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Monday, December 01, 2008

Could the Coalition for Canada save Canadian publisher Marc Emery from a lifetime in a US prison?

In some ways, and at least until the end of February 2009, I consider myself a single issue non-voter...an activist publisher with a single, overriding personal agenda -- to stop the extradition of Canadian publisher, free market drug policy reformer, marijuana seed distributor and friend, Marc Emery.

Why is this a priority for me?

Well, taxes are likely to stay within a fairly narrow range regardless of who is in power and what we do as activist writers and opinion leaders (that's you, Western Standard readers). The left is worse than the right on taxes, no doubt, but only marginally so. Even the left understands the law of diminishing returns, which reminds them that they can’t raise taxes too much before revenues actually begin to fall. (Think of the state as a highly evolved parasite. It usually knows not to kill its host.)

The size of government will also ebb and flow superficially according to whatever is politically expedient and, to a lesser degree, the prevailing ideology. We can’t ignore that the Harper Conservatives increased the size of government, which will ultimately make future tax cuts more unlikely and deficits harder to avoid.

And nobody in a position of authority is advocating for limiting the scope of government. I can’t think of any serious move in recent history to eliminate entirely a specific function of government. (Correct me if I'm wrong here.)

So while we should not abandon these big fights for lower taxes, smaller government and more economic liberty -- in fact, we should steel ourselves to re-fight and re-win the battle of ideas in the realm of free market economics -- there is no immediacy here. It’s a medium and long term project, even in the face of a global financial crisis.

Where I see the need for real immediacy and real opportunity to "make a difference" is in the scheduled extradition hearing of Emery. If it hasn't been postponed again, Emery faces an extradition hearing in February 2009 for DEA charges related to selling marijuana seeds to the US.

Emery is the publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine and a marijuana policy reformer. His marijuana seed business financed his activism, which attracted the attention of the DEA who wanted to cut the flow of money to the marijuana decriminalization movement. Politically motivated DEA agents arrested Emery in Canada and now want him extradited to the US to face a possible lifetime in jail. The punishment in Canada for the “crime” of selling marijuana seeds -- when it is in fact punished -- is a small fine.

There are a number of good reasons to oppose the extradition of Emery. First, there is the issue of Canadian sovereignty. Canadians have chosen, before the Harper Conservatives took over, to take a liberal approach to drug policy. In this political climate, Emery operated his seed business openly, paid his taxes and even helped Health Canada connect medical marijuana users with his reputable marijuana seed distribution company – Marc Emery Seeds.

Second, there is the injustice and failure of drug prohibition. Canadians understand that drug prohibition has been a failure, and there is little appetite for a US-style war on drugs. From every corner of the political spectrum, there is opposition to marijuana prohibition in particular.

NDP leader Jack Layton, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, junior Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, former Canadian Alliance MP turned Liberal Keith Martin, Conservative MP Scott Reid, senior Conservative cabinet minister and former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day -- the list of politicians who think the current marijuana laws are unjust and unworkable is extensive. Extraditing Emery in this environment would not reflect public opinion or the collective views of those who make up the official political culture in Ottawa.

The life of a man who has dedicated his career to advancing liberty hangs in the balance, and it is one of those fights that can be won. In fact, the current disorder in parliament and scramble for power could end in Emery’s favour.

The Coalition for Canada (CFC) is the possible Bloc-Liberal-NDP coalition that hopes to form a coalition minority government to overthrow the Harper Conservatives. If successful, this coalition will set back the movement to reduce the size and scope of government – but, let’s be honest, that movement has not faired well under Harper or any other national leader. The coalition might be useful, however, in blocking the extradition of Emery and repudiating the Harper Conservative’s vicious and ill-considered drug war agenda.

In an interview with Emery today, he said “Keith Martin as Health Minister and Libby Davies in Justice would be great news for medical marijuana legalization.” Emery also said the coalition would likely “reduced penalties for other pot offences, and certainly bring an end to my extradition proceedings.” (I'm sure the guys in charge of "black ops" for the Conservatives will attempt use this comment from Emery to move public opinion against the CFC by suggesting they have ties to radicals.)

I will not go as far as to welcome a Coalition for Canada government, not even for Emery. But should this coalition of socialists be foisted on Canadians, I’ll hope for a happy ending for my friend Emery and for the repudiation of a misguided drug war surge strategy being advanced by the Harper Conservatives.

There will be little else to hope for.

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Hopefully not!

I wonder if you people realize what a dud Emery is. He won't win many votes.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-01 1:59:42 PM

"He won't win many votes."


I know you're aware that most Canadians are in favour of liberalizing drug laws in this country, but I worry about votes and popularity only as an instrumental matter. My real concern is justice–and there is nothing just about throwing Marc Emery into a maximum security US prison for life because he sold marijuana seeds. Capitalist acts between consenting adults are not real crimes.

"a single issue non-voter"

What a wonderful turn of phrase!

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-12-01 2:42:19 PM

us people know and agree that emery has faught for LIBERTY AND FREEDOM like matthew wrote in his wonderful article. i agree, im not happy that the ndp and liberals lied to canadians and got seats based on their policies and now want to change those. i also think that we would need to go to another election and see if canadians would want this new government. the ndp and liberals are two different parties with different ideas and that is how they got their votes. they are now just as disingenuine as the cons. im very worried about socialized economics, but with that being said, some of the scary things that the conservatives are doing will be stopped. i guess you have to stay positive in bad situations.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-01 2:42:29 PM

Hmmmmmmm'...Only Marc Emery himself and the Western Standard seem to think the BC3 are headed to a US prison for life..The rest of us who can read understand that all he faces is a few years for his multiple charges- its somewhat lucky for him he wasn't charged with being the boss of an ongoing criminal enterprise ..And with him being a repeat offender, a revolving door return prison inmate... same old same old law breaking buck grabbing song and dance to the point of yawn. its no wonder the marijuana black marketers are watching very carefully whether he sings before he swings

Yes Mr Emery ( hey why did the writer forget to aka him as THE PRINCE OF POT ?? ) is indeed a loud & proud marijuana reformer and magazine publisher, millionare vendor of cannabis seeds,, but let's not forget he is also charged with, and has plead guilty to , and boasted he is ready to die in jail for , and compared himself to a host of 20th C liberal saints in order to make manifest , --- ya all that " Overgrow the Government " bong freedom revolution stuff--Well the rest of us remember this is not just about a modest well meaning marijuana seed seller sharing his 420 lunch with the less fortunate...Not exactly a mom & pop internet pot seed service serving the sick and poor...None of that hype-- We remember and so does the DEA that the Prince of Pot is also charged with the serious crimes of MONEY LAUNDERING and PRODUCTION OF MARIJUANA..

So No...Mr Emery is_ not_ facing life in a US prison for a simple controlled substance boo boo. Indeed, he is looking at a considerable number of years behind bars in a US prison when and or if he is convicted of his numerous, serious criminal charges he indeed _is facing. These are charges he has already confessed to, plead guilty to in public and fully admitted to on paper as part of a plea bargain ...

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-01 3:40:04 PM

Marc Emery knowingly and willfully broke existing laws and should pay the penalty. Period.

Ya know, there are a great many of you on this site who call themselves "libertarians" but you seem to forget that the whole concept of libertarianism contains a "personal responsibility" aspect.

Emery did what he did knowing, full well, what the consequences would be if he got caught. Guess what? He friggin got caught! Now he's got to man-up and face the consequences.

Emery fucked up and I hope he gets flushed.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 4:16:53 PM

We think you misundertand the concept of "personal responsibility," I respectfully submit, Richard.

When people run up against unjust laws, whether drug prohibition or the CHRA, they should fight the charge and fight the law, which Emery is doing and what Levant has done so well.

Accepting one's fate passively in the face of injustice is not taking "personal responsibility" and it is not in keeping with the spirit of passive resistance.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-12-01 5:04:57 PM

Zebulon is a freedom-hating Ontario lover.

Ontario is a at the forefront of the war on drugs in Canada -- letting cops steal property without trial, raiding medical marijuana cafes. And if you support the war on drugs, you support Ontario.

Posted by: Robert Seymour | 2008-12-01 5:43:46 PM

richards evans,

when laws go against human rights and freedom, they need to be brought down. if you are a true libertarian, you would stand up and fight this with us.

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2008-12-01 5:45:42 PM

I have no problem at all with fighting the law Matthew. That can be done however without becoming a drug dealer. Emery chose to become a drug dealer. It wasn't thrust upon him. he didn't stumble into it by chance. The laws weren't created "after" Emery had established his clientèle and his business. Emery made a conscious decision to put himself in his current predicament and there's no reason we should feel sorry for him.

Picture a pool filled with man-eating sharks. Now, a rational person wouldn't go for a swim in said pool unless said sharks were removed or they had the benefit of a shark cage. If a rational person wanted to swim freely in said pool, they'd remove the sharks first. Correct? Yes, correct.

Emery, on the other hand, jumped in with the sharks and now he's bitching because he's being eaten.

Emery deserves everything he gets...

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 5:49:39 PM

should rosa parks have been punished richard? that is what the law said at that time.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-01 6:08:39 PM

lovilla; You silly twit... Are you seriously trying to compare Emery's selling drugs to Rosa Parks' bus adventure? The last time I checked, Parks didn't make the decision to become black. Emery, on the other hand, made a very conscious decision to become a drug dealer knowing full what sort of punishment he'd face if he got caught.

How intellectually freakin' bankrupt are you to even consider making such a comparison?

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 6:26:05 PM

im questioning YOUR argument, as simply as possible. who said i was comparing rosa parks to marc emery. you say you would fight a law that was wrong but when that law is in place, people need to accept that law and take responsibility for breaking that law. this is about freedom and all freedom is important you "silly f-ing twit"

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-01 6:35:43 PM

Rosa Parks wasn’t arrested for being black; she was arrested for sitting in a white only section of the bus. She broke the segregation law deliberately and openly in order to challenge the law. She chose to sit in a white section -- or actually "no man's" section -- and she refused to move when asked to move by the driver and the police. She was a courageous woman.

The comparison is valid.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-12-01 6:39:03 PM

livilla; What part of "you can fight a bad law without breaking said bad law" don't you understand?

Emery made the choice to become a drug dealer knowing full well the potential consequences should he get caught.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 6:46:44 PM

Matthew, Rosa Parks was arrested for being black while at the front of the bus. She didn't have a choice in her skin colour. Emery had a choice whether or not to become a drug dealer. That's the difference. The comparison is invalid.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 6:50:40 PM

Whatever your personal stand on the use of marijuana you cannot reasonably hold that the US of A and it's various, nefarious arms should be able to impose their policies, in any area, on Canadians living and working in Canada. To do that is to wish for and work for the end of Canada as an independent nation.

Bad laws make bad citizens.

Posted by: Stryker | 2008-12-01 6:56:12 PM

ok sweat heart. marc was not a drug dealer. what part of that dont YOU understand. he sold a seed that if grew correctly, would grow into cannabis sativa. there is no thc in a cannabis seed.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-01 6:56:29 PM

Any comparison between Emery and Rosa Parks is horrendously insulting. Parks stood for freedom and racial equality in an oppressive regime, which she successfully toppled. She was willing to go to jail for that cause. Emery does not. Instead he recruits gullible fools to back him in his fight against the Big House.

If I had to compare Emery to any Civil Rights era activist, it would be H. Rap Brown, aka Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin; once he was a SNCC workers, then a Black Panther, now he's doing a life sentence for murdering a Fulton County, Georgia sheriff's deputy and wounding another. He's currently in the ADX prison in Florence, CO; maybe he and Emery can meet up there some day soon. The irony: Brown was against drugs.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-01 6:57:34 PM

But she did have a choice about whether or not to defy an unjust law and sit in a white only area. She could have stood. But she refused to let an unjust law rob her of the simple dignity of sitting where she wanted to sit. I'm glad she chose to defy the law, and I'm glad Emery chooses to defy the drug laws.

Rosa Parks could be unknown to history as the woman who stood on the bus, and Emery could be unknown to history as the guy who didn't indulge his desire to smoke marijuana, or who did it privately.

Both chose public civil disobedience in defiance of tyranny.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-12-01 6:57:48 PM

Richard: Suppose someone does jump into a pool of sharks, knowing full well that there were sharks in there, and is now complaining about being eaten. Is it your position that we should stand idly by, thinking self-righteously that the person in the tank "is getting what he deserves," or do you think we should, if we have the means, save him from the sharks?

It doesn't matter whether or not someone breaks a marijuana law (or a tax law, or a hate speech law, or a... etc.) knowing that it's illegal. What matters is whether or not the law is just. And it doesn't matter what you think of Emery, personally, either.

Marijuana-related laws are bunk. Extraditing Emery is unjust. Help us fight his extradition.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-12-01 7:02:51 PM

Emery is a nobody compared to Parks. He lacks the support needed to change the laws.

She was the secretary of the local NAACP chapter. When she made her stand, other activists rallied the black community, and some whites, to start the Montgomery Bus Boycott. That support endured for an entire year and stern countermeasures from the city, county and state.

Emery can't do that because his "friends" are too stoned to do anything. Only a tiny number of like minded (heh) people back him. They won't change a thing because to the bourgeois majority, he's just a drug dealing criminal who will get what he deserves. He's more like Claudette Colvin, who was also kicked off a Montgomery bus, but the community didn't rally around her because she was a teenage unwed mother.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-01 7:09:08 PM

Stryker; We, as a sovereign nation are obliged to live up to the treaties that we've signed with other sovereign nations. If you don't like it, gather your pals together and lobby your MPs. Don't piss and moan because your buddy tried to game the system and got caught.

lovilla; If Marc wasn't a drug dealer, under the legal definition, then he wouldn't be facing charges, would he?

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 7:10:47 PM

how does something with no thc, or phsyco active ingredients be a drug????

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-01 7:21:52 PM

Matthew; Emery had the choice to become a drug dealer or not. Rosa Parks did not have the luxury of choosing her skin colour. Think about that for a while...

J.P.M; If someone accidentally falls into the pool or gets pushed-in, then, yeah, I'd help. If on the other hand, an individual jumps in, with full knowledge of the potential outcome, I'll shake my head in amazement while typing up the submission for the Darwin Awards.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 7:33:24 PM

lovilla: "how does something with no thc, or phsyco active ingredients be a drug????"

That's a question Emery's legal team will have to ask of the prosecutors once he's on trial. If they don't get an appropriate answer, the case will get thrown out and Marc will return home.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 7:37:26 PM

Then why refer to him as a drug dealer, Richard?

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2008-12-01 7:51:13 PM


ummmm.... Because he's up on drug charges? Because they call him the "Prince of Pot"? THC Magazine?

Look Matthew, Emery knew the game. He knew the rules. He knew the consequences if he lost. He made the conscious decision to play anyway. He lost.

Stupidity on his part does not constitute an emergency on our part.

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 8:05:00 PM

its sad you may have believed emery would ever have been at real risk of every going any where....matt ....wow hahhaha

sad matt

that said ...you sure have to clean out the live in rednecks as that's all you ever see here

the important part is that greg or michelle wont go any where as well as emery it seems would love to go and know with libby in there etc etc lets get back to this 5 YEARS IN JAIL he worked out and harper killed.........PLEASE ....LOL

sorry you actually worried about that ever really happening I mean ...come on twice it has been charged and its been a two hundred dollar fine..selling seeds......emery knew that and it was only a matter of time till this died as it was to try to shut him up and everyone already knew the initial bust statement said ""its a blow to the cannabis movement and its money"" or some such case BLOWING statement remember?

any how can we send him any way?

I bet they would take you as well seeing as how you worry so hahhahhahaaaa

Posted by: shavluk | 2008-12-01 8:22:55 PM

shavluk looks like he/she/it has been enjoying some of Emery's seeds...

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-01 8:49:40 PM

OK let's bet... who will put $100 cold cash ( no cheques please ) on their view that Mr Emery will not be imprisoned at all anywhere.. come one, vending pot seeds is an unjust law was just begging to be broken, if that was so right to defy it lets see the money..

Or how about putting $100 on Marc Emery will never be delivered to the US authorities.. thats also an easy win for you guys.. because the drug users rights are being trampled on so badly, you got a Rosa Parks special here just wating for a easy payout..

come on place your bets.. place your bets, its gives your jackboots bustin' opinions so much more gravity if you put money behind them.. How about putting $500 down on the triumph of the Prince of Pot over the entire President Obama administration ..

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-01 8:50:15 PM

Pretty surprising some on here call themselves libertarian? I am seeing the same type of very conservative drivel I would expect from a bunch of Harper supporters. Better go take a second look at yourselves.

The one big point that especially lovilla misses. Which law are you talking about breaking? Seems our gutless prosecutors have deferred to have the DEA come up to Canada and push aside our law for theirs. Did you catch that point lovilla, or are you to caught up in all your Harperesque rants.

They won't charge him in Canada where this so called crime was committed. Right now a private citizen is trying to charge him but the Canadian government is doing back flips to try and avoid that from happening. See a smart person will wonder who our Canadian government is working for?

Seeds right now are being sold into the US from both the UK and Netherlands, is the DEA going to go over and show the EU who is the boss? Somehow I don't think so. Lovilla if you are in love with the drug war, maybe move to Texas you will be in conservative bible clutching heaven. I like freedom for US policy drifting north myself. This is still supposed to be Canada.

Posted by: James | 2008-12-01 11:48:37 PM

The fact of the matter is, Marc Emery did technically break the law. However, there are hundreds of marijuana seed vendors selling their seeds to American consumers. Why not target them? Because Marc Emery funds groups that support the legalization of marijuana. It is a politically motivated extradition, plain and simple.
If Emery's lawyers can prove this, he will not be extradited. He should also not be extradited for an offence that is not deemed serious by Canadian standards. Seed vendors in Canada are only fined if caught, and never serve jail time.
If this coalition government gets in, I do not believe that Marc will be extradited. For Stephen Harper and those of you who disagree, the star spangled banner is falling on deaf ears.

Posted by: Giddyup_99 | 2008-12-02 5:57:05 AM

His Majesty the Prince of Pot and his co-accused were targeted by the DEA, according to statements the DEA made immediately after their arrest- was because The Prince of Pot aka Marc Scott Emery was by far, the biggest marijuana seed vendor supplying the USA as well as the largest most aggressive pot seed supplier to dozens of other world nations.
Th DEA had evidence that many large and organized US Grow Opps they busted had direct business links to his Vancouver warehouse AND he a multi million dollar stake money launderer, AND a Marijuana producer..,

Really who cares about his political views? This is all his own private business he chooses to share in public. His Majesty the Prince of Pot has ample political ambitions, but is not, was not and as we shall see- will not be a politician in any way..

His Majesty he Prince of Pot has never achieved either an elected or an appointed political position..His sole influence was as a drug lord - to achieve this he ran a pro pot magazine and website which for the most part was a media vehicle to advertise his profitable international business selling three cent pot seeds for $25 each.

Tens of thousands of pirate growers purchased his product & many millions of dollars were exchanged to obtain these controlled substances..

We are sure all this will come up at the Extraditions Trial and again at the BC3 US trial.. That ordeal will be their great opportunity to explain why they believe the police raid was an unwarrented attack on their unique brand of politics.

By all means buy several of their T shirts.. wear them proudly and machine wash them promptly afterwards

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-02 1:09:00 PM


oh ..........I get it .....

419 is emery !!!!!!

has to be !!!!

no one gives a flying flock ....you goof!!!

emery is nobody of any real importance unless you are 15 and live on facebook

I will take all bets.......... no biggy

he is going no where as I said...watch and wait

this has to be emery himself writting as 419 as he is the only one who thinks he is going to a usa jail

in fact he dreams of being a martyr...its so sad really....how will he beg cash...now oh my

so yes 419 or emery clone I will bet all you want

sadly its a bet I would like to lose if you can manage that please

bizarre sheeple are so delusional

I listened to emery say he fears legalization as people would have no need of him....I got news for you mark ....no one has need of you now...never did as your bad far outweights your good

as someone working to re-legalize cannabis my job would much easier if emery does follow through on the deal he wanted and sits stupidly in jail for 5 years writing more jail blog bombs....to his biggest fan...himself

hahhahhashhahahhaaaaaaaa this place just cracks me up......oh noooooooooooo gonna extradite emery ...oh nooooo ...even though to any one really paying attention all know they blew the case right up front...its no mystery as its political.....no one gets extradted if its political ...give it up emery(419) and maybe shut up at least until you actually get that far hahhaha ...eh?
just walk to the border and turn yourself in as it aint gonna happen other wise

Posted by: shavluk | 2008-12-02 2:15:34 PM

Three cheers for anyone willing to stand against the DEA and American prohibitions. What right does the USA have to tell Canadians (or Iraqi's or ANYONE for that matter) what they can and cannot do?
For example: what right did the US government have in Illegally invading Panama to take hostage Manuel Noriega?
Answer: NONE Whatsoever, aside from the "Might makes Right" foreign policy of the so-called democratic American government.
Take a page from South America, where the US and DEA are finally being treated as the pariahs they are.
Assert your national independence from the dead weight south of your border and tell the US and the DEA that Canadians are OFF LIMITS to their evil, draconian policies, tell them they have NO RIGHT to even Question a Canadian.
Then take away their weapons and frog-march them to the nearest stretch of border and dump them back into the Federalist Sewer of the USA.
And remember that one day....god willing... they will ALL be put to the wall and given their just desserts as War Criminals.

Posted by: Gun-Toting 'Merican | 2008-12-02 3:01:21 PM

john, you need to re read my posts. im a legalizer.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-02 3:19:39 PM

Three cheers for anyone willing to stand against the DEA and American prohibitions. What right does the USA have to tell Canadians (or Iraqi's or ANYONE for that matter) what they can and cannot do?
For example: what right did the US government have in Illegally invading Panama to take hostage Manuel Noriega?
Answer: NONE Whatsoever, aside from the "Might makes Right" foreign policy of the so-called democratic American government.
Take a page from South America, where the US and DEA are finally being treated as the pariahs they are.
Assert your national independence from the dead weight south of your border and tell the US and the DEA that Canadians are OFF LIMITS to their evil, draconian policies, tell them they have NO RIGHT to even Question a Canadian.
Then take away their weapons and frog-march them to the nearest stretch of border and dump them back into the Federalist Sewer of the USA.
And remember that one day....god willing... they will ALL be put to the wall and given their just desserts as War Criminals.

Posted by: Gun-Toting 'Merican | 2008-12-02 3:49:15 PM

shavluk, you are just as confused as james. sorry james, i called you john in my last post. seems like im confused too. 419 is not emery. 419 hates cannabis and he hates emery. shavluk, you would get along with 419 and beleive me he is on your side. this thread is getting all messed up. hopefully shane matthews will be here shortly to straighten us all out.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-02 3:51:07 PM

watch this maybe to get some perspective



Posted by: shavluk | 2008-12-02 6:06:04 PM

I hate what the NDP did to my Dad so I vowed to flood Canada & America with legal marijuana, The only way to do this, to be noticed as a mover and shaker is to, if possible, and it certainly is possible, cut a deal with the cops then serve time in a comfortable US prison. It worked perfectly for Conrad Black, who I should point out also knows that todays bad publicity is what make tomorrows enduring social history..

Now you know John, why Jodie banned you and the other claim jumpers from the CC forums. The public can only follow one working class hero at a time and it isn't you
With your big mouth you say far too much that sets back the legalization timteable. We are not amused Citizen Shavluk, we are _not amused

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-02 8:36:45 PM


a mind is a terrible thing to waste and too many do

I wont

as its mostly mind over matter

I don't mind and you don't matter

keep up the therapy and your surrender is noted ....again


Posted by: shavluk | 2008-12-02 9:00:59 PM

History Shavluk, will show me right and you not only wrong, but redundant. Now go away and play in the traffic

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-02 9:06:04 PM

Good Ol' Zeb & 419 are 1 and the same guy. He posts under 3 names most of the time. Cause, he wants to make it look like there are more pot haters than there really are. He must be feelin kinda lonely these days. I don't even read his junk anymore. The truth about MJ laws?. Pot laws don't protect anything but jobs for cops and crooks. Not everything about pot can be bad. Look at booze and butts. Lot's of people like to relax with them and they kill a whole buncha peeps everday. Get a new name or 3. U wore these out.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-12-02 10:27:22 PM

Black lungs good
Pink Lungs bad..

I have spoken

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-02 10:46:37 PM

seriously, wtf is going on in this thread.

Posted by: lovilla | 2008-12-03 12:23:54 AM

.. ask Jodie, she knows all...

Posted by: 419 | 2008-12-03 8:00:50 AM

Man. I've read many Western Standard articles. Every time there is an issue on Marijuana this Zebulon Pike gives the most Ridiculous and illogical arguments. At first I thought he was just ignorant. But post after post I see his hate and illogic continually surface. I am convinced that Zeb has a hidden adgenda. I cannot believe someone is that ignorant to logic. I cannot. Unless he’s a cross between a chimp (sorry chimps) and a human, I can’t believe someone is that stupid and will refute using the same illogical points. I consider myself an educated person on the drug war, but I am convinced even a lay person would find a Zeb’s arguments impossible to follow.
Zeb you must have some hidden agenda. I would not be surprised if someone (DEA) was paying Zeb to post these comments. Nobody in the right mind would vehemently and continually make ridiculous hateful points on all marijuana articles posted on Western Standard. You must receive some benefit for this. I refuse to believe someone is that stupid to do this on their own free will. Maybe if better arguments were presented I might think this is just someone who hates drugs, but not with Zeb’s arguments.
Everyone who comments on the Western post, please, look at all Zeb’s posts. See for yourself. I feel in this case I don’t even need examples. Even a lay person will be able to discern his points as being false.
So for everyone’s sake, ignore Zeb. Don’t respond to his/her hate comments. It just fuels Zeb. I’ve seen time and time again his arguments be pwned by others. Zeb doesn’t stop. It’s not worth the effort. Ignore Zeb. He/She’s not going away. We might as well ignore the chimp/human in the room.

Posted by: Pdarc | 2008-12-08 10:07:06 AM

Pdarc: it's interesting to note that there is also an organized police union effort to discredit any positive drug reform story by leaving disinformation in the comments. This was leaked out when the coppers started using their three and four digit badge numbers as part of their usernames.

Anyway, for those new here, Zeb, 419, and Shane Matthews are known trolls, and perhaps WS should put in a ranking mechanism so that I don't have to waste my time reading their drivel.

Posted by: Dave Couver | 2008-12-14 3:56:34 PM

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