Marc Emery the Prince of Pot is the greatest hero in Canadian history but don't believe me, , ask him yourself ...he will be installed in that other hall of fame somewhere in the US prison system, so be sure to write to him,and share your boldly original viewpoints about pot with him.

Did you buy your NO EXTRADITION t shirt yet?
PS: it's something your Mom would _love !

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-09 8:28:49 AM

A cop was quoted that a house is not worth seizing unless it has at least $60,000 in equity, since the state has to pay for the upkeep after the legalized theft.

Simple: Keep your house heavily mortgaged, and use other simple strategies such as arms-length relationships, incorporation, etc. Make yourself so toxic to prosecute that it's better off to leave you alone. Police will always go for the low-hanging fruit, so don't be that fruit.

Posted by: Dave Couver | 2008-12-14 4:14:34 PM

How about not doing drugs or producing them in your home? Don't you see what you're doing to yourselves? Drugs are for losers.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-14 4:32:24 PM

Drugs (coffee, alcohol, marijuana, etc.) are for losers? Perhaps. But statism is also for losers, ZP.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-12-14 4:46:39 PM

Only one of those things is a drug. Guess which. Don't use strawman arguments. Lock up the drug dealers, rehabilitate the victims.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-14 4:58:38 PM

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