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Friday, December 12, 2008

A near-perfect wedge issue

Today I did a quick examination of the North Korea debacle.  As I was writing it, I realized it would also be a perfect issue for the Harper Government to use against the members of the radioactively decaying coalition.

One of the reasons the coalition seemed to have so much promise was because the Bloc, NDP, and Grits didn't seem all that different anymore.  Harper exposed that as naive bunk on the issue of separatism, but he can do it on this one, too, by taking a strong, principled stance against the Stalinist regime and its Chinese Communist benefactors (it would also increase the number of democratic nations willing to call Kim Jong-il to the carpet - from zero to one).

Given the Beijing angle, it would easily divide the opposition - only it would the the Liberals who would be out on their own opposing Harper.  Suddenly, NDP and Bloc voters would be thinking twice - and quickly - about the whole coalition deal, and they would certainly be less likely to fall for the vote-Liberal-to-stop-Harper line that Mike Ignatieff is sure to borrow from Paul Martin and Stephane Dion.

The number of issues where one can isolate the left and do the right thing are very few indeed. Harper should take advantage when one comes his way, as this one has.

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In a book called "The lesser evil" by Michael Ignateif in 2004 there is a reference to one Bernadine Dohrn as providing useful input.Does anyone know if there is another academic out there other than Obama's cocktail party friend?

Posted by: spud | 2008-12-12 2:52:45 PM

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