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Monday, November 17, 2008

(Video) History of marijuana and why it's illegal

Here's a pretty good documentary about marijuana prohibition entitled "The Union: The business behind getting high." Since we've posted plenty of columns by Marc Emery recently, and since many of our commenters are hostile to rethinking the war on marijuana, a documentary explaining some of the arguments in favour of marijuana legalization (not decriminalization) is just the thing to keep the discussion going.

Here's part one. Parts two through 11 are below the fold. The documentary is fairly comprehensive, and it is pleasant to watch. I'd be curious to read feedback and responses to the documentary in the comments.

(UPDATED with link)

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

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Not to question anybody's motives or qualifications, but these kinds of video postings really leave me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. They're too difficult to fact-check efficiently, and remind me too often of conservative/libertarian equivalents of Al Gore/Leo DiCaprio/Michael Moore "documentaries". I much prefer links to written histories/arguments, with comprehensive sourcing and footnotes.

It's frustrating that poor practices over the past couple of decades has damaged the credibility of documentary film to such an extent that I approach any example of the form with knee-jerk skepticism, but c'est la vie. Albert Maysles, where are you now that we need you? ;-)

Posted by: Anonymous | 2008-11-17 9:19:24 AM

Damn...I would have loved to watch this but I'm on dial-up. (Can't get high speed). Was This funded by the government ?, and knee deep in bullshit as one would expect ?.

Posted by: peterj | 2008-11-17 9:18:00 PM

I wont waste my time on these videos. As long as the pro-legalization forces remain criminally irresponsible in their goals, they will fail. Thank goodness too, because their kind should be in jail or worse - low-paying unskilled jobs because of their criminal records.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-17 10:23:02 PM

an eleven part video to get a point across -
do you guys have a gift shop ?

Posted by: 419 | 2008-11-17 11:02:40 PM

"I wont waste my time on these videos."

That doesn't surprise me. Most opponents of individual freedom are willfully uninformed.

You've spent plenty of your priceless time spouting off about how evil marijuana is. But that doesn't surprise me either. Most opponents of individual freedom are gasbags.

Posted by: Jeremy Maddock | 2008-11-18 4:10:42 AM

I have yet to hear anyone say "While I do drugs, it's a bad habit and I don't encourage others."

You people sound like slaveholders explaining why they owned human beings. They said they were defending freedom too.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2008-11-18 7:37:21 AM

Zeb, let me make your day. I do drugs, but it's a bad habit and I don't encourage others. Actually, it's not that bad a habit, and while I'm happy to share, I'm even happier when I don't have to. But still.

Posted by: ebt | 2008-11-19 12:53:00 PM

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