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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association: Deport all ex-KGB veterans from Canada

In a press release today, the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA) is calling on Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan to immediately denaturalize and deport anyone living in Canada who was once a member of the KGB or any Soviet secret police organization.

The UCCLA is responding in part to a November 12, 2008 story in the Vancouver Province in which former KGB officer Mikhail Lennikov and his family face deportation from Canada within four months unless Minister Van Loan intervenes.

Lennikov has lived in Canada since 1997 and applied for permanent residency in 1998. According to Lennikov, he was recruited out of university to work as a Japanese translator for the KGB. He now fears he could be jailed and tortured if forced to return to Russia.

UCCLA's chairman Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk is unmoved:

"Canada should not be a haven for former members of any communist state's secret police forces, regardless of whatever duties they may claim they performed.  Simple membership in the NVKD, SMERSH or KGB should be sufficient grounds for excluding such a person from Canada, whether they made application for admission as an immigrant or refugee."

The UCCLA argues that...

Residents of Canada who served in the NKVD, SMERSH and KGB enabled the Soviet regime to indulge in the mass imprisonment, murder and enslavement of millions of innocent men, women and children. These secret police forces spied upon, exiled, tortured, murdered and oppressed their fellow citizens, not only in times of war but also during times of peace. Any person who was a member of these formations, or affiliated ones, simply by assisting in their functioning, made it possible for such war crimes and crimes against humanity to be perpetrated.

Dr. Luciuk believes that anyone joining an organization like the KGB should have been aware of its history:

"Anyone who served in such a secret police body would have known of its actions, past and present, and should not have allowed himself or herself to be used for the criminal purposes carried out by an authoritarian state."

The UCCLA is also inviting the “relevant authorities to investigate” the immigration consultants and lawyers who allegedly advised Lennikov and others that membership in the KGB and similar organizations would not prevent them from successfully entering Canada.

Amnesty International has intervened in this case on behalf of Lennikov and his family.

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That's rich. Canada allowed hundreds of Ukranian Nazi war criminals to stay and live comfortable lives. Now that most of the Waffen SS have died of old age, the Ukranians get all upset over a few Russian immigrants.

I've met a few descendants of those Nazis. They were brought up in an environment that held Hitler in fairly high esteem. Many of them own Nazi memorabilia, medals, weapons. It wouldn't be very difficult finding memorials of the struggle against Stalin in Edmonton. A close inspection might reveal a connection to the Holocaust. Ukranian guards were very common in the death camps. To this day, most Ukranians will argue that they picked the lesser of evils by supporting the Nazis.

This fanatical hatred of all things Russian proves beyond a doubt that it's time Ukranian immigrants need to face up to their resposibilities.

Posted by: dp | 2008-11-14 11:18:14 AM


My Dad always told me, no matter how flat the pancake, there are always two sides.

"Of the 26 alleged Nazi collaborators targeted by the war-crimes unit, a handful have been deported or left Canada voluntarily. Several more were found to have probably lied to gain entry but, for reasons that are unclear, their deportations remain stalled at the cabinet level. Several others died during court proceedings, and three cases were dismissed for lack of evidence.

Yet, there are no comparable cases involving Soviet collaborators. Mr. Luciuk insists that the imbalance shows that a succession of "small fry" were pursued to satisfy Jewish groups who portrayed Canada in the 1980s as a haven for Nazi war criminals. "


"An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.

In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin.

The Jews active in official communist terror apparatuses (In the Soviet Union and abroad) and who at times led them, did not do this, obviously, as Jews, but rather, as Stalinists, communists, and "Soviet people." Therefore, we find it easy to ignore their origin and "play dumb": What do we have to do with them? But let's not forget them. My own view is different. I find it unacceptable that a person will be considered a member of the Jewish people when he does great things, but not considered part of our people when he does amazingly despicable things."


The fanatical hatred, if it exists, appears well founded.

Posted by: DJ | 2008-11-14 4:39:57 PM

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