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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Guelph Liberal MP: "I believe in working toward a solution, not working toward a coalition"

Fvaleriote_bio_2 More cracks in the coalition.

The Guelph Mercury  is reporting that Guelph Liberal MP Frank Valeriote has come out against his party's decision to form a coalition with the NDP/Bloc and says he would rather allow Harper to figure things out.

Here's the story:

Frank Valeriote does not favour a coalition government and instead hopes Prime Minister Stephen Harper can work toward rescuing the Canadian economy.

“I believe in working toward a solution, not working toward a coalition,” Guelph’s Liberal MP said Wednesday.

Valeriote added he does not believe a Liberal-NDP coalition, with support from the Bloc Quebecois, will unseat the Tories.

“I have given no thought to that,” Valeriote said when asked whether he saw himself in a cabinet role under such an arrangement. “I am not, frankly, anticipating moving into government.”

The Guelph Mercury promises there will be more tomorrow.

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I believe Mr. Valeriote just became the front-runner for the Liberal leadership campaign, in May.

Posted by: gwgm | 2008-12-03 6:29:24 PM

Gads, a Liberal we can respect. It's a miracle!

Cudos to you Mr. Valeriote.

Posted by: LG | 2008-12-03 6:43:00 PM

Nice to know what you think - - but what do your constituents think?

Posted by: cj | 2008-12-03 6:56:02 PM

I'm one of his constituents and I think Frank is doing the right thing. You will get my vote again.

Posted by: IT | 2008-12-03 7:01:58 PM

Finally (and there will be more to follow) a person with some smarts who is not afraid to stand up to a separatist party amalgamation.
If all else fails he can cross the floor and become part of the true Canadian horizon.
As for Dion's speech tonight - His usual whiney outlook almost begging to be heard - Psst, Hello out there is anyone listening??? NO!

Posted by: Ronald | 2008-12-03 7:04:50 PM

I am over from SDA. Thanks for the post, here is hoping there is more sensible people such as Mr. Valariote in the liberal caucus.

Posted by: Merle Underwood | 2008-12-03 7:06:58 PM

I wouldn't be surprize to see you with some cabinet or ministry post if Stephan Harper is lucky enough to work things out. I did vote I always do, even though sometimes it is against my better judgement however I would like to say it looks like the majority did get right. None of these guys deserve to govern. Lets remember the majority of the people voted against the system,they didn't vote at all.

Posted by: Kevin | 2008-12-03 7:11:46 PM


Any other ideas on how to create doubt?

There's no doubt now this coalition will fall apart.

The NDP is steamed at the video quality of their figurehead, who delivered his speech with a book titled ‘Hot Air' in the background.

How long will it be before they insist the more articulate Jack Layton be the spokesman for the group and the future prime minster?

Nice job is you can get it, with only 18% support of the Canadian voters.

Go for it, Jackass.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-03 7:13:10 PM

These comments hardly amount to an endorsement of the conservatives. Frank was just trying to sound conciliatory, and the scumbags at the Mercury threw him under the bus for not being completely partisan.

Posted by: Context people | 2008-12-03 7:15:48 PM

Dion's comments came a day late and a dollar short. It looked like he did it himself with his cell phone.

Posted by: Brett | 2008-12-03 7:16:14 PM

priceless.. you act like you're a legitimate news source and everything!

too bad your political masters are going to go to jail..

but there are already enough crimes to send mr harper away for some time, and we all know he's going to sink himself deeper....

Posted by: fireclown | 2008-12-03 7:16:15 PM

finally a liberal who is thinking rationally, i didn't think thier was any of them left. and dion's speach is just a bunch of crap to think he wants us to trust him when his own party wanted to oust him a few weeks ago. and he wants us to accept him as pm. that whole party needs to stop with the power trip and making a joke out thier party

Posted by: michelle | 2008-12-03 7:17:30 PM

Who the heck is this?...

until there is a notable.. means nothing

Posted by: John simmons | 2008-12-03 7:28:02 PM

A smart politician knows which side of his bread the butter's on. This guy will probably survive the next election.

Posted by: Abu_Nudnik | 2008-12-03 7:29:44 PM

Stephane simply reminded Canada why he isn't Prime Minister. Will someone please tell him the gig is up. Is it May 2009 yet??

Posted by: Nugget | 2008-12-03 7:33:28 PM

Way to go Frank. Standing up for what's right, decent and good for your contituency definitely won't hurt your political career.
Guelph's proud of you.
And I didn't even vote for you

Posted by: Keith | 2008-12-03 7:42:38 PM

I can just see Dion as PM at the G20. He can't understand English and can't speak it so his interpreter may have power over Canada. This is an afront to our democratic process. People did not vote but Jack counts them for himself. Really!! Jack has to be put in his place, thinks he has to be front and centre and the media loves it. the media has alot to answer for. CBC should have to have no commercials, thanks to taxpayers. NO public funds for parties or anything else.

Posted by: Elaine | 2008-12-03 7:44:13 PM

John simmons,

I couldn't disagree more. A vote is a vote, and it wouldn't take very many Liberals/NDPers with a conscience, or at least a political survival instinct, to cross the floor and defeat the coalition. If Pierre Bourque is to be believed, that process is already under way.


Posted by: Mambo Bananapatch | 2008-12-03 7:56:58 PM

I'm going to side here with 'context'. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement, more like a politico hedging his bets. He's a fence sitter at best. I wouldn't exactly embrace him quite yet.

Still the lack of vitriol and phoniness (think Ralph Goodale) was lacking in his comment, which does lend some hope that there are some Liberals with half a brain, and an ability to think beyond the next six months.

If for some Godforsaken reason the menage a trois pulls it off, the Liberals are doomed in any future election

Posted by: DanBC | 2008-12-03 8:11:41 PM

Way to stick with the party line!

Posted by: Reggie Talbot | 2008-12-03 8:20:30 PM

Well done Frank.

Posted by: Michael Del Monte | 2008-12-03 8:20:46 PM

I'm sure that was a hard decision Frank. Congratulations for showing courage and standing up for Canadian citizens. A coalition representing big labor, big government and big business would have cost taxpayers and consumers billions.

Posted by: Mervin Greywatch | 2008-12-03 8:47:30 PM

Saying he does not support the coalition is one thing. But is Frank Valeriote actually willing to do anything about it if the time comes? Would he - and any other Liberal MP's who oppose the coalition - be willing to cross the floor to ensure that Canada does not fall apart?

Posted by: Sarah, Ottawa | 2008-12-03 8:49:24 PM

Good for him, but this mess will end up with serious changes made to the government's structure. First thing that will change is the fact that it is a monarchy. Here comes the G.G.....


Posted by: PacificGatePost | 2008-12-03 8:59:09 PM

I don’t want to see this separatist coalition gain power. But I have to wonder, who would Dion select as Deputy Prime Minister.

Posted by: Bob | 2008-12-03 9:16:24 PM

What goes around comes around!! The opposition parties have been dishonest. And now it's caught up to them!! As someone once said, "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!"

Posted by: ed | 2008-12-03 9:17:29 PM

come on Canada.....make a stand against this stupidity. good job Frank. I am tired of all this. Canada voted. It is time for the Governor General to put the three stooges in their place

Posted by: getreal | 2008-12-03 9:34:09 PM


Posted by: KingKongBundy | 2008-12-03 9:51:41 PM

Now this is what a TRUE CANADIAN looks like, folks.
One that has moral conviction to do what is best for his country and not his ego! Congrats!

Posted by: Becky | 2008-12-03 10:00:44 PM

Way to go! I, not a liberal would even vote for you. You have integrity and are a very smart person. This is exactly what I want a Canadian representing me to do - Put Canada first. Hope there are more like you out there.

Posted by: Grace | 2008-12-03 10:23:06 PM

Wow, finally a liberal with some courage. That took a lot of guts to be the first to stand up to this. If only there were more.

Posted by: Jamie | 2008-12-03 10:31:56 PM

You have got to love any MP that will do what is best for Canada first. The world is in a financial meltdown. Canada has fared better than most, but there is more to come.

The last thing we need is this stupid coup.

Thanks for using your common sense, not being political partisan over the well being of Canadians.

Posted by: degres | 2008-12-03 11:01:51 PM

Michael Chong, a Conservative MP, does not support his PM (http://news.guelphmercury.com/News/article/411404), clearly the Conservative party is falling apart... LOL.... You guys sound like you are going to wet yourselves over the statements of one Liberal MP.

Posted by: Evil scary Quebecer | 2008-12-03 11:47:45 PM

Mr Valroite - Thank you!!!

You need to be commended for standing up for democracy and Canada.

I think Iggy should get out while he has a chance. He may be possibly the next leader and this scandel will not beforgotten. Dion is a disgrace to his dignity. This will not be forgotten in any future elections and it is going to take alot of genuine, caring, good Liberals down with them.

Posted by: Sleepless in Ontario | 2008-12-04 12:19:55 AM

Maybe Mr. Valeriote and Mr Casey can start a new party. Price of admission " The ability to think, the interest of Canada at heart, and personal gain no where to be seen. I doubt it would ever hold power - too few members.
If it is my duty to vote and that vote brings this quality of government - all stripes included - am I really doing my country a service by voting? Looking for a few good people !

Posted by: Armand Goodick | 2008-12-04 12:32:58 AM

I have to agree with the folks here who say that this does not amount to an endorsement of Harper or the Conservatives. Neither does he have to cross the floor to hold this opinion; he merely has to cast his vote the way he sees fit.

Posted by: Janet Neilson | 2008-12-04 7:22:13 AM

Finally a politician with Canada's interested at heart, and one of the few politicians that should be able to keep their jobs after this mess clears up. I am a full blown conservative supporter and with all this fighting and mess that has been created by ALL sides my interests are now changing to support the politicians that grow up and put all this fighting aside. I grew up in Guelph and now live in nearby Kitchener or else you would have my vote now Frank and I hope people in Guelph rally to support you as politician with the people interest at heart!

Posted by: Jason Smith | 2008-12-04 8:26:59 AM

I have been waiting for one honorable Liberal to stand up and say this is wrong. Kudos to Mr. Valeriote. I agree he should be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Posted by: JL from Sask. | 2008-12-04 8:51:28 AM

Frank Valeriote, finally a Liberal reminiscent of the Pearson/Trudeau years. Take note wannabe Dion...ethics and integrity mean more than a key to the PM's executive washroom

Posted by: Vic Poirier | 2008-12-04 8:28:10 PM

I like the tone of this. He's obviously not enamoured of the Conservatives, but realizes that there's a big backlast brewing.

An example: over 200,000 votes. One site. Spread the word, and don't be afraid to show up if your city has a gathering on Saturday.


Posted by: Mike | 2008-12-17 6:48:36 PM

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