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Monday, December 01, 2008

Actor Ray Winstone on Britain's big government

Ray1 An interesting interview with Actor Ray Winstone from the Daily Mail reveals the Beowulf and Indiana Jones star's frustration with the government of his native England.  On taxes:

"‘You work your nuts off, you get to have a nice life. But the way the British tax system is, it’s like you work your nuts off and then they give you a big kick in them. It gets to the point where you start to think you can’t afford to live in your own country.’"

On Britain's government-run health system:

"‘I see people going into hospital ill and coming out worse with an MRSA bug they’ve picked up from an unclean ward."

On whether he should try his hand at politics:


"‘Are you kidding? No, no, no. I’ve never met a politician I haven’t wanted to walk away from and I’ve yet to hear a politician speak and actually believe the words coming out of his mouth.


‘As a country, our choices are these. W***** number one, Gordon Brown, and w****** number two, David Cameron. No thank you. I won’t be voting for either of them. I don’t vote. It’s my right not to and I won’t vote for anyone I don’t want to vote for."

Read the full interview here. (HT: The Chum Master)

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PS - Only in England do they have curse words that begin with "w".

Posted by: Isaac Morehouse | 2008-12-01 7:53:22 AM

What Mr. Winstone is experiencing is Socialism.
I've said it before and I'll say it again...
Socialism is a degenerative disease that eventually kills its host. And its coming to a country near you, real soon. As long as we stand aside and allow our governments to keep expanding control through laws of control and scare tactics...we're pretty much on the road to ruin.

Posted by: JC | 2008-12-01 8:43:36 AM

Hmmmm .... So when Sean Penn or Matt Damon or Barbara Streisand or Natalie Maines or ... many many others ... offer political/economic opinions, they are to be dismissed as Hollywood elitists who should shut-up because they have no expertise on political or economic matters. But when Ray Winstone (or Penn Jillette or Chuck Norris or ...) offers political/economic opinions it is "interesting" and we should care? I see....

But let's see what Ray has to say: "It gets to the point where you start to think you can’t afford to live in your own country." I'm sorry, but is Ray saying he's poor? Does he seriously want us to believe that he can't survive in England? Sounds like a rich, spolied, whiney wanker to me. Maybe next we can have a link to an interview where Paris Hilton complains how the credit crunch is making it hard for her to party as much now. Poor things!

BTW, to hear another celebrity libertarian rant (and a "Hollywood" one, too!) Go to YouTube and search for Ashton Kutcher's appearance on "Real Time With Bill Maher" a couple of weeks ago. (User elina817 seems to have the whole episode. As a bonus, you get to see Ashton rip Dan Savage a new one for hitting on him!) Part of what is interesting about it is he does not appear to know that there is such a thing as libertarianism or a Libertarian Party, yet he clearly is one. Maybe someone form the WS can email him to let him know what he is.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-12-01 9:25:51 AM

Fact Check:

The purpose of all posts on this blog is to entertain, inform, and generally delight the readers. (OK, that last one is an exaggeration). I posted the article because I thought it was kinda funny and interesting, not because I think Ray Winstone is an authority on anything but acting. His quotes are pretty funny, and they'd be funny if said by anyone, but things said by non-famous people rarely end up in print. It is also intersting to WS readers because, as you mentioned, the majority of the time entertainers try to talk politics they advocate silly and unrealistic things that always involve more government and less individual liberty. When an actor bashes big government, it is a kind of news in itself. Additionally, I always find it interesting to hear people from countries with high taxes, socialized medicine, etc. that are touted by American intellectuals as superior to the U.S., criticize those systems and give their take.

I fully agree that Winstone makes some silly claims and comes off generally as a crotchety guy who's unhappy with "the world these days", but it's interesting to see an actor actually have some angst towards stupid government instead of thinking government is some kind of saintly institution.

Finally, I would never, ever, ever, advocate that anyone be "shut up", no matter what they're saying. That doesn't make me a hypocrite for also mercilessly lampooning how stupid their words may be (yes Matt Damon, I'm talking to you). If you're searching for a "gotcha" moment, you can have it. You got me. I posted an interview with an actor who doesn't know what he's talking about but he says some funny anti-government things. I did not post an interview with another clueless actor who saying pro-government things. My secret plot has been unveiled, and my blogging integrity destroyed!

Posted by: Isaac Morehouse | 2008-12-01 9:40:53 AM

PS -

In all seriousness, you do touch on a good point, and I should give you credit for it. It is stupid to parade famous people out every time they say or imply something that seems to agree with your political viewpoint, as if that makes your views more credible. Appealing to the "authority" of an idea's proponents does not logically prove the argument. Furthermore, if the best we can do to win people for liberty is to list all of the actors who like it, we'd be in trouble.

Ideas should stand on their own. That said, airing them in many different ways from many different sources is a good way to reach different audiences. Maybe there's a huge Ray Winstone fan out there who will read the post because it shows up in a Ray Winstone Google alert, and maybe they will start to think about the problems of big government for the first time.

Famous people cannot make an argument right or wrong, but they may be useful in exposing more people to it.

Posted by: Isaac Morehouse | 2008-12-01 9:47:13 AM

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