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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ignatieff's leadership of the Liberal Party means the end of the Gripper Coalition

In an interview over the weekend Michael Ignatieff said that the opposition has a responsibility to actually see the Conservative budget before they condemn it. This is in contrast to comments from Bob Rae that they could not trust Harper no matter what. Of all the prominent Liberals in caucus, Michael Ignatieff has been the coolest when it comes to his rhetoric.

The media largely interpreted this coolness as disapproval for the coalition. I believe that this interpretation has merit. Ignatieff defined the coalition as a means and not an end. That is, the coalition is only good in so far as it is useful. It is increasingly proving itself to be unstable and thus useless. Under these circumstances I do not see why Mr. Ignatieff would keep the Gripper coalition alive.

Mr. Harper has said that he is willing to cooperate with the opposition. Ignatieff has said that he is willing to cooperate with the government. It looks like the acclamation of Michael Ignatieff was the way out of the corner that Dion had painted the Liberal Party into. It also looks like the end of the coalition.

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It is clearly still Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself who is undemocratic when he tries to run his government as a majority government, when he is an minority government and when he lies. Opposition, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff rightfully warned Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the Conservatives will be defeated if the Prime Minister doesn't shelve partisan attacks or if he fails to compromise on the budget. He also called the Prime Minister's earlier actions “divisive, spiteful and unproductive.” Mr. Ignatieff warned Mr. Harper not to run a negative ad campaign, as the Tories did when Mr. Dion was elected party leader two years ago. “It would seem to me … a very, very serious mistake to engage in partisan attacks against a party leader at this moment. I hope I make myself clear,” he said. “We're in the middle of a parliamentary crisis. It's not conducive to engage in partisan political attacks against me or any other member of the House of Commons. Look where it's got him.” Mr. Ignatieff said he believes the recent crisis, and the Prime Minister's strong attack on the Bloc Québécois may have opened the door for the Liberals in Quebec. “I am convinced that after last week, we have become the credible federalist option in Quebec. Mr. Harper has lost a lot of credibility with Quebec voters in recent weeks, and recent months,” he said. "I've made it clear to the caucus and to the country that if Mr. Harper has put us in this situation, he's lost the confidence of the House of Commons, and it's up to him to find a way to regain that confidence, and we've seen no evidence that he can or will," Ignatieff said Ignatieff also said it is "essential" that the government "comes clean" with its budget estimates, so Canadians can understand the true picture of the country's fiscal position in the wake of the global economic crisis. "I don’t want to torque up the rhetoric here, but the prime minister, I think, has a problem with truthfulness," he said. "During the election campaign, he said, you know, no deficit. During the election campaign, he said no recession. Now we’ve got both a recession and a deficit. ..

Posted by: the preacher | 2008-12-11 12:10:18 AM

Count Iggys name is on the Separatist/Liberal alliance manifesto the same as all those other A-holes. The Iggster kind of reminds me of Daniel Plainveiw, but slightly more power mad.

Posted by: Sean | 2008-12-11 12:14:39 AM

Steven "Papa Doc" Harper is clearly the enemy of the Democratic Process in our Country.
I am very ashamed that our Governor-General was bullied into complying with what is fast becoming another Conservative Dictatorship.

Posted by: Lorne L. Reap | 2008-12-11 12:50:10 AM

I dearly hope for a coalition so they will cause an election and we'll get a conservative majority because Canadian voters are spiteful.

Posted by: Pete | 2008-12-11 11:31:57 AM

Pete - do you still collect Barbies?

Posted by: francine | 2008-12-27 7:23:11 PM

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