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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ontario regulations stymie voluntary ride-share

This was covered by Peter earlier on the Shotgun.  Here's my post on it from the SFE blog:

Ontario government, as all governments, claims to be the protector of all good things, vehicle of cooperation, agent of greenness, and bringer of puppies and rainbows.  But, once again, government’s true colors are revealed in a naked power and control grab.  A private web-based ride-share service has been shut down by Ontario officials. They don’t want voluntary actors honing in on their forced cooperation business.  I repeat, the real divide is the people vs. the greedy, inbred, self-serving political class.

Posted by Isaac Morehouse on November 13, 2008 in Canadian Provincial Politics | Permalink


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Don't worry, I'm sure they'll make up for it with emission or fuel effieciency standards. /sarcasm.

Posted by: Janet | 2008-11-13 7:04:24 AM

Ontario sucks.

Posted by: Pete | 2008-11-13 12:09:30 PM

Ontario! Leading Canada into the next generation wth more rules and regulations than any sane person could possibly concoct. It wouldn't be so bad if it were limite to Ontario...but like a cancer, socialism creeps out of there and infests the body as a whole. And eventually it will kill its host.

Posted by: JC | 2008-11-13 12:22:21 PM

For a very long time I've felt that activits in Canada has neglected what is quite possibly the greatest threat to innovation and individual liberty - the provincial level of government's power to regulate. Way back in the Mike Harris days there was a little-publicized, but highly-effective, program to reduce red tape and eliminate outdated or ineffective regulations. McGuinty & Co. have turned around, piled on the red tape, and given provincial inspectors powers over private citizens that are at best stifling and at worst Orwellian. It's not a "left" or a "right" issue. Entrepreneurs cannot get alternative energy projects going because provincial regulations favour Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation so strongly. Unfortunately it isn't an issue that gets a lot of traction at election time. Voters don't think about how over-regulation effects their lives because it's invisible to most people. Are governments like promising new regulations because (on paper and in the short term) they don't "cost" anything at budget time. Not to mention that provincial governments have ENORMOUS power to enact regulations without putting them to a vote in the legislature. Reading through provincial Hansard transcripts can bring tears to your eyes as valiant opposition MPs try to amend harmful legislation, knowing that their efforts will be wiped out through new regulations a few months down the road.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2008-11-13 1:02:39 PM

BC has always held the title to the most wingnut province in the country, but I grudgingly agree that Ontario is catching up fast. McGuinties minions in action. The sheep will obey.

Posted by: peterj | 2008-11-13 9:03:44 PM

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