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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Take up thy cross and follow Obama

Late last night, after the election was called for Obama, CNN political analyst Roland Martin used Biblical analogies in looking at the problems facing the new president. All Americans, needed to rally together, he argued, citing the Biblical example of Nehemiah who could only rebuild the temple when all the Israelites realized that they had to work together.

Moreover, Mr. Martin added, Americans must not assume that Obama can solve these problems alone. They must "take up that cross" (his words) and help him. (Perhaps "Take up thy cross and follow Obama" is in an extremely new translation of the Bible that I have not seen yet. )

No pressure, Barack, he just compared your new job to the road to Calvary!

This is just another example of the messianic undertone that has underlay the U.S. media coverage of Obama. Conservative bloggers such as Jonah Goldberg have spotted it. It goes almost without saying that had Sarah Palin, a devout Pentecostal, used Biblical language during the campign, reporters would have eaten her alive.

I'd say to the new president--if people are thinking of you in such terms, then may God help you. Literally! I am certain that you will need it.

UPDATE: A "Roland S. Martin", who may well be the CNN correspondent himself, adds in the comments:

"I used the religious language because I have a masters in Christian communications: my wife is an ordained minister; and I gave a sermond on Sunday with Nehemiah 2 as the scripture and the title was "It's About Us; Not Him"

I did note that Mr. Martin was careful to say that Obama would lead Americans. But, the president elect is a mere mortal politician. We do need to give him permission to fail...as I ruefully suspect he will. Such language as used on election night, I still suggest, does not help Mr. Obama.

I also note that the words "Take up thy cross and follow me," are spoken by Christ himself in the Bible, so what, indeed, would "take up that cross" remind you of? 


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Obama is bigger than Jesus!

Well think about it, he's pretty tall and it's not like a first century Jew in the middle east was going to be very tall…

Posted by: Pete | 2008-11-05 1:23:31 PM

All the weeping and religionising the Obamanites are doing is really quite sad and pathetic. He really has become most of his supporters' replacement for true faith. Hey, we don't believe in G-d, but Barack Obama will heal the world, calm the seas, feed the hungry, heal the sick...

Pathetic, but when he (as all false messiahs do) comes crashing to the ground, do not feel pity nor sympathy for the vacuous saps of the Obamanation who drooled all over his likeness!!

Posted by: bcf | 2008-11-05 1:57:01 PM

I used the religious language because I have a masters in Christian communications; my wife is an ordained minister; and I gave a sermon on Sunday with Nehemiah 2 as the scripture and the title was, "It's About Us; Not Him."

Posted by: Roland S. Martin | 2008-11-05 5:59:51 PM

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