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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Live Blogging: Has Stephen Harper failed to prorogue the House? Nope

What was expected to be a 20 minute meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General Michaëlle Jean has just concluded after two long hours.

Harper has apparently decided to exit through the back door to avoid the media.

Does this mean Harper has failed to prorogue the House?


Nope. Governor General Michaëlle Jean has agreed to prorogue the House.


CTV reporter Craig Oliver is predicting that the proposed coalition government will not hold together, should they be given an opportunity to govern.


Harper will be taking questions from the media. I guess reports that he left out the back door were incorrect.


The House will be prorogued until January 26 at which time the Harper Government will present a federal budget.

As a matter of custom and protocol, Harper won't discuss the details of his conversation with Michaëlle Jean or explain why the meeting took longer than expected.

Media Q&A is pretty lame so far. (Am I allowed to say lame?)

Harper doesn't apologize for the proposal to cut the $1.75-inflation adjusted-per-vote public subsidy to political parties. He has, however, shelved the idea.

Q: Is Harper delaying the inevitable?

Harper implies his focus will be the budget, and not political campaigning against the proposed coalition government.

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton will now respond to the Governor General’s decision to allow prorogation.

A final thought: If Harper gets through this, he will face a weaker Liberal party in the next election. The Liberals have tarnished their brand with their association with the NDP and the Bloc, and they have likely weakened their ability to fund-raise.

The opposite can be said about the Conservatives.

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Media is reporting that Jean has approved the PMs request to suspend parliament.

Posted by: Mike Brock | 2008-12-04 9:37:52 AM

My guess is that she said yes, but with a stiff list of conditions limiting what he can do. Some talking heads have pointed out that she could say yes, but limit his ability to make appointments (like to the Senate) or to launch new spending initiatives. I gather similar restrictions are typically in place during election periods. So my guess is she said something like that, he balked, and they talked. In the end, she did not back down and so he does not know if perogies with these toppings are to his liking. Thus he avoided the press until he could have a good cry in private and decide what to do next.

But theis is all pure speculation... which means I probably have none of it right....

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-12-04 9:42:35 AM


Bob Fife just finished a rant where he teed off on ALL of the party leaders for being hypocritical political opportunists.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-12-04 9:48:07 AM

Harper has spoken. Seems like he got what he wanted. He lied again, obviously, about getting suggestions from the opposition parties with regards to the budget. They always get that to him double fast and he always ignores it. So prorogued yet again. Just as he wanted.

The party must demand that he step down if they are to regain any sort of self respect. Accountability is avoided once again. Harper must go. There is nothing to be proud of Conservatives, nothing at all. It's a sorrowful day for democracy and for Canada.

I'm ashamed.

Posted by: Geo | 2008-12-04 10:26:42 AM

Glad you are ashamed Geo. You should be. Your opinions are nuts. Haper is going to be PM for a long time. Good

Posted by: Jack O'Douley | 2008-12-04 10:41:19 AM

Jack o', You must be from Alberta and likely to be unemployed fairly soon as the company you work for is based off-shore, even if the name is "Cana...something".
Admit it. Harper is a heartless sociopath. It's all just an experiment to him. Hell, he started out a liberal himself. There are a few bright lights that could shape the Cons into something worthy of respect; Michael Chong or Prentice but none of those clowns that broke their milk teeth at QP. Idiots all. LOL, let's give it back to Pete or the Stockboy. That would make QP a hoot.

Posted by: Geo | 2008-12-04 11:01:49 AM

Geo - Your ideology is overriding your common sense. Harper wants to concentrate on the budget not the foolish shenanigans of a gaggle who lost the election and don't want to accept it. I hope Stephen Harper has a long and happy tenure as prime minister, he is a breath of fresh air compared to the party hacks in hock to PowerCorp or the big unions.

Posted by: Aviator | 2008-12-04 2:46:00 PM

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