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Monday, November 24, 2008

What does Jennifer Lynch think of Professor Moon's report?

Ezra Levant has now responded to Prof. Moon's report. He also linked to the CHRC's press release about it.

As Ezra points out, the press release doesn't mention Moon's top recommendation in the report: scrapping Section 13 entirely. Jennifer Lynch, chief commissioner, apparently didn't see fit to include it.

Hm. I wonder why...?

On his blog, Ezra suggests Lynch may be "trying to throw Moon under the bus." I can understand that. Do you really think this was the result she wanted when she picked him as a consultant in the first place?

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Ezra's a lunatic. I see from his website that he did not even bother to wait to read the findings before denouncing it. He posted a pre-emptive strike yesterday, complaining about that which never happened. This only further reveals him for the fool he is.

As for Lynch, to say her press release throws Moon under the bus is ridiculous. It does sound like something someone might write who disagrees with the recommendation to scrap section 13, but she does not try to discredit him at all and even praises him. She calls the report "excellent and thoughtful" and calls his recommendations "legitimate suggestions". Ezra's interpretation only serves to feed his mania.

I don't think Lynch wanted or expected what she got. I don't think she agrees with it and do think she will try to maintain section 13, even if only in a watered-down version. But there are no tire marks from a bus on Moon.

With this report, the re-introduced Keith Martin motion to scrap section 13, and the CPC convention behind the move, it should not be a hard sell for Harper to get behind this too. What Lynch wants is a lot less important now that Moon has reported.

Posted by: Fact Check | 2008-11-24 12:24:37 PM


To be fair to Ezra, neither you nor I expected Moon's report to take the stand it did. All three of us were surprised.

Maybe Lynch isn't throwing Moon under the bus (what exactly does that mean, anyway, and when did everyone start saying it?) But the absence in the press release of Moon's top recommendation is a little... conspicuous, isn't it?

I've seen similar press releases before (I even wrote a few, one summer) and I was always told you should try to at least get the most notable fact in the release.

That someone hired by the CHRC itself would recommend abolishing Section 13 is pretty notable. In fact, one might argue it's the most notable thing about the report. So why didn't it make it into the press release?

Posted by: Terrence Watson | 2008-11-24 12:31:45 PM

Who's the more foolish, Fact Check? The lunatic/fool, or the lunatic/fool who shadows his every statement? I realize you're the resident curmudgeon, but come on. Given your own semi-obsessive behaviour (as well as your own in-your-face, self-congratulatory screen name), the two of you might really hit it off if you ever met in person.

Fortunately, the decision whether to keep Section 13 does not rest with the zealots at the HRC (who of course are not eager to undermine their own power), but with Canada's elected representatives. And the day it is repealed will be a great day for liberty in this country. The Thought Police will be effectively defanged. After that should come the work of returning them to their original role of arbitrating rent and employment disputes.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2008-11-24 1:03:25 PM

The press release runs six paragraphs. Its purpose is to invite submissions in response to Moon's report. As such it doesn't mention ANY of the recommendations, but instead provides a link to a summary. To highlight one element of a 55 page report at the expense of others would just skew the public response.
Only Levant, who favours personal vilification over reasoned argument, then whines about SLAPP suits when his targets strike back, could turn that perfectly reasonably decision into an accusation that Jennifer Lynch is trying to throw Moon under the bus.
At p. 12 of the report, Moon makes the following comment:
"In preparing this report I repeatedly came across shocking misdescriptions of the CHRC’s process. These misdescriptions appeared not only on marginal websites but also and all too often in the mainstream media. This was a reminder that there are commentators who will say anything to support their larger agenda and have no articular interest in being accurate."
Gee, wonder who he might be talking about?

Posted by: truewest | 2008-11-24 8:34:48 PM

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