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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In other news . . .

While it was just a typical day for the CCP, it appears Mario Dumont has begun to follow my advice and take aim at the coalition nonsense (Montreal Gazette).

Lest anyone forgets, December 8 is not just Showdown Day in Commons; it's Election Day in Quebec.

Posted by D.J. McGuire on December 3, 2008 in Canadian Politics, Canadian Provincial Politics, International Affairs | Permalink


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Yes, just another typical day... a mish-mash of weird news from around the world, all designed to show that some kind of conspiracy emanating from China is the root of all the world's evil....

So, when a Chinese government official in Israel refuses to allow some religious fanatics to interview him, we don't tut-tut, but use this as evidence of evil?

When a US court rules that a potential immigrant is not allowed to stay, this is not evidence of evil American immigration laws, but of some Chinese conspiracy?

And exactly how do we connect idiotic protesters in South Korea (trying to stop the launch of balloons into North Korea) to China? South Korea has enough weirdos of its own who don't need any help from China to portray their weirdness....(ever see coverage of South Korean labor marches?)

The only reason your risible columns are worthy of response is because your solutions (blocking trade and investment flows) seem designed to strengthen the very forces you purport to fight.

Contrary to McGuire's advice, strengthen the attempts of plants to grow in stony ground by going to your local Walmart and buying lots of Chinese-made goods (but only if these are goods you want and they are priced well). Go visit China or do what you can to get Chinese visitors to come here.

Personally, I am lucky to have lots of hard-working good students from China in my economics classes. Amazingly almost all of them have come to North America to study business. Business! Why? When you question them, business is something of great value. Not only can this give them personal independence, but they seem to see it as a way to help others too.

If only a few more Canadian students would switch from studying environmental stupidies to business, then I could feel as optimistic about Canada's future as I do about China's...

Posted by: Paul Geddes | 2008-12-03 10:48:19 AM

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