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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Layton includes “Christmas” and “prayer” in holiday greeting; rock legend worship called off

Every year at this time we’re bombarded with ridiculous and sometimes disturbing stories about attempts to turn Christmas into a generic holiday with no specific religious history or meaning.

We’re told the greeting “merry Christmas” is being replaced with “season’s greetings” or “happy holidays” and that nativity scenes are being banned from the public square and public schools.

While many of these stories are sadly true, if you take a quick read of New Democrat Leader Jack Layton’s Christmas greeting you’ll still find the word “Christmas.” Layton even offers his “prayers” to Canadian soldiers serving away from home this holiday season.

Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, went further in his Christmas greeting, as you might expect, and mentioned “Christians.”

So if you are not quite ready to celebrate the not-so-immaculate conception and December 25th birth of music legends Shane MacGowan (born December 25, 1957) or Jimmy Buffett (born December 25, 1946), have no fear. Christmas still appears to be with us.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Layton, the wolf trying to hide in a sheep skin.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-12-25 2:38:10 PM

nativity scenes are being banned from the public square and public schools.

End quote:

Fair enough, in future I demand that the Feds and Provinces cease funding Multicultural events that have no roots or history in Canada. I would also demand that funding special interest groups stops asap, why should I pay taxes so educators can teach Africian History during Black History Month? Why should I pay to embrace Gay Pride Week in Schools? Why should I be forced to fund "International Women's Day? All special interest groups with no history or roots in Canada yet we taxpayer fund these pet projects to the tune of Millions. How much does a couple Nativity Scenes cost? Exactly, frankly the socialist can kiss my you no what.

Layton is an idiot.

Posted by: Rose | 2008-12-25 3:31:01 PM

I don't believe for one minute that Taliban Jack Layton cares one iota for Christmas or our troops.

Are not he and his wife, in fact, atheists?

Perhaps these are the words a traitor uses to assuage a Canadian populace disgusted by his and the rest of the separatist coalition's actions.

Posted by: Kursk | 2008-12-25 3:42:15 PM

Layton isn't an atheist, he's given interviews in the past talking about his Christianity. And it's no surprise that his party wants to keep 'the reason in the season'.

The NDP is the only party I know of that has punished a member (Svend Robinson) for bringing a pro-atheist motion to the floor of parliament, and that has dropped a candidate (Sam Wagar) for being a Wiccan. They're hardly on the side of the godless.

And as for nativity scenes being banned - are there any instances of that in Canada? Or - to be precise, any cases where a private group was banned from displaying their own nativity scene on state property while other groups were not banned?

I can see that happening in the US where they have a separation of church and state, but not here in Canada, what with all our billions spent on state funded religious schools, with God in the constitution, on the money, in the anthem, and in the head of state's job title. It seems unlikely.

Posted by: Robert Jago | 2008-12-26 10:35:33 PM

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