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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lemieux: A propaganda push

This week, Pierre Lemieux digs into the Quebec education system; although, in my experience, his remarks apply to public schools across Canada.

In Quebec, students must participate in an "Ethics and Religious Culture programme." Sounds good, right? Some background in ethics might counteract the tendency toward moral relativism one sees in these students once they get to college.

Unfortunately, the program is a sham. Examining an internal document on the program he was able to find on the Quebec government's website, Lemieux finds it to be "soft, New Age propaganda."

Each time “freedom” is mentioned in the stealth 79-page document, it is to show how vague the concept is: “there are many ways to consider freedom” and “its exercise implies constraints and obligations”. The big constraint is “the common good”, never defined but apparently meaning that we must obey all the fashionable “democratic” diktats like anti-sexism and smoking prohibitions.

So much for the "ethics" in the "Ethics and Religious Culture programme." What about culture? As Lemieux points out, the program offers none. Here, he makes an important point:

There is not much literature and history in Québec, but there is a lot in Western culture, especially in the two great traditions that have influenced us: the Anglo-American and the French. Instead of referring and deferring to them, the Québec state prefers to invoke a made-to-measure statist culture. It’s easy to understand why: the more young Quebecers are cut from universal traditions and trends, the more they will be dependent on the local tyrant.

Thus, perhaps Quebec's education program is weak at least partly by design.

Read the rest of Pierre Lemieux's column here.

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Our 11 year old was given an on line assignment.
Its called Quest for Atlantis. In this "game" she gets "authorization" to go on a quest to restore the "social order". There may or may not be rewards for her efforts (according to the game) and she is to carry out her mission for the "authority" because she is a "good person".
I could get into it more, but its really a brainwashing technique to indoctrinate her as a good little socialist. Naturally I sat her down and told her what was really going on and that this game was really a brain washing trick. I told her that if she is to go on missions for anyone it should be for herself (and why) and with every expectation of a reward. I've also encouraged her to tell her teacher that same thing.

Our "education" system is really and "indoctrination" system.

Too bad more parents don't seem to care what is being taught in schools.

Posted by: JC | 2008-12-23 4:58:52 PM

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