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Friday, November 28, 2008

Todd Bentley, adulterer

Bentleyhealing Readers who recall my series of posts on Todd Bentley, earlier this fall, may be dismayed to learn that things are going from bad to worse for the faith-healing B.C. evangelist.

The current leadership of Mr. Bentley's ministry, Fresh Fire Ministries, issued a statement by e-mail this afternoon which is now posted on their website. Evidently they are somewhat exasperated with their "star", but, in journalistic parlance, the author has "buried the lede."

A salient point is this:

"....further silence on our part would be misrepresenting the truth by allowing you to believe that what we said in our first two statements (which were true to the best of our knowledge at the time of their writing) is still the case. Unfortunately that is not so....

....It also needs to be clarified that Shonnah has in no way initiated this divorce and has no present intention to do so at any time in the future. She is understandably hurt by Todd’s infidelity, but is not asking or pressing for a divorce. The legal separation from Shonnah was initiated completely by Todd and he has not seen her or the children since the last week in July. To our knowledge, Todd’s relationship with the female staff-member, who was a former intern and also, at his initiative, a live-in nanny in his house for over a year, is still ongoing. We believe that there are currently no biblical grounds for Todd to leave his wife and children. While it has been maintained that no physical contact happened between Todd and the former female intern until after he filed for legal separation from Shonnah, in the Boards’ eyes, the nature of the present relationship between Todd and his former staff member is that of adultery....."

One hopes that we will be spared footage of Todd Bentley on television saying "I... did... not... have... sexual... relations... with..."

Also, YouTube watchers may have spotted that internationally famous evangelist Benny Hinn -- whose critics (and reporters from CBC's The Fifth Estate for one) suggest may have his own issues with infamy or aberrant theology--has criticized Todd Bentley's Lakeland Florida revival as theologically unsound. This was in late October, well after Mr. Bentley had gone into seclusion, making it almost impossible for him to respond to what Mr. Hinn has to say.

The Hinn citique, which was broadcast internationally on Hinn's television program, has begun to appear on YouTube in sections over the past few days. A partial transcipt of Mr. Hinn's observations and remarks about Mr. Bentley has been made by Hinn critic Bud Press.

UPDATE: I note that blogger Miriam Franklin, who has provided a thorough critique of Mr. Bentley's theology and activities for many months now (and who also, I suspect, is not on Mr. Bentley's Christmas card list!) has issued a sentence-by-sentence dissection of the Fresh Fire board's statement for those who may be interested in it. Her opinions are hers, but her observations may be useful for those wanting to "read between the lines" here.

SECOND UPDATE : The St. Petersburg Times is reporting on the ministry's letter in their newspaper today. The Tampa Tribune has a similar story. The newspapers were unable to track down Mr. Bentley, so no quotes from him.

Posted by Rick Hiebert on November 28, 2008 in Religion | Permalink


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So this fraud is also a sleaze? I'm shocked, I tell ya, shocked.

Rick, you've done a fantastic job covering the depredation of Todd Bentley and the Fresh Fire Ministries.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-11-28 9:59:25 PM

I agree with Kalim, Rick, you're doing real yeoman's work here. Keep it up!

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2008-11-28 10:23:09 PM

Todd Bentley has demonstrated himself unfaithful to his wife by entering into a relationship with another woman while still legally married. He has consumed more alcohol on a few occasions than is prudent or becoming a Christian leader (or any believer for that matter). His sins have been sins of the flesh and we do not defend them. FRESH FIRE MINISTRIES

Nobody can defend Todd or his sins. Todd the hypocrite, the liar, the thief, the adulterer has hardened his heart and God has hardened Todd’s heart! The Third Wave movement is part of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship or Toronto Airport Church of the Flesh! In other words they walk in the flesh, they put the flesh first, and as a result we have the works of the flesh manifested not the works of the Spirit.

God and His word is something to be used or cast aside when not convenient by these fleshly ones and that is why Paul Cain was a drunk and a pervert!

And the board of Fresh Fires tries to appear to Holy and righteous when in reality these hypocrites are not long in any position to preach to others at all including Bill Johnson, Che Ahe and John Arnott who should have come clean from day one and they did not because they are after all men of the flesh not men of God! And nothing they say or do will change the truth about them which is not going all over the world!

Posted by: brad | 2008-11-29 1:15:01 AM

When you all write here I find it very hard to believe that you are christians. You are judging people and according to the bible we shall not judge people. Even if Todd have made several mistakes you have no right to judge him. If you believe in God, then pray for your brother in Christ.

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 2:45:31 AM

Hello Pontus J. Black:

I find it unfortunate that you would step into this arena and do exactly what you accuse others of--judging. This not only demonstrates your lack of knowledge about God's written word, but your lack of discernment.

Here are some points for you to consider:

1. In Matthew chapter 7, Jesus instructs the believer not to judge hypocritically, then warns the believer to “Beware of the false prophets” and that false prophets will be known by their bad fruit. Jesus warns the believer. In turn, the believer is to warn others.

2. In Matthew chapter 24, Jesus warns the believer about “false prophets” and “false Christs.”

3. In 2 Timothy chapter 4, the Apostle Paul judged, warned, and named names publicly: “Demas, having loved this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica.” And, “Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm; the Lord will repay him according to his deeds. Be on guard against him yourself, for he vigorously opposed our teaching.”

4. In Galatians chapter 2, the Apostle Paul confronted the Apostle Peter publicly for not being “straightforward about the truth of the gospel.”

5. 1 Corinthians 6:3-5 instructs the believer to judge certain things.

6. Christians are under the Scriptural command to: test all things (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1); preach the word (2 Timothy 4:1-2); guard and warn fellow Christians (Acts 20:27-31); boldly defend the faith (1 Timothy 6:12; Jude 3); expose the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11-12; 2 Corinthians 4:4); and tell the truth in love (Ephesians 4:14-15).

7. In John 7:24, Jesus instructs the believer: “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

8. In Matthew 18:15-17, Christians are under a Scriptural command to judge sin within the church. And if the sinner refuses to repent, he or she is to be removed from the church or fellowship until there is full repentance.

It wasn't Todd Bentley's "mistakes" that landed him in hot water. A mistake is a typo or dialing a wrong number. Todd Bentley sinned by teaching heresy, etc., and it is Biblical to judge it as sin and expose it (Ephesians 5:11-12).

Finally, God instructs Christians to judge fairly and in a Christ-like manner. But you state that, "according to the bible we shall not judge people."

With all of the above in mind, what do you think would be the best thing for you to do?

Sincerely in Christ,
Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service
Jude 3

Posted by: Bud Press | 2008-11-29 4:07:59 AM

Dear Bud Press!

First of all I want you to check my name and see if you spelled it right. It is important to read twice and when writing about other people I found it very important to know the truth.

The article on this forum refuses the letter from the board of directors at Fresh Fire Ministry to that level that I found the written article at this arena very sinful and hypocratic.

I wonder IF the person who have written this article KNOW the people who are within the leadership at Fresh Fire Ministry? IF they at all have thought about WHAT Fresh Fire Ministry have done for The Body Of Christ? As I understand this article is written with lots of pride and lots of speculations based on other people and second hand information.

I feel that the writer of this column very similar to the pharisees that crucufied Christ. That is the feeling I get when I read what is written.

You ask me to answer you what I think is the best thing to do after reading your post here. My answer to you is very simple: Pray for Todd and for Fresh Fire Ministry.

I have a question as well:
What have Hiebert, Kassam, Jaworski and most of the other people who are acting judges against this ministry done for The Body of Christ? How many missionary trips have they made around the world with their own life as the price? How many persons have been blessed through their ministry? How many persons have they led to Christ?


Sincerely in Christ,
Evangelist for the living God and saved by Jesus Christ
Pontus J. Back, Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle ministry
former alcoholic and drunk addict, living only by the grace of God and blessed through the Florida Outpouring as well as thousands of other people who are true Christians...

You should read WHAT Jesus is able to do still today at:

P.s I feel sad for all people that have found Christ through todays evangelists and then they are sent to hell by people who call themselves Christians.

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 5:20:57 AM


I'll be the first to admit that I have never lifted a finger nor done a single thing for The Body of Christ, and I'm pretty sure the grand total of people I have led to Christ is a big fat zero.

I still maintain that Rick Hiebert's reporting on the Fresh Fire Ministry has been excellent, and based upon it I have good reason to consider Bentley a fraud and a sleazebag.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2008-11-29 6:32:43 AM

Dear Kalim Kassam,

You wrote:
"I have good reason to consider Bentley a fraud and a sleazebag."

What does God say about calling people sleazebags?
Is this common within christianity or can I may be based upon your name consider you as a muslim?

Same thing! I do NOT concider you as a muslim but some people would most likely do it. How do you see this thing?

God Bless!
Pontus J. Back

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 7:27:36 AM

If only muslims allowed this kind of discourse.

Posted by: TM | 2008-11-29 10:35:00 AM

...one thing to remember when accusing others of judging.

You are too.

Oh, btw, Jesus warned us right after that famous verse about not judging to beware of swine. You know PIGS. Not as in cops, but lowlifes.

Mt 7:6 - Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Now the question I ask is, by what means do we know a swine when we see one?


Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 10:50:55 AM

Hello Pontus J. Back:

I appreciate your taking the time to reply to my post. My post served the following purposes:

1. It brought correction. You clearly stated that "according to the bible we shall not judge people." But I demonstrated that the Bible instructs Christians to judge fairly and in a Christ-like manner. You were in error and I corrected you through God's written word.

2. My post was a response to your post, and nothing else. It addressed your lack of knowledge about God's written word and your lack of discernment. With the exception of answering my question, you avoided the rest.

3. I misspelled your name on purpose, which you were quick to pick up on. You have the ability to discern simple, everyday things, but not the "meat" of the Scripture.

4. You asked, "What have Hiebert, Kassam, Jaworski and most of the other people who are acting judges against this ministry done for The Body of Christ? How many missionary trips have they made around the world with their own life as the price? How many persons have been blessed through their ministry? How many persons have they led to Christ?"

My answer is threefold:

A. They have the freedom to state their concerns and opinions--just like you and I.

B. Todd Bentley and the Florida revival caused tremendous damage to the cause of Christ. One need not be a Christian to discern the ungodly carnival atmosphere and side-show antics that went on during the revival.

C. This is not an issue of quantity over quality (or "How many" things people have done for the cause of Christ to prove their spirituality). If it were, then the Biblical prophets, apostles, and believers put us all to shame.

Indeed, what matters most is what Jesus Christ says--not me or you or Todd Bentley.

5. The overall tone of your reply suggests elitism and exclusivity, which is common within the hyper-Charismatic movement. Playing the Pharisee card--instead of checking out the documentation--is a cop-out and an excuse to draw people away from the issues at hand.

Finally, I love Todd Bentley in Christ, and have tried to contact him numerous times. Had you spent some time on my website you would have known this.

Pontus, I love you in Christ too, But like Todd Bentley and others within the "New Apostolic Reformation," you have been conditioned to believe a lie. You don't have to be deceived.

Again, I ask, with all of the above in mind, what do you think would be the best thing for you to do?

In Christian love,
Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service

Posted by: Bud Press | 2008-11-29 11:29:22 AM


I dont really understand your point here. Do you really mean that I am judging some of these dudes her badmouthing and kicking a brother that is down? If so, then think twice. Also do NOT believe everything you read.

I wonder how many of these who have written here have met Todd Bentley personally? Have you even followed his missionary work before the Lakeland Outpouring?

Gossip, gossip, gossip, rumours, rumours, rumours... Father forgive them, the dont know how to pray for people! Amen!

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 11:30:09 AM

Dear Bud Press,

So you mean that as a saved christian that I am, a member of the missionary and lutheran church of Finland and with a love to Jesus and the word of God in my heart YOU are the one who can tell what is a lie and what is not a lie.

Tell me what is a lie here?

Forget Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire for a moment and tell me exactly what is a lie in my christian life.

I love you too and I doubt that you know the truth. I never said I knew, never said that I know everything. I never said that I am a member of a charismatic church... You take everything for granted without even knowing me.

Still you and others have NO right to kick a brother that is down. Also good dont see all our christian rituals and traditional crap. He does not care about those things at all. He does not look at our tattoos. He does not look at our hair. He looks at our hearts.

Personally I do NOT believe that God is sending all people who got blessed by Todd Bentley to hell. I hope I am wrong in that thought.

Also it is har for me to believe that you spelled my name wrong on purpose. May be another excuse BUT I am NOT judging you I am saying what I believe.

I never said it is based on quantity, but after spending time at the Florida revival I saw so many people getting saved even if Todd was not there. People took good care of the people that just got saved and are following them up so they grow in Christ.
I have a hard time believing God will send these to hell...

Also you can not label the Florida Outpouring as NOT a move of God. God was there!

In Christ!
Pontus J. Back

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 11:40:59 AM

Hiebert? Now there's a good Mennonite name. Did you go to Caronport? It must really bother you when one of your own turns bad. Is going after him your way of proving he doesn't represent the majority of faith healers? Relax, it is what it is.

BTW, most people would have seen through him as soon as they saw his gang tattoos. In your haste to give every man the benefit of the doubt, sometimes you allow yourselves to overlook the obvious. If it walks like a duck.

Posted by: dp | 2008-11-29 12:03:17 PM

Dear Pontus:

I will answer your question about the "lie," but first, you need to realize that:

1. There are corrupt people in the Church today; we can't even trust them with the power to heal the sick. Lord, in the last great healing revival, so caught up were the evangelists with envy, jealousy, and competition that they competed with one another to see who had the world's largest meeting tent.

2. If you have a sin in your life that you've been playing around with, you need to get serious and repent. The longer you toy with it, the harder your heart will become.

In Christ,
Bud Press

Posted by: Bud Press | 2008-11-29 12:37:16 PM

GAL 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.

Todd Bentley is a cursed individual and hypocrite who has preaching another Gospel, the gospel of the flesh, which permits him to lie, steal, cheat, commit adultery, preach heresies, and then say he is a Christian. Hogwash!

Thank God everybody is beginning to see what Todd Bentley is about. He is a son of hell and not a Christian and he deserves to be in jail along with the rest of the thieves including those who support and defend him!

Posted by: brad | 2008-11-29 12:46:27 PM

Rick: Thanks for staying on top of this.
Point well taken, the lede was buried.

So, as the set up for Bentley's return continues, who won the licencing fee for his stuff?

FF is registered as a US charity, as far as I'm aware FF retains it's Rev Can charity status. Bentley moved on from his Cdn base months ago, the Cdn board have done a good job in blaming others.
Wonder what the agreement was brokered down to?

Theologically, corporately, socially this is a sorry read.

Bentley didn't fall from public heights because of private behavior,he was publically called on his claims and was exposed as a liar.

That his private behavior misssed the mark is not a well kept secret - as you and others pointed out years ago.

Posted by: Bene D | 2008-11-29 1:09:08 PM

Rick Hiebert:

Please contact me at [email protected]

Bud Press

Posted by: Bud Press | 2008-11-29 1:24:00 PM

People here thing that I am a hpocrate and a fanatical charismatic christian without knowing me at all. Let me explain: The bigges liar ever in christianity is Martin Luther who have sent millions of people to hell with his baptism. I do not share that way to believe as that is not according to the bible.

I did never say that Todd Bentley never did any misstakes. He is also a man as we all are and we all do misstakes. Are you people saying that Todd Bentley and the people who worked around him worshipped Satan and belonged to his army and everything with this ministry was a lie from the beginning? Is that what you are trying to say?

As I said dont kick a christian brother that is down. That is even worse than the misstakes Mr. Bentley have done. I should tell you to repent but I am not in a position like that. You think you rule the christianity just because you might have been saved a longer time. Time has nothing to do with salvation or faith dudes.

Why dont go out and spread the gospel instead!

Pontus J. Back
Ambassador For Jesus Christ, father of four kids one dog and a cat from Finland

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 2:20:32 PM

"The bigges[t] liar ever in christianity is Martin Luther who have sent millions of people to hell with his baptism"

You know Pontus, you piously jumped all over Bud Press for doing a common error of inserting a letter making Back to Black.

Dear Bud Press!
"First of all I want you to check my name and see if you spelled it right. It is important to read twice and when writing about other people I found it very important to know the truth."


...you know, and you should be able to get this point - with what judgment you judge with, you shall be judged.

If you still don't get it, you really screwed up with your spelling in your last 2:20pm post.

Maybe re-read it and see what I mean.

Or in other words, you just just torpedoed yourself and any credibility you wish to portray here by jumping on Bud, whether you were correct in doing so or not.


Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 3:18:54 PM

"I did never say that Todd Bentley never did any misstakes. He is also a man as we all are and we all do misstakes."

- What is a misstakes? You say it 3x's in your post. Here's hint, use FIREFOX to post, it shows your spellink mistooks as you trype.

"As I said dont kick a christian brother that is down."

- Christian is with a Captial C. Denotes respect.

"Why dont go out and spread the gospel instead!"

- Ummm? For one who is trying to come across about "important to read twice" hmmm.

But I for one don't judge you, just like to point out your idiosyncrasies.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 3:24:30 PM

Pontus. Just visited your website, and I guess I can pull back the points about your English grammar as you are Finnish.

My apology. But the point still stands, when you corrected Bud on spelling your name was a no-no.

Learned that early in my Christian walk. When you point at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 3:29:33 PM

Dear Pontus:

In one of your posts, you asked me to "Forget Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire for a moment and tell me exactly what is a lie in my christian life." In another post, you stated that, "People here thing that I am a hpocrate and a fanatical charismatic christian without knowing me at all."

During our exchange of posts today, in an effort to get to know you better, I spent a considerable amount of time on your website at http://www.pontusjback.com .

Please answer this one question: How does beer drinking, women in string bikinis, touring with a rock band named "EROCKTICA," a "MONDO PORNO PARTY," and the following photos on your website edify Christians and bring glory to Jesus Christ?




"If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us" (1 John 1:6-10).

Need I say more about sin, lies, and hypocrisy?

Pontus, not only is repentance in order, but you may need to be born again. Whatever the case may be, there are photos on your website that bring shame and disgrace to the Lord Jesus Christ. Please consider removing them as soon as possible.

Again, I love you in Christ, and I will be glad to help you in any way possible. This will be my last post to you in this blog, so please contact me at [email protected] for further correspondence.

Sincerely in Christ,
Bud Press

Posted by: Bud Press | 2008-11-29 3:39:58 PM


...wow, are those real?

Umm, sorry, where were we again?

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 3:43:39 PM

...Bud, the verse that comes to mind after reviewing the sites and reading more about Todd Bently is Romans 11:29

"For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance."

I also think of Jimmy Swaggart. Great anointing on his life, to fall to a common hooker.

I guess if David and Samson fell, I guess Todd isn't above it either.

Nevertheless, it shows we are must be on guard against the flesh at all times.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 3:55:04 PM


Yes, I am a Christian Finnish.
Thats probably why we think so different but still the Bible should be the same. I know my english is bad, but I try to do my best. I was not good in school as I was a bad boy, thats why I dont know how to write english so well as you. I dont even want to think about you guys writing or talking in Finnish:) That would be too difficult.

Anyway. I am glad that Jesus saved me after what I have done in my life and I am very thankful for the time and what I learned during my 30 days in Lakeland at the revival. I did not hear anything unbiblical during my time there. It was straight from the Bible with focus on nobody else than Jesus Christ.

I dont know where people have got the wrong picture that Todd have tried to make himself look like a star. That is not how I see it and I know that Todd is a man of God. He is definitely a son of God as me and you.

Why I reacted about my name was because lots of people think it is funny since I used to be a racist in my past. Way before Jesus found me. I used to say bad things about black people and yell at them until the day I found a black drug dealer in Finland. We became best friends and then I threw my kkk hat away.

You are forgiven about the grammar points as you could not know. I did not write more than twice that I was from Finland.

Did you all know that I saw Jesus Christ Himself at the hospital here in Vasa, Finland in february 2007? The night before that when the doctors told me that I was going to die an angel came to me and told me that I am not going to die. You might be like the lutherans here in Finland and chose NOT to believe me. Most of the lutherans here dont believe in the supernatural and most of them live on false tickets to heaven. Can you imagine that they think that a person who is baptised as a child is born again and saved? They even think that it does not matter what they do the rest of their lifes, they are all going to heaven. I think that is much more false teaching than most of the human mistakes brother Todd has done. Dont you think so?

It might happen that these kind of meetings dont fit in with religion but religions is just man made crap that wont do anything better. The most important is what you have inside your vest, your heart and that you do as the Bible says.

I am praying for brother Todd and all great brothers and sisters I met in Lakeland. I will just encourage them to continue to spread the Fire Of God as this IS a move of God.

I hope you understand that I am not out to make war. I am just tired of all bullshit about brother Todd and the Lakeland revival. Find out the truth BEFORE you start writing bad stuff about other people. That is how a REAL Christian with a big C for respect shall do.

God Bless you all!

P.S You can read my testimony and listen to my music on

P.S 2: Dont you understand that people who have found Jesus for their first time and managed to repent and change their lifestyles get sad when people like you write such crap?

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 3:58:44 PM

Bud Press!

You are telling me to be born again. Again you are judging. How can you know that I am not saved? Are you God?

If you had read my history and testimony you should have seen that I toured as a rockmusician all over the world from 1994 to 2006 when I got sick and almost died. Yes I played in a band named Erocktica. Yes I played at Mondo Porno in NYC. What did Paul do before he got saved????

Now you are on deep water Mr. Buddie, I got saved march 1st 2006. In 2007 I was facing death at the hospital. But people like you dont believe in the fact that Jesus CAN heal and CAN deliver, so I do not need to share my testimony with you. The reason why the old tourdates are on my website is because people recognise me from my past. I know that I have a powerful testimony. I am not sitting on my fat butt investigating other Christians like other idiots do. Repent! You are really out on deep water now brother telling me to get saved!

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 4:05:11 PM

...Pontus (and yes it is really hard not to say Pontius).

I believe you have a true salvation, and truly sorry if I caused any pain. Just when I saw your posting and jumping over Bud over a simple spelling (even if it was intentional) mistake, I thought you were a fake, and no I didn't bother reading your whole post about being from Finland.

I think Bud might have been a bit hasty in saying you need to be born again, but just to clarify his points about not being 'porn again', why are those pictures up on your site?

As well, Luther did the RC church a big service back in his day. Remember he's the one that said salvation is by grace?

Sadly today, religion has corrupted the true meaning of salvation and grace.

It's not just Lutherans, it is the same here with Roman Catholic mentality and even the Baptists.

See, religion is man trying to reach God, whereas receiving God's grace is God reaching us.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 4:06:22 PM

"I am not sitting on my fat butt investigating other Christians"

Ha, love it!

But at the same time, posts are being crossed, I see now why you have your pictures, and may I SUGGEST you remove some of the 'erotic' ones and maybe just have your picture?

A little discernment would go a long way for the fat butt types like me.


Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 4:08:43 PM

Tomax7! I did not say you have a fat butt. I said that the dude that runs christianresearchservice.com might have one. He was the one who told me to get saved. That is too bad for a Christian to do! Way too bad, so bad that I am going to do something about it.

Hey by the way. They are not real, but if I remember right they are paid for!

Wonder what Mr. Bud Butt did for sins before HE got saved? May be we should start to investigate that as well. Then he think that he can lie and write that he loves me in Christ. LOL what a moron!

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 4:16:06 PM

Hi tomax7:

My comment to Pontus was, "Pontus, not only is repentance in order, but you may need to be born again." Notice the word "may".

Nevertheless, the profanity, the booze, the photos, and the attitude do not reflect a Christian lifestyle or Christ-like attitude. In fact, it shreds the testimony of one who claims to be Christian.

"Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them. For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting" (Romans 16:17-18).

"If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, he is conceited and understands nothing; but he has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions, and constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain" (1 Timothy 6:3-5).

"Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him" (1 John 2:15).

In Christ,
Bud Press

Posted by: Bud Press | 2008-11-29 4:44:01 PM

Bud - I noticed the word 'may' but the inclination was heavy towards him not being saved, correct?

Pontus - it's a joke about the fat butt, but now you are attacking Bud by calling him names - which doesn't help much in proving your point.

Anyway, if I could draw a conclusion. Judge Wamper Tom here.

1. I have agree with Bud that some of the pictures on Pontus site don't glorify Jesus and it would be wiser to take those ones off. You know the boobie ones and the Satan hand symbols, I think people can get the picture with just Pontus holding a guitar. See it is what ones does after their salvation that glorifies Jesus, not before. Right?

2. I don't know Todd Bentley personally, and at the same time I'm disheartened by what has transpired in his life, but sin is still sin.

3. Repentance is good for everyone, and one of the true 'signs' of repentance is humility (or if that is hard to swallow), a humbleness.

So my question is, is humility/humbleness being shown at all by Mr. Bentley?


Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 4:55:48 PM

...oh the smiley ;-) was suppose to be with the Judge Wamper statement, forgot to cut and paste it.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 4:57:58 PM

Dear Mr. Bud,

I LOVE the Father and wordly things are not important for me anymore. I am a Christian and I live a Christian lifestyle. I can not help you if you dont want to believe me, but I know my own heart.
I agree that I am a young Christian and I pray that I would stay young as long as possible. We need to believe like a child and I am a child in Christ.

In Christ!
EX Erocktica guitarplayer, drug addict and alcoholic

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 4:58:53 PM

...I for one will be praying for you Pontus.

God is good!

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 5:05:33 PM

I apologise and ask for forgivness for name calling. I could just not believe that another Christian can write about a brothers salvation like that. My salvation is the most important in my life.

I agree that those pictures might be radical for some of you. Meanwhile it shows who I was and who I played with and from what kind of life I came. There have been much more pictures but those I took down after I got saved.

When I got sick the band was planning a tour in the USA. They waited for me until I was healed and then I realised how important Jesus is to me so then I left the band and took Jesus seriously.

I have played with the band ones in Stockholm after that. And people got saved. They saw the change in my life and also other people jumped of the train and followed Jesus. I shared my testimony at a big porn convention. Jesus also went to the lost and that was the only reason why I did this last one show. To share my life about what JESUS has done in me and to say goodbye to my old bandmates.


Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 5:06:19 PM

...I'm reminded of mark 2:16 where the scribes and Pharasee''s got on Jesus's case about eating with sinners.

One thing Pontus, I know your heart wants to do what is right, but be careful of vain glory.

Meaning, you have a testimony, but seek God's wisdom in sharing it - because just like others who have had crowds cheering them, but the noise, the attention, and the glamor of being 'someone' - they fell because of pride.

Possibly just like Mr. Bentley.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 5:13:32 PM

Thomax7! Our post crossed again. Thank you. Prayers are allways welcome.

God Bless!

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 5:14:40 PM


I had enough of being in the light from 15 years on the road. What I am doing now is only for a short time. I am studying the word of God daily and working for a Christian apostolic center here in Finland. That job came after praying for a job where I could work for the Kingdom of God.

One big reason why I am doing what I am doing today is that Jesus told me to do so when He visited me. Also I dont want anybody else to get in the same situation as me. It was horrible. Too many young people start drinking and using drugs. Many young people are listening to me because the way I am.

When I first got saved I shaved and cut my hair. Had a nice shirt and nice pants but God told me that I did not take care of my identity like that and I felt like crap myself. Now I feel good when I know God is using me as the one I am. We are all different and we all have different calls, also Todd,

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 5:20:12 PM


Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-11-29 5:33:50 PM

Todd doesn't have a calling! Being a liar and an adulterer is not a calling. And the hypocrites who commissioned him in Lakeland are not better!

Posted by: brad | 2008-11-29 5:54:00 PM

Tomax7! Sorry, ment Mr. Press...

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 6:53:40 PM

Dear Brad,

I dont really like your style. You can NOT know if God has a calling on brother Todd´s life or not. You are not capable to say that without being a liar yourself. Also you are badmouthing many other true Christians, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

All I can do is pray for you! Lord Jesus. Thank you for being such a wonderful God. You know each one of us and now I want to lift up this person Brad for you in my prayers. Please open his eyes and give him freedom and piece in his heart. In your name Jesus! Amen

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 6:57:45 PM

The next question is: who paid for the Florida property and is Bentley living there?

Who is paying his expenses?


Posted by: Bene D | 2008-11-29 7:41:44 PM

Religious people who most likely not are baptised in The Holy Spirit is only thinking about wordly things and are jelaous. Of course people are giving offerings as they are getting blessed. I do not think that those who went there and thought it was devil possessed gave any offerings. You are asking who is paying for his expenses and I must say that I do not know. That is why I dont want to answer, but I can guess: the cash comes from the offerings that people who have decided to give and help as they want to do it.

So in this scene I do not find a crime...

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-29 11:04:00 PM

Dear Pontus

Todd is not my brother unless you consider unrepentant rapists liars and thieves to be Christians. Anyway Jesus told us about Todd:

Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
7:16 "You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
7:17 "Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
7:18 "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
7:19 "Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
7:20 "Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Posted by: brad | 2008-11-30 12:25:18 AM

Dear Brad,

If you are a Christian, Todd IS your brother if you want it or not. It is not your choice. You are not Jesus who saves. I do not doubt a second that Todd is saved. Now you are doing the same as someone did earlier here and speaking about someones personal salvation. That is just so wrong!

I have some questions for you as well brother:

1. What can you proove is bad fruit of Todds ministry? I mean within the number of people that have been saved, healed, delivered and blessed through his ministry. NOT his personal mistakes!

2. Do you mean that Todd is a bad tree? IF you do so you are dead wrong as you are just sending your brother to hell. That is very bad. As earlier written on this page it is a big different to expose something but we are not here to judge!

3. If you call Todd a bad tree. How do you explain all the saved, healed and delivered people then? Are you sending them to hell as well?

Do you think that you can play God? The choice of brothers is NOT yours, it is completely Gods!

Be blessed!

Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-30 3:12:27 AM

Dear brothers, sisters and others!

I decided to go more public here and post my testimony right here as well so you can read what Jesus did in my life. How great God is!

I copied and pasted this from my Myspace page:

From a life in Hell, to a new life as a revivalist for the Kingdom of GOD!!

True testimony about the changed life of a rock star.

Pontus J. Back grew up in Vasa, Finland with his parents. He was adopted at the age of seven and God found him the best possible parents, Olof and Maj Britt Back. At the age of four he came in contact with music and started to play guitar. He formed his first band, "The Killers," at the age of eight. After school he went to different music schools and got kicked out of them all because of his rebellious, disruptive ways. He established a relationship with the Devil, who created an alcoholic in Pontus.

He met his first love, Hannele, in 1990 and they married in August of 1993. They welcomed the birth of their first beautiful child, Johan Sebastian, in December, 1994. Today they have four children: Johan Sebastian, his sisters, twins Jennifer and Jessica (born in July 1997) and their youngest beauty, Jeannette (born in May of 1999).

Pontus' life changed in 1995 after meeting Status Quo bassist Alan Lancaster and legendary Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt. Pontus made his first trip to London, England in 1995 and met Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody. They established a friendship, and Pontus invited Mickey and his friend Steve Simpson to do a short tour of Scandinavia. This was how Pontus got into show business. "I can't blame anything on my friends, music or my family," says Pontus. Pontus soon adopted the ways of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, and they took over. He managed numerous tours for major artists such as Uriah Heep, Sweet, Slade, Boney, Graaf Sisters, Linda Lampenius, The Boppers, Hep Stars and many others.

He loved the road life and, deciding to play on a professional level himself, formed the band The Rubbish Brothers with John J. Kulju. They became the backup band for many artists such as Steve Simpson, Ian Hunt, Willy Finlayson and former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Mike Estes. Pontus formed a partnership with Mike Estes and together with Dave Hlubek (founding member, guitarist, writer of Molly Hatchett) they started Skinny Molly.

Meanwhile, Pontus also toured as the guitarist with New York City porn/rock band, Erocktica; he also booked their European tours. After years of touring and partying, Pontus became sick and tired. He performed 150-plus shows a year and he was deep into the classic, rock-star lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. "I thought I was a rock star, but I was just another drug and alcohol abuser," says Pontus.

In 2005 he established a friendship with Tangier and Cinderella bass player Garry Nutt. They soon became close friends. Pontus knew that Garry carried something special, but it took him a long and hard time to realize that Mr. Nutt was a born-again Christian.

By March 1, 2006 Pontus was desperate and depressed because of his lifestyle. His band members gave him two choices: continue drinking, and they would leave the band, or stop drinking, and they would try to support him. He decided to give it a try--but he knew that he could not do it on his own. His long-time friend, Ben Antell, had prayed for him for at least seven years, and he tried to tell Pontus about Jesus. Pontus found peace with Ben and decided to trust him and start a new life, together with Jesus. On March 1, 2006 Pontus accepted Christ as his Saviour and Lord.

Pontus was able to continue the tour and he stopped drinking. However, he thought he could do the drugs because of the stupid excuse that "God created the weed.” He neither went to a church nor did he do anything to build up his relationship with Jesus. He prayed every now and then, when life was hard. Soon he was back drinking again and he managed to empty three big bottles of vodka every day. Too much!!!

He did his last tour with Erocktica in November, 2006 and he managed to mess up that tour with too much drinking. He was back where he was earlier in the year and now his health started to fail. In December, 2006 a friend of Pontus told him that there was yellow in his eyes. ”Then I knew something was really wrong!” Pontus says.

He continued drinking and felt worse than ever. He was facing death. On January 3, 2007 Ben took him to a small church outside his hometown, Vasa. He was scared going to church and he built up thoughts about what the Christian people would say as he walked in to the church. He was wrong! They welcomed him with open hands and with the love of Jesus Christ. Pontus could cry out and get his first personal touch from above. ”I felt that these people had something special and I wanted what they had!” Pontus says.

Pontus continued to visit the church for a couple of weeks but his condition was too bad. In February, 2007 he was admitted to the hospital in Vasa. At this time he already had a relationship with Pastor Olle Rosenqvist and the pastor was among the first who visited him at his deathbed. Pastor Rosenqvist asked the doctors what they were going to do with Pontus. They told him that there was nothing they could do. They said that he would die in the next few days. His kidneys did not work, he was diagnosed with an incurable liver cirrhosis and all of the nerves in his legs were dead (so he was basically paralyzed from his back down to his toes).

Pontus’ new Christian friends and other Christian people did not give up. They all knew that there was someone who could do the impossible. They laid hands on him and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. One night at the hospital, Pontus had a personal visitation and Jesus himself stood next to Pontus’ death bed. He told Pontus “When you get up from this bed, go out and tell the people about me and about your life. Help other people with same problems and make sure you tell all young people about the dangers in life that you have experienced.”

WOW! Those were the three letters in a text message sent to Ben Antell at 5:00 the same morning. Pontus was filled with the love of Jesus Christ, and knew then that his day was not over. The next day the doctors could start working on his body; they did, and two weeks later he was out of the hospital. He spent a total of 33 days in the hospital bed, and those who came to see him can testify that it is indeed a miracle that he is alive today.

The path to where Pontus stands today was not easy. Lots of tears and pain, but for Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible. He was baptized in water April 25, 2007 and baptized in the Holy Spirit a short while later. In February, 2008 he went back to the hospital to check his condition. The results did not show anything from his past. God gave him a new liver and today he is completely healed. He walks on his own legs without any problem. He is working full time for the Kingdom of God. He knows that he has a calling in his life and he is taking it seriously.

In May, 2008 Pontus heard God’s voice; he followed the signs and ended up in Lakeland, Florida. He spent ten days at the Florida outpouring getting spirit filled (not sure about this—his spirit filled ? or filled with the spirit?) and he connected with evangelist Danny Neale from England. Ten days later, Danny and Pontus had ten days of revival meetings in Finland. They decided to establish their own ministry and in July, 2008 they went back to Lakeland. They are now filled with the anointing from the Holy Spirit and they are scheduled to spread the word of God in different cities throughout Finland, Sweden, Estonia and England.

This is just the start. Since july 2007 Pontus have been sharing his life in schools, churches, on the street and in bars. People are being saved, healed and delivered in the name of Jesus Christ.

Pontus is currently working on a full length solo album with a message.

Jesus Is Lord, Deal With It!


I appreachite all comments about my website and about the pictures. I have decided to delelte the pictures from my days with Erocktica. Some pictures will still remain here and there. Internet is so big and I do not have a chance to delete them all.
Thank you for the advice!

Also I want to share my thoughts with you. God is raising up a NEW generation in these end times. It is NOT about religion at all. It is about a personal relationship with Jesus Christs!

Have a blessed sunday and remember to pray for brother Todd!


Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-30 3:37:23 AM

And also, remeber to keep the good things and leave the "bad" things. Think like that church polices and you also will feel better!
Halleluja! Jesus is Lord, Deal with it!


Posted by: Pontus J. Back | 2008-11-30 6:36:54 AM

Rick Hiebert mentions Miriam Franklin's fisking of the Fresh Fire Ministry letter. It should be noted that Miriam also called on Todd to repent on May 31:

"Todd, you are a liar and deciever. The Lord rebuke you, and may He deal with you ever so severely if you do not repent of your lies by June 7.”

I was very critical of her for that prophecy(even while I was not a fan of Bentley's). However, it appears that this has come to pass.

On June 7, Todd Bentley read a message from Wendy Alec of GodTV and said that on June 8, Jesus would make a "personal appearance" in Lakeland.

See also this video.

Obviously, that didn't happen. But Bentley has been dealt with.

Miriam would not want attention drawn to her, but I consider myself an agnostic and have left the church, and she got this one right.

Posted by: mirele | 2008-11-30 8:02:47 AM

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