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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Canada is “seriously concerned” over raid of human rights advocate in Iran

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon expressed his concern today over the raid in Iran on the private office of Nobel Laureate and human rights advocate Shirin Ebadi:

“Canada is seriously concerned about yesterday’s raid and seizure of files and computers from the private office of Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi. This action follows the December 21 closing of the Defenders of Human Rights Center in Tehran, headed by Ms. Ebadi. Winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, Ms. Ebadi has a long and proud history as an advocate for human rights, and the raid appears to be part of an effort to impede the important work being done by her and other Iranian human rights defenders.

“Canada continues to urge Iran to fully respect all of its human rights obligations, both in law and in practice, and to end the apparent targeting of human rights advocates like Ms. Ebadi. Canada stands in solidarity with individuals such as Ms. Ebadi who courageously advocate for the human rights of the people of Iran.”

In her book, Iran Awakening, Ebadi provides some insight into her political and religious views:

In the last 23 years, from the day I was stripped of my judgeship to the years of doing battle in the revolutionary courts of Tehran, I had repeated one refrain: an interpretation of Islam that is in harmony with equality and democracy is an authentic expression of faith. It is not religion that binds women, but the selective dictates of those who wish them cloistered. That belief, along with the conviction that change in Iran must come peacefully and from within, has underpinned my work.

Ebadi now lectures law at the University of Tehran.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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It is noble to lecture other countries but rather hollow when we allow the excesses and abuses of our own so-called HRCs resulting in the erosion of our traditional freedom of expression and of the press.

Posted by: Alain | 2008-12-31 11:34:27 AM

I'm surprised that with "radical" viewpoints like her's that she hasn't been beaten to death. I'm sure Tehran will be quaking in it's boots over Canada's "Serious Concerns".

Posted by: John Chittick | 2008-12-31 1:45:21 PM

Once, the regime failed to suppress 70% of population of Iran which is under age of 30,1 and taking into account that 10% of population is holding on 75% of wealth in Iran, and 90% of population is holding on 25% of wealth in Iran.2 It begins to defraud subjects with idea of reform movement by Mohammad Khatami, who appears to be different than others and “was precisely what made him useful. The Islamic Republic badly needed to restore its credibility in the eyes of the disillusioned younger generation. With his youthful appeal and his deep allegiance to the Islamic system, Khatami was the ideal way to loosen up Iran without weakening the regime.”3 Thus, the regime in Iran already have set the tone in Iran that it does not care about alternative policy recommendation for its internal affair, and it is always seeking measure to defraud its subjects with elusive policy which are pleasant to hear and comfort painful heart of victims which would end up in dead end street. Today, Iranian have become disappointed about taking side of the regime, and are feeling alienated with the regime in Iran which makes the regime in Iran an illegitimate state.

Posted by: Unknown soul | 2009-01-01 11:56:28 AM

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