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Saturday, December 06, 2008

2500 rally in Calgary against the Layton-Duceppe-Dion coalition; Western alienation is in the air

It had the feeling of a Reform Party rally.

2500 angry partisans gathered near City Hall in Calgary today to protest the Layton-Duceppe-Dion coalition.

Led by city councillor Ric McIver, protesters sang the national anthem – twice – and observed not one but two one-minute moments of silence – once for the victims of the École Polytechnique Massacre on the anniversary of this tragedy, and once again to honour the 100-plus Canadian soldiers who have died in Afghanistan.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney spoke about the need for Liberal leader Stephane Dion and other coalition partners to get a democratic mandate from Canadian voters for their increasingly unstable coalition. The Western Standard launched a website today in support of the argument that since Dion has been rejected by 74 percent of Canadian voters and the 77 Liberal MPs in his own caucus, who forced Dion's resignation announcement, he has a mandate to leave, but not to lead.

PC MLA Jonathan Dennis spoke at the rally about need for political stability in this time of economic crisis and promised that his government would abandon their devastating and destabilizing new oil and gas royalty tax grab. I'm just kidding about the last part. Dennis ignored the elephant in the Alberta economy.

Former Conservative MP Monte Solberg stole the show with good humour and insight. He mocked the arrogance of the coalition of “the runners-up, the rejected and the rabble.”

The winds of Western alienation are once again blowing. While the party faithful who organized the event were largely "on message," the assembled crowd was clear about their feelings of frustration with Canadian federalism: the West is getting the shaft again and they’re not going to take it this time.

Conservative MP Rob Anders, however, thinks this crisis in parliament has had at least one positive impact on the country. In an interview with the Western Standard, Anders said Canadians have a renewed sense of importance about democracy and the work of parliament.

Here are some photos from the rally:




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"the runners-up, the rejected and the rabble"

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 12:25:10 PM

A PM who doesn't want to be PM is probably better than a PM who sabotages Canada just to cling to power.

Enough with the rhetoric, the only people who elected Harper were the people in his riding. No one other than those people elected him. He formed a govt and all parties agreed to go with it. But he had a minority govt. Then he rocked the boat too hard, when he shouldn't have, now we have this mess, which should of never happened. But it was his leadership which lead to this mess.

Posted by: Marganita O. Immanuelfeld | 2008-12-06 12:43:39 PM

Love the sign that reads "You like our oil and exploration $ but reject anyone Western."

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 1:10:27 PM

Harper may have "rocked the boat to hard", maybe so, but he seems to be moving into majority territory for doing just that.

Posted by: glen | 2008-12-06 1:59:57 PM

The rally was awesome. A lot of people put a lot of thought and effort into their signs. Thanks to everyone there who respected the reverence of the moments of silence. That was really nice. Harper did what he thought had to be done, and polls suggest it has gained him even more support across the country. Fantastic news for those of us who appreciate having our votes actually count for something.

Posted by: Pam Z | 2008-12-06 2:17:10 PM

Marganita O. Imanuelfeld:

How do you know that Harper was not rebuffed in the first place before it became news that NO MATTER WHAT he proposed he would be defeated. This is probably WHY he put in such reasonable accountability as eliminating the $1.95 WELFARE PER VOTER. It was probably his way of trying to point out the hypocrisy of the Coup d'etat Cabal for the inevitable defeat of his Throne Speech. Harper could not win regadless of what he put in it unless it was a complete Socialist giveaway budget- something that the electorate also did not vote for.
I'll cut Harper some slack because I see the megalomaniacal and vitriolic LIB/ND reaction afterwards. I can only imagine how lovely it is to work with a bunch of calm rational fellows such as this.

Posted by: Angry! | 2008-12-06 2:19:41 PM

Now is the time to up the preasure. It is time to dismantle the CWB monopoly to protest the green shift, Laytons plan to kill the tarsands, it is time for the west to come together and support Harper. Farmers, oilmen, federalist, sepratists, Conservatives, nie-Liberals, Libertarians stand up to the east and to a coalition which has no support out here.

Posted by: Brett Knoss | 2008-12-06 2:20:32 PM

My thanks also to the organizers of that rally. My only mistake was not bringing a camera, because those signs were quite entertaining.

Posted by: glen | 2008-12-06 2:32:05 PM

Edmonton's rally had just one western seperatism board and one let Quebec separate board.

My favourite was the Marx Brothers with pictures of the coalition wearing Maoist uniforms.

Very appropriate.

Got there a bit late, but it was a total pro-Canada rally as advertised.

The crowd sang O Canada and a member of the MSM was interviewing the lone dissenter in the crowd, presumably to get a ‘fair and balanced' story. Many people noticed.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 3:07:11 PM

Love the sign that reads "You like our oil and exploration $ but reject anyone Western."
Posted by: Zebulon Punk | 6-Dec-08 1:10:27 PM

I like it at $40 a barrel and will like it even more when it hits $25, then $20, then $15. How low can it go? Does Alberta have to spend its "Heritage Fund" before they can receive equalization?

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 3:11:02 PM

When it gets there, ask us. Until then, enjoy low gas prices. I just filled half my tank for less than $10. You can't do that in Canada.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 3:29:09 PM

52% of Ontarians support the Conservative Party.

Bring on the election, troll.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 3:35:55 PM

When it gets there, ask us. Until then, enjoy low gas prices. I just filled half my tank for less than $10. You can't do that in Canada.
Posted by: Zebulon Punk | 6-Dec-08 3:29:09 PM

Is that all it costs to fill up your moped.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 3:46:17 PM


Yeah, I just filled a tank for a little over 20 bucks here in Ohio. It's nice.

Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-12-06 3:50:03 PM

Terrence: what's the price at the pump in Ohio? Down here in Alabama, I paid $1.57/gal.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 4:09:19 PM

52% of Ontarians support the Conservative Party
Posted by: set you free | 6-Dec-08 3:35:55 PM

As do I. Just think about it Ivan, that if Ontario goes all Conservative we won't need Alberta.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 4:14:11 PM


About $1.62 down the street. I've seen prices as low as $1.55 at some places. Of course, we have nasty cold weather right now, too. You're lucky you're in Alabama.

Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-12-06 4:17:15 PM

Layton would spend so much giving to Ontario union people that we would be in debt for the next 20 years. I can believe that the Liberals would agree with him, but then with Dion anything can happen. Ray is an NDP and will never change. What an arogent man Ray is. Lets all support the Conservatives and hope the next election (soon) will give hime a majority.

Posted by: Harley Deeks | 2008-12-06 4:22:06 PM

You're lucky you're in Alabama.
Posted by: Terrence Watson | 6-Dec-08 4:17:15 PM

Lucky to be in Alabama? Do you like being poor and obese?

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 4:31:04 PM

I wonder how Ontarians will react when their auto industry collapses and the jobs move down to the South.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 4:38:02 PM

I wonder how Ontarians will react when their auto industry collapses and the jobs move down to the South.
Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 6-Dec-08 4:38:02 PM

Bwahahahahahaha. Toyota just opened a new plant in Woodstock two days ago and Honda in Allison is doing very well. GM, Ford and Chrysler will all continue to produce cars in Ontario. If any do move production south it will be to Mexico due to the higher quality of labour available there than in the US.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 4:54:18 PM


You may be closer to the action, but an acquaintance told me last night a Nissan plant had just opened up in Tennessee.

We know a Toyota Prius plant opened up in Woodstock, Ontario a few days ago.

Does it seem to you there's a crisis in the auto industry? Doesn't sound like it to me.

The last Big Three vehicle I had was a 1993 Dodge Caravan.

If the Big Three are building cars that fewer people are buying, how is it that the taxpayers should buy into their failing business model?

Just heard ... the US Congress approved a $15 billion loan for the Big Three.

Guess that means the Canadian taxpeyer would be on the hook for $1.5 billion. Oh well, much better than the $8 billion Big Labour is demanding through its sock puppet, Jack Layton.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 4:55:30 PM


I think it's possible for one to live in Alabama without being poor and obese.

In fact, there might be an advantage to it. If people are poor, prices might be low.

Ohio is kind of like that, too. It's extremely cheap to live here.

Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-12-06 5:11:41 PM

SYF: yup no argument there. The privileged few who grew rich off the Big Three are in for a huge change. I hope Harper ignores their pleas for a bailout. It would be better if those three auto companies went bankrupt, reorganized, and adapted to the modern world.

Stig: there are LOTS of car companies in the South. Hyundai has a big factory outside Montgomery, Mercedes has one near Birmingham, and Kia is in La Grange, Georgia, to name only a few. Soon there will be more because Ontario went belly-up.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 5:14:20 PM

Hyundai has a big factory outside Montgomery, Mercedes has one near Birmingham,........
Posted by: Zebulon Punk | 6-Dec-08 5:14:20 PM

Hyundai, Bwahahahahaha. Alabama is a good place to build those Korean shit boxes, and the Mercedes plant only builds those god awful SUV's. And Mercedes is offering their employees there buyout packages, eh Punk.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 5:40:17 PM

I think it's possible for one to live in Alabama without being poor and obese.
Posted by: Terrence Watson | 6-Dec-08 5:11:41 PM

I suppose in theory there might be a very slim chance you could be right.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 5:44:34 PM

Zeb and Terrence:

Is it just me or does The Stig seem somewhat sensitive to cars other than the ones build by The Big Three?

I'm guessing his prime source of income is either at a Big Three manufacturing plant or at a parts supplier.

Meanwhile, Alberta is doing all it can to provide wealth transfer to our friends in the rest of Canada by continuing to produce oil at one-third the cost it was just three months ago.

Wouldn't be too much to expect even a bit of thanks, would it?

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 5:55:57 PM

I'm guessing his prime source of income is either at a Big Three manufacturing plant or at a parts supplier.
Posted by: set you free | 6-Dec-08 5:55:57 PM

Bwahahahahahahahaha. Wrong again Ivan.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 5:57:59 PM

SYF: nah he just doesn't like what we have to say. But I admit, Ontarians always scoff at things they don't like, which explains why they're so angry all the time.

Ontario's dependence on Alberta's money reminds me of a Simpsons joke

Grampa gives Bart a box of money for his birthday.

"Grampa: "Happy birthday, Bart."

"Bart: "Thanks, Grampa."

"Marge: "Where'd you get all the money?"

"Grampa: "The government. I didn't earn it, I don't need it, but if they miss one payment, I'll raise hell!"

Ontario doesn't need any money because they're rich as sin, but they take from Alberta because they "needy" it all.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 6:02:03 PM

Only in Canada could we have three bankrupt ‘federal’ parties joining together in a coup to grab power while rationalizing that they are best suited to rescue Canada from impending economic crisis. These three leaders are to politics what porn stars are to acting. All show and no talent. The Separatist Coalition brays on about Harper ‘wasting two months already’ and now he is wasting more time by locking up the doors to parliament. Anyone not engaged in this epidemic of mental self-hobbling can see the truth. This coalition of crooks has never had any chance of delivering a budget faster than the governing party, regardless of its quality. Again all we hear from Charlie Brown Dion is a ‘plan’ to meet with people and have a nice chat (maybe at Smiling Jack’s Kitchen table) and present some budget details in the distant future. In the meantime they will have seized the PMO and empowered the Separatist Veto. These ‘Honorable’ three had this planned a long time ago, probably even during the election. This has clearly been evidenced by Despicable Dion hapless pleas that he is voting down the Conservative’s budget. Dion takes no shame in the fact that this budget not been prepared, or even presented to parliament yet. Maybe Dion has learned something important about Canadian Politics. You cannot cast your ballot before the vote is even called. During the next election however, the Canadian electorate will teach Dion and the Liberals what a real vote of confidence is all about.

Posted by: Randal Dean | 2008-12-06 6:10:55 PM


Yep, the anger definitely is showing.

I've noticed that underlying bitterness in many from his part of the world, including some of my co-workers.

All the West ever wanted was the acknowledgement that we are equal partners in Confederation.

Be afraid, Stig, be very afraid.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 6:11:35 PM

SYF: I don't think it's anger, it's just insecurity. Ontarians, like those who have been on top for a long time, scare easily about their position. Anyone who dares question them will receive a stern rebuke. They're good at it too.

Trust me: the last thing they'd do is acknowledge the West, and especially Alberta, for anything. They'd get on their hands and knees and thank Bush before they'd even spit on an Albertan.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-12-06 6:34:00 PM

Be afraid, Stig, be very afraid.
Posted by: set you free | 6-Dec-08 6:11:35 PM

Bwahahahahahaha. Ivan. With oil at $40 and dropping the guy that should be afraid is you. Look at the bright side Ivan there's lots of jobs at Tim Horton's in Ontario for you.

Posted by: The Stig | 2008-12-06 7:04:26 PM

I hope voters remember how inept these three stooges are, especially the voters in interior BC when it comes to the next BC election in May. BC NDP is just like the federal NDP, no, actually worse. Gordon Campbell may be distanced but at least he manages the economy well, can't say the same if the BC NDP comes on. We will be seeing the province taken hostage by undeserving union hacks who pretends to talk about organizing the poor and minority workers but in reality, is just a guise to increase their dues pool and in turn, the wages of old union hacks.

Posted by: Emily J. | 2008-12-06 8:28:25 PM

I was at the Rally today.
It was excellent.

Calgarians are very fired up and no matter what the world economy does, we won't have our democracy stolen by the Axis of Weasels.

Count on it.

Posted by: Speller | 2008-12-06 8:37:49 PM

Two Marxist-loving A-holes: Layton and Duceppe making a deal to screw the country. I would trust neither with any power unless I were the star student of Stalin's mentors.

Posted by: dewp | 2008-12-06 10:02:30 PM

Poor Stiggy... His world is crashing down all around him...

Posted by: Richard Evans | 2008-12-06 10:32:34 PM


What part of the original deal was between marxists Layton and Duceppe, who suckered Dion don't you understand?

Have you not read the transcript yet?

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 10:55:28 PM


Just kidding!

You totally understand how the deal went down.


Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-06 10:56:20 PM

There is no precedent for an unelected "Queen's representative" to ignore the advise of a sitting prime minister, especially one who has garnered so much support from Canadians across the country for his stance (www.compas.ca/polls/081205-CommonsTurmoil-EPCB.htm).
She chose the lesser of 2 evils. The PM will still have to present his budget to a confidence vote in parliament in a few weeks.

There is every reason to believe that many liberals will want to assess their alignment with a separatist party in this "cooling off" period if only because 80% of Canadians in the compass poll believe that this is an extremely bad idea.

If the liberals hope to break out of their regional ( Toronto) status and become a pan-Canadian party like the conservatives, they would do well to not be seen to be sharing federal power with another arch-regional anti-federalist party- the NDP... I mean the Bloc. No one is fooled into believing that the support of the separatist party came without guarantees of sharing significantly in the decisions and budgets of the so-called coalition. Remember that the combined NDP-Liberal seats are significantly less than the conservatives yet they posit themselves as the democratic choice. The coalition would need the agreement of almost all of the Bloc members to advance a ?federalist agenda. (Again with the paradox.)

I believe that rank and file liberals will come to their political senses as they read the tea leaves. There are already a few who are starting to mutter their ambivalence.

Ignatief is hoping that Rae will hoist himself on his own petard on this issue.

The NDP are too power starved to realize that, if history repeats, they will lose many seats to the liberals in the next election because of this perilous move. They will continue to posture.

If the polls continue to show over 50% support for the conservatives’ position in Jan, given a non-confidence vote, will the GG be ready to hand over the govt to the coalition or will she insist that an election be called to support the bloc/ndp/liberal trident.

I think both you and I would agree on the outcome of that election. Canadians outside Quebec would never turn their vote over to (even partial) control by the souverigntists . There is even some indication in the polls that many Quebecers also do not want this.

The coalition is non-rural Ontario/Quebec-centric. The coalition has essentially no seats east of urban Ontario. The entire west , not just Alberta, feels disenfranchised by the posturing of the coalition.

These regional parties have caused considerable western anger and alienation and are seen to be only concerned with propping up the UAW and paleo-manufacturing jobs in the Ontario/Quebec.

If the conservatives do lose the confidence of parliament, the GG will have to consider national unity and the groundswell of public opinion for the conservatives, as indicated by opinion polls, before she makes her decision. Calling an election would be the lesser of 2 evils considering that the liberal/ndp coalition has such meager and regional voter support and certainly far fewer seats combined than the tories.

Continued ad hominen attacks on Harper- tyrant, school yard bully, menacing, bellicose etc are an attempt to demonize Harper. This has been a consistent tactic of the leftists on Harper. Its not working.

Aside from urban eastern Canada elites, no one else wants the coalition- an election (or even a snap referendum if that is a constitutional possibility) is the ultimate opinion poll- let the people decide.

What does the coalition fear-the very democracy they claim to support?

If the conservatives could run against a coalition triumvirate, they would win a majority.


Posted by: JB | 2008-12-07 12:17:38 PM

I have always been a proud Canadian,but now I am a proud Western Canadian.

Great to See so many proud Westerner's come out swinging to prevent this socialist Chavez style theft of our democracy.

It is clear however that not even the powerfull the conservatives have the strength to battle the Eastern socialist society lead by a seperatist Quebec .

Another Ontario Auto bailout 8 billion is just the beginning of the largest weath transfer in Canadian History if the government falls to the socialists from the Liberal, NDP ,Green and our friends from Quebec the Bloc.

Who do you think is going to pay for it? If you guessed Alberta ,Western Oil and Gas money and the Heritage fund,you win the grand prize. 20 years of Green Shifting ,your green shifting to seperatist pockets in Quebec.

The Dion,Duceppe,Layton,May Green shift is alive and well in Eastern Canada.

They could not win the last election democratically so they conspired ahead of time to craft a plan to steal our democracy and wealth any way they could. Its that simple ,this is about,an abuse of Power and money.

They use global warming and the environment as an smokescreen to further their real hidden agenda.Always follow the money and the truth will come out.Mr Dion 's plan showed us that. Canadians were not fooled especially western canadians who voted in mass against him.

The Oil money (carbon tax) he talks about is not going into technology innovation for the environment but social engineering at its best,it is a blatent wealth transfer to Quebec and ontario to buy their votes.

Billions to Quebec,Billions to Ontario ,what do they send us.

Scorn ,lies ,deception Dion, Layton ,Duceppe and May.

That said we have no one but ourselves to blame in Alberta and the West.

Canada is and has always been a country of regional interests and Quebec knows how to play this game very well.I do not blame Duceppe and Parizeau,They have played us well for yers and will continue to do so if we allow it.

Like a spoiled child they will cry until someone says no or they say yes to seperation a great day for this country if it ever happens.Don't worry it never will they know full well they can't survive without Alberta's dole easier to keep playing us.When we say no to their demands for more Alberta CASH thats when they will get more serious,until then its simple gamesmanship by the bloc.

TODAY Canadians in the West said "NO" I hope it will continue . We understand this is a Quebec and Ontario Grab pure and simple. Imagine giving a seperatist party a veto over the interests of Canada.How completely pathetic as that. I would expect that from the bloc or the NDP,Green's but not the Liberals,this truely is a new low point in their history as a political party.

Canada was once dominated by the East and they controlled the colonies with a firm hand in Ottawa. Many in the East still strongly hold this view of Canada.

It will never change until the west has the guts to do exactly what Quebec has done, form a western regional Bloc with the ultimate hammer of seperation. If the entire west can not unite under one flag then Alberta should go it alone before it is savaged.

Do not look for Stelmach and the Alberta PC party to support you in this,they can not even support their most important industry in the province.

Have no doubt, this will be driven from the grass roots and a new political party.

The West and Alberta will stay and continue to be proud Canadians "But" we will now play by the golden rule.Those who have the Gold make the rules.

Is it the truth,is it Fair,does it promote good will and friendship and is it benificial to all parties thats the New Alberta mantra. Albertans are generous but will not be taken advantage of anymore by those who do not follow those principals. Thats my hope anyway.

Oh Canada,we are in for one hell of a fight this is along way from over. Those blood thirsty socialists and separatists from quebec will not let go of this easily its in their nature.

Time to draw the line in the sand

When a new Alberta political party arrives on the scene that puts the west First and has a strong regional mandate I know which team I will be supporting finanially and with my vote.

Mr Harper you and Mr manning had your chance of getting the West in.We held out our hand and had it chewed off. Its time to try another approach.

Its time to play by our rules.

Go Albeta

Go (Western Reform Party of Canada)

Posted by: Bill | 2008-12-07 12:54:24 PM


Take a deep breath and put your energies into marginalizing the Bloc, whose Quebec does not include Canada.

The voters of Quebec will decide tomorrow whether they'd like to be part of Canada and will have to have realistically ask themselves who will finance an independent Quebec.

I'm betting that most Quebeckers are proud Canadians.

The other solutions will fall into place.

Posted by: set you free | 2008-12-07 1:26:00 PM

Re: set you free's last comments:

"The voters of Quebec will:

(i)decide tomorrow whether they'd like to be part of Canada, and
(ii)will have to realistically ask themselves who will finance an independent Quebec."

Regarding (i): I wasn't aware that Quebec is conducting a referendum tomorrow. I do know they will have a provincial election to decide which party will govern. If your argument is that, by voting Liberal, they are reaffirming their allegiance to Canada, it's a correlative argument and "Correlation is not causation." Quebecers will vote for whatever party will bring them the most money from Ottawa. Further, as long as the BQ remains a legitimate federal party, the secessionist threat will always remain.

Regarding (ii): why would a province, where a percentage of its population believes that they send money to support Alberta, and which has had money siphoned into it for the past 50 years, be so rational as to consider the financial consequences of seceding from Canada?

These people believe that to get money, all you have to do is phone Qttawa. An illogical mentality doesn't change just because you ask them a question.

Re: Bill's comments...

I back you 100%.

Posted by: Jude Pankewitz | 2008-12-07 2:36:49 PM

I'm betting that most Quebeckers are proud Canadians.

The other solutions will fall into place.

Posted by: set you free | 7-Dec-08 1:26:00 PM

I think you'll find that the majority of Quebec's folks are not of the mind that being Canadienne is a bad thing. As usual its a small but loud group of people trying to look bigger than they really are. If the coalition is banking on support from Quebec, I think they going to be disappointed. Like the rural folks of the west they probably thought things were fine until some politician convinced them they were being screwed.
And that's what politicians do, divide us.
But if these ridiculous people in Ottawa want to keep pitting us against one another, I'd be all for separation.

Posted by: JC | 2008-12-08 8:17:25 AM

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