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Thursday, November 13, 2008

(Video) Ron Paul on the international fight for liberty

11 months ago, in a feature article about Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's supporters amongst Canadian libertarians and antiwar conservatives, Peter Jaworski noted that:

"Paul's appeal is surprisingly international. No other candidate has generated as much interest or support outside of the U.S. as Ron Paul. Canadians, in particular, appear to be surprisingly sympathetic to the "revolution," a popular description of Paul's campaign that has caught on, partly because the letters "evol" are inverted, to spell out "love" when viewed in a mirror.

As his campaign intensified, Paul's popularity also increased, with supporter blogs springing up around the world and meetup groups in 20 countries.

Check below the fold for a video interview with Ron Paul about his popularity outside the United States and the prospects for individual freedom and the minimization of state power around the world.

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