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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Communist Party endorses the Layton-Duceppe-Dion coalition. Didn't Scott Brison tell us this was a fiscally conservative rebellion?

You can now add "communist" to what is being called the socialist-separatist-opportunist coalition metastasizing in parliament. The Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (CPOC) issued a statement in support of the anti-Harper coalition.

It’s no surprise that the CPOC opposes the Harper Conservatives; they’re a communist party after all. But it is surprising that the normally radical and uncompromising anti-capitalistic, revolutionary party would support a coalition that is based on fiscal conservative principles, at least according to Liberal finance critic Scott Brison.

The CPOC has joined “labour and other forces in calling for the defeat of this government,” and in supporting the “new Liberal-NDP coalition.” So either the unnamed Marxists on the Central Executive Committee have been misled, or the new coalition is not as fiscally conservative as advertised by Brison on BNN in an attempt to ease market fears that people like NDP leader Jack Layton might soon be in charge of the nation's finances.

Here’s what the Communists had to say:

Contrary to the ‘spin-doctoring’ coming out of the Prime Minister’s Office, the present governmental crisis erupted not because of some conspiratorial intrigue cooked up on the Opposition benches, but rather because of the Tories’ own unmitigated arrogance and conceit, and their own stunning indifference to the fears and concerns of working people as the capitalist economic crisis deepens, threatening the jobs, benefits, pensions and social welfare of millions of Canadian workers.


As a result of its anti-people policies and actions, the Harper government has not only lost the ‘confidence’ of the majority of MPs in the House; the overwhelming support by the labour and people’s movements for new Liberal-NDP coalition shows that this government has also lost the confidence of most of the Canadian people.

In addition to endorsing the coalition, the Communists have produced an Anti-Crisis Action Plan. The policy proposals have a frightening ring of familiarity as many of these ideas have been either proposed or adopted in the stimulus mania that is sweeping the globe at the expense of sound free market principles.

If you see the coalition partners bring any of the following proposals before parliament, remember where these ideas came from:

Anti-Crisis Action Plan

• protections for Canadian working people through the immediate introduction of plant closure legislation to stop the exodus of manufacturing jobs;

• substantial public investment in auto, forestry and other vital manufacturing industries on a full financial equity basis (no corporate hand-outs), along with iron-clad guarantees preventing layoffs, job cuts, wage or pension reductions, and requiring reinvestment in the domestic economy;

•  the expansion of EI to cover all workers for the full duration of unemployment (including the elimination of the waiting period), with benefits at 90% of former earnings;

• a moratorium on evictions and mortgage foreclosures and utility cut-off due to unemployment;

• an immediate increase in the minimum wage to $15/hr., along with legislation to protect and improve wages, benefits and pensions for all workers, to help raise incomes and stimulate domestic consumption;

• emergency action to improve the social and economic conditions of Aboriginal peoples;

• a massive public investment program to construct affordable social housing, to rebuild Canada’s decaying infrastructure, in environmental protection and conservation, and in job creation programs for youth and the arts;

• sweeping progressive tax reform based on ability to pay, and the revocation of all corporate tax breaks, write-offs and deferrals at every level – measures that will shift the tax burden from working people onto the corporations and the wealthy;

• emergency measures to protect and extend our public healthcare, education and other social programs, including the establishment of a publicly funded and administered system of universal, quality, affordable childcare with Canada-wide standard; and

• Canada’s immediate withdrawal from the disastrous war of occupation in Afghanistan, and a 50% cut in military spending.

The longer-term security and effectiveness of these immediate anti-crisis actions will in turn require more transformative measures to safeguard the jobs, incomes and services for the Canadian people, including (amongst others):

• the democratic nationalization of the big banks, insurance and other financial institutions in Canada;

• the nationalization of the energy industry to guarantee domestic supply and to provide the material basis for the economic rebuilding of Canadian industry and the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs;

• Canada’s immediate withdrawal from NAFTA, a halt to the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP) negotiations, and the adoption of a much more diversified, multilateral trade policy based on mutual benefit; and

• the introduction of a liveable, guaranteed annual income (GAI), as well as a shorter work week with no loss in take-home pay.

H/T - Bourque

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"Tories’ own unmitigated arrogance and conceit, and their own stunning indifference to the fears and concerns of working people as the capitalist economic crisis deepens, threatening the jobs, benefits, pensions and social welfare of millions of Canadian workers."

Hey Commie guys...this just in: We have never had a "Capitalist" economy. And people's welfare is best served by themselves....not Big Brother.
But thanks for your views, always nice to know what the parasites are thinking.

Posted by: JC | 2008-12-04 7:37:07 AM

"Didn't Scott Brison tell us this was a fiscally conservative rebellion?"

And didn't Joe Molnar tell you the coalition in effect would be Canada;'s first (in effect) communist government?
Of course the Communist party of Canada will endorse them!

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2008-12-04 8:06:29 AM

Everyone is simply missing the point. Canada is not a Country at all. It is not even defined as such in the Constitution, nor is the land we all stand on in the Interpretations Act. In fact Canada is a private corporation put together by the ruling elite to extort wealth and resources from us.

You laugh? Take a look at the BNA Act, Section 2 repealed in 1893. Queen Victoria dies in 1901. Section 9 requires that all executive power be vested in the Queen, but section 2 removed that ability for Queen Victoria's Heirs and successors. Thus 2 days latter Canada a ship a drift at sea, under admiralty was unlawfully salvaged by the Bankers in The City of London. Sovereign power rests in the individual people on this land not with a de facto Government that is and has been raping us for over 100 years.

If you want to learn more read this book:
The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite.

BTW Saskatchewan along with the rest of the Western Provinces were not created by a Queen that represented the people who lived there and were not formed under any kind of Confederation. Your MPs do not represent you, they represent HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II, which is a title owned by the Temple Bar of the City of London.

Also persons have names, not living men and women. Names are hearsay, nobody knows what their true name is. All laws relate to persons, we are not persons.

Posted by: a man - acting through Rob Hay | 2008-12-04 8:56:32 AM

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